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I climb out and activate my CORE's defensive cloak system. "Only works when I'm not in it."
I walk out from the Moebius/Dominion mech base with the others, towards the hills in the south. I make a brief radio call the the rest of our mech squadron. "This is Cassandra Emberlight in the Winter's Reach, I'll be leaving the group for a while to scout ahead from the air. See you in fifteen minutes, if all goes well." I end the call, and then activate my mech's jump jets, hopping off the edge of a small cliff before lifting off into the air, steadily gaining altitude as I distance myself from the rest of the group. I fly over the landscape at about fifteen meters up, watching my radar screen and looking out from the cockpit for threats or anything else unusual.
I head off into the woods, both my pistols drawn. {Spread out and stay in radio contact. I don't want us to be targets of opportunity.} I move quietly, my leather armor silent in the semi darkness and the dragon over the right side of my chest blocked out.
I pull out my AGR-14 and spread out from the rest of the group. I attach a silencer and and start moving through the trees.

"Last post for the night."
"Emberlight, do you see anything?"
{How are things looking you guys?} I was slowly moving forward, the energy indicator in my glasses having no trouble picking up the readings once we were close. I had thought I'd heard CORE boosters earlier, but I had rejected the idea. If anyone else was here, they'd have similar orders until we all knew how sensitive the source was.
Zarkun, could you give me a quick rundown of your story? Mechsuits have a special place in my heart. Or whatever my equivalent is.
It's a combination Starcraft and Armored Core. Right now we're just running small unimportant missions until HBRB feels ready for the huge plot mission. Then you'll see the story.
Mind if I pop in sometime? Or is it already too well established?
Nah, you can join now.
Awesome. Usual entry format, or do I need something special?
First page has the Format along with a weapons list and Factions.
Name: Crasher (Original full name not given, she enlisted under that name)

Faction: Dominion

Mech name: Mechgirl

Appearance: Looks nineteen. Midnight black hair that comes down to her waist, slim, athletic figure. Intense amber eyes. Mechanical arm due to childhood accident. Small import jack above her right ear. Always keeps a tool belt filled with maintenance tools for her arm and a connector cable for jacking into a computer. Wears a black sleeveless t-shirt, black pants, black combat books, and black sunglasses.

Age: Twenty one

Weapons on hand: Carries a three sided knife on her left hip. Mech arm can emit high intensity electrical pulse on contact, but using it causes the arm to lock up and become unusable until she resets the power circuits.

Ties to other factions: Originally born in Umoja, still maintains contact with her parents mech research firm.

Backstory: Crasher was born on Umoja to a pair of technomechanical mavericks. Her parents work consisted of designing and creating revolutionary combat systems for walkers, with a pet project of creating hardline links with direct human input, meaning they were trying to link the human brain with a computer brain. Not afraid to experiment, when they finally created a connection that they thought would work, their young daughter was their first test subject. The computer that had been chosen to link her with was unable to process the girl’s mind, and subsequently crashed their home network, earning her nickname. The effect it had on Crasher’s mind still has not been determined, though she very seldom speaks, never uses her original name, and sometimes can act quite ruthless. An accident while exploring her father’s development department test floor cost Crasher her arm, giving her the second nickname Mechgirl, though she only uses her first nickname. A desire to stop being her parents secret test subject and a longing to actually use a mech in battle caused her to abandon the protectorate and join the Dominion armed forces in her teens. She was nearly rejected because her age until she crushed a recruiter’s hand, and nearly crashed the recruitment office’s network when she jacked into a computer, demonstrating her unique talents and partially ruthless nature. Her youthful looks and blatant disregard for regulation personal appearance rarely held her back, as she has yet to encounter a commanding officer, or any soldier, that was not intimidated by her.

Fighting style: Crasher prefers long range, high-powered explosive combat. While well-skilled at self-defense combat, aided by her mechanical arm and ruthless nature, she much prefers to remain apart from direct combat and simply obliterate her opponents from range. She is developing her ability to link directly with computers, but more often than not she just crashes them by accident. Currently the only computer that has managed to survive direct contact with her mind is her mech’s onboard AI computer, which she brought with her from her parents company and substituted the program supplied by the Dominion. When she links with the computer, she is capable of extremely precise attacks, but she cannot maintain such a link for long without crashing the AI.

(enjoy reading that.)
Approved. I'll have Zanon add you when he gets on.
I radio back to Watt. "Um, nothing really interesting yet... "

"Wait a sec, I think I just saw something through a gap in the trees."
I look down at my instrument panel. "Yep, radar confirms. Several human sized objects in the forest, moving slowly towards the objective location. My guess is someone else picked up on the "weird unknown energy emitting thing that we don't really know what it is". I'm going to investigate, maybe even speak to them if they're not hostile. Let the rest of the group know that we have possible hostiles in the area, just to be safe. Handheld weapons are rather useless against COREs, but we still don't want anyone getting a missile or landmine in the face."

I fly down lower and land in a forest clearing, and walk cautiously towards the radar blips on my screen. When I reach the trees, however, the foliage proves to be too thick for even a light CORE like the Winter's Reach. I hesitantly exit the vehicle, activating the AI and putting it on autopilot defensive mode.

I call back Watt as I close the cockpit and draw my plasma pistol. "Watt, the forest is way too thick here for our COREs, we'll all need to go on foot from here. Once the rest of you get over here, I'll get back into the Winter's Reach an provide air cover, but for now I'm going to go on foot as well and watch them. Tell the rest of the group to get over here ASAP though, if it comes down to a fight there's far too many of them for me to take on."
Owl, once you reach the woods, you can't be in your CORE. Other wise it defeats the purpose of the mission.
Oh, okay. I'll edit that.
{I am going to go head and do some stealth recon, meet me up near the source when you can.} I hop back into the Emergency Core, it will still take a while for my new one to be made. And like that I headed my to the signature.
Okay, edited. Is it okay now?
Looks good Owl.

IC: I stop and look around, my senses tingling like I'm being watched. "Nah," I mutter, "It's just cause the enemy is going to be here too." Still looking for potential threats, I keep going.

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