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Oh shoot, I just made mine Raiders is that OK?
Yep. And you can even have your spectre mech.
OK thanks, finished my character.
Hmmmmmm wonderin if i should join
Yes you should. We have cookies.
^^Umoja is pretty close to Spectre, it just has slightly higher armor
My char is s Spectre but the mech he has is more Mobiuesish (its totally unique and I plan on going into it in depth) :D
Pick a none spectre faction please. We just found out we can't have too many spectres.
You can be a ghost! pretty much the same thing only with no drugs.

And winners don't do drugs.
Ehhhh my char is supposed to be CRAZEE AS SHEET
Okay, well since the thing about non-listed weapons is undecided as of yet, I'm going to post the ones that I would have put on, just so you know what I was thinking of.

- High Intensity Point Defense Laser: A PDD laser with 6 range and capability to attack units as well, albeit not very effectively.

-Disintegrator Beam: Like a Phase Cannon to some extent, but with significantly less raw damage and sniper rifle equivalent range. Does a fair bit of damage in a straight line like a Hellion, but very focused, obliterating what it hits, but generally not entirely destroying anything, just blowing holes in targets. Slow firing.

-Skylance Cruise Missiles: Absurdly long range, very high damage, small splash. Can be directly guided, but I have to divert my attention to manually controlling the missile. Can be shot down by conventional weapons, very fragile, low maneuverability and slow moving (as missiles go anyway, still flies about twice as fast as an in-game Phoenix). Carries up to four.

-Coolant Ray: Medium range, no damage, but can shut down energy weapons by way of cooling them down too much to fire. Also capable of destroying projectile weapons if focused for a few seconds by freezing the weapon's barrel to the point of being brittle enough to be destroyed by the explosion caused by firing. Also causes armored mechanical targets to take somewhat more damage from non-energy weapon attacks, and slightly slows biological targets.

-Peregrine Class Scout Drone: A very small aircraft that is launched from a silo in the mech's back and remotely controlled. Lightly armed with two light plasma beams, very fast and agile, but not very durable. Can detect cloaked and burrowed units at short range.

In-game stats (approximately, since in-game isn't very close to lore is some things):

High Intensity Point Defense Laser: 10 damage, 1 fire rate, 6 range. Can shoot down missiles.

Disintegrator Beam: 60 damage, 2.5 fire rate, 16 range.

Skylance Cruise Missiles: 10 hp, 150 damage, 6 fire rate, 600 range. Can be shot down by conventional weapons.

Coolant Ray: 0 damage, continuous firing, 7 range.

Peregrine Class Scout Drone: 35 hp, 7.5 speed, 0 armor, 16 vision radius, 10x2 damage, 1.5 fire rate, 8 range, 6 range detection.

Would be from the Moebius (did I spell that right?) faction. Approx. mech stats: 100 hp, 3 movement speed. Can fly indefinitely, but Disintegrator Beam and Coolant Ray would be disabled while in flight. Scout Drone would also likely crash if launched while moving at high speed, considering the angle of launch is directly upwards.
Well, this isn't a stat based RP, so that stuff isn't needed. Also, the Drone is a now go. No other weapons like it. I'll check on the others. No sustained flight either. Goes against AC standards.
I dont think ill join cause thei ruless are to strict and my CORE would be odd. Ever play Steeel Lancer Arena fun game that rivals armored core in epicness
Mecha, we just need you to be in something none spectre. Nothing said you couldn't be crazy.
K ill work it out somehow
Goin to bed soon so wont be able to post char bio (ill try)

Name: Lieutenant Magnusson
Faction: Umoja
Mech Name: Fafnir
Appearance: A tall 6'6", he has an asiatic appearance.
Age: 38
Weapons on hand: Lacks a leg, and has grown proficient inside cane usage.
Fighting Details: A veteran of the Great War, Lieutenant Magnusson is comfortable inside long drawn out sieges, one of the lieutenants present at the Siege of Tarsonis. Defected to Umoja later on. Pilots a heavily armored mech, laying waste to most targets with a pair of twin missile launchers on the shoulders. If needed, the modified siege tank cannon on the back makes short work of the rest of his enemies.


I limped into the room, my cane tapping on the ground.

"I came here to turn this system into OUR system. You little fu.ckpigs don't even have the audacity to go to the hangar room to go and retrofit your mechs."

I nodded to the drill instructor, who turned away to go and file away the information of the new recruits.

We arrived inside the hangar sometime later, the recruits sizing up their mechs.

"There are technicians waiting for you to decide which weapons you want to retrofit your mech with. They will be first come first serve. For now, you are dismissed. I want you in your mech and your core all warmed up by 13:00- you'll be attacking a convoy."
I run up. "I would like a sniper and a energy blade if possible please." My eye twitched a little bit. I was going through terrazine withdraws.
I chuckle at some of the eagerness of the newer members. Raven's Nest was dead back home, so here would be a good place to be. "I'll be in my mech." I climb in my CORE, and start the warm up sequence.
"I'll take the Harbinger missiles, and the sniper rifle. To get the latter, go ahead and contact the spectre arms dealer. He owes me a couple favors, so he shouldn't give you any problems."
Relaxed, I lean against a wall and light a cigarette.
Just another mission I think

OOC: have to eat lunch will be back in like 20 mins

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