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When I open the Blizzard Launcher, no text indicating forward progress appears and the "play" button in the lower righthand corner stays gray, so I'm unable to start Starcraft.

I have tried quitting agent and Blizzard related processes from the activity monitor as well as opening Starcraft from my hard drive, but the play button remains gray.

I have the exact same problem for Diablo 3 as well.

Thanks for your time spent looking into this issue.
Hey I have the same problem and I posted a thread on it as well. Hopefully someone knows what the issue is.

A thought: Could the servers be down?
I'm having the same problem, i can't play because everytime i load the launcher the play botton is greyed out.
I'm having the same problem as well. If it helps I'm at college with a wired connection. It was working before when I got here then just stopped working last night.
I am also at college. I was connected to the wifi though and it was working for a while. I tried uninstalling it by moving all the sc folders to the trash and then emptying the trash you know... And now i cant even reinstall it haha. FML.

i get this: Error: BLZPTS0000J
I had the same problem today but after messing around a bit it started working, then I backed out and it started acting jank again.
same problem, its been driving me nuts

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