Pankoprulu Academy, Part 17

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I psionically slam him into the wall. He is now pinned to the wall "YES it was you dolt! What were you doing in my stuff anyway?!"
"I was just curious to what terrazine was! I didn't touch any! Damn girl. When you woman get angry it is bad thing to be around ya."
I hold his mouth shut psionically and start forcing my way into his mind. I check his memories and his thoughts.
Brian was telling the truth. Mostly. He was lying about the curiosity about what Terrazine was.
I throw him into a nearby table and head back to the room. I check all of my canisters of terrazine. They are all intact except for one. It has a partial dose missing out of it. Idiot must have accidentally opened it.
I walk back to the cafeteria and hold the canister that had a bit missing up. "Yeah he got into terrazine. He is lucky it wasn't a whole canister." I walk over and punch him in the arm really hard.
"Never touch my stuff again." I walk back to my table and resume my meal still angry with Brian.

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Battle 14:
Calek vs. 12 Kasora
Kasora won... OP coinflips :(
I search the halls until I find Jess, then I approach. "Hey Jess, I need your help with something. Mind hearing me out?"

For Drac.
Brian continues running in circles, but he says "Ow." Every three seconds.
I remain on the roof staring into the distance.

I continue to watch Brian. I have no idea why he is saying ow just about every three seconds. I was still mad at him but I was also curious as to why he was in pain.
"Brian what is hurting you now."
"The wall hurt me, ow."
"What when I threw you into it and then the table?"
"Yes." Brian continues running. But he was starting to slow down.
"Well I did warn you not to try anything, and you did not listen. And yes messing with my stuff falls under anything."
"I wasn't even touching your stuff!" Brian says as he starts to slow to a stop.
I look at his curiously. "Did you inhale any of this?" I show him the terrazine canister.
"I have no f*cking clue." He stops and sits down.
"So you have no idea what caused you to be this hyper?"
"No idea."
I check the seal on the canister. under examination I find that the seal has been damaged and is leaking. I curse loudly and head back to the room. I grab a pump and an empty canister. I transfer the terrazine into the empty container. I toss the damage container into a trash can and head back to the cafeteria.

"It appears one of my canisters had a damaged seal. It might have leaked and Brian here inhaled some."

"Brian I apologize I went to conclusions so quickly."
"It's okay."

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