Pankoprulu Academy, Part 17

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I just realize that I have not seen Flint in some time. "Has anyone seen John?"
"No." I say and Brian shakes his head before it hits the table and he falls asleep.
I watch Brian pass out. "Is Brian going to be ok?"
"Probably. I have smashed his face in a couple times when we were kids. So he'll probably live."
"Should we move him?"
"Nah. He could sleep anywhere."
"Ok. I am going to look for Flint. It seems odd that he hasn't been around in awhile." I leave the cafeteria and begin looking around the Academy for Flint.
I found Flint on the roof of the Academy. He is staring off into the woods almost as if he is in a trance. "Hey Flint you ok?

I hear Jessica ask me a question. Immediately my attention is broken. "Huh? Oh hey Jessica. Yeah I am doing ok. I just enjoy this spot here on the roof."

"I was just wondering where you were since you haven't shown up in awhile. I'll be inside in my room if you need me." I head back inside and walk into my room. Hopefully Brian will stay passed out for awhile.

I stand up deciding that I need to move around some more. I walk back in to the Academy and head through the dorms. I see Cayl and Jess talking to each other. I wave to them both and head towards the Cafeteria.

And where is Draconus?
I don't know.

IC: I walked up to the roof, I knew it was quiet.

I reached it and I sat down on the ledge. "Finally, some peace and quiet away from all of the dumb asses, maybe this will help me and my memory."
OOC: Neither of those two are one the roof CR. Flint is in on his way to the cafeteria and Jessica is in her room.
I look for some place quiet for me to reflect my thoughts.
I enter the cafeteria and see Brain passed out on a table but no one else around. I didn't feel hungry at all so I avoid getting any food. I grab some water and head out into the parking lot and sit on top of my walker staring towards the stars.
The Twins sidle up alarmingly to Jessica.

"Hi!" They say in unison.
Startled I draw my Kaiser Blades turning to the Twins ready to start swinging. I see the Twins standing there and realizing that they were not hostile so I return my blades to their place.
"How did you get in to my room? I thought I had the door locked.
"We were just bored and we thought you were so cool and we were wondering if maybe please you could please show us your ship."

Brian wakes up. Still tired he heads back to his room. He wanted to sleep somewhere he could sleep for several hours straight. He sees Jessica and two identical looking girls. But he just ignores them and jumps on his bed before he falls asleep.
Still waiting on Drac...or I can try again later.

IC: Seeing Jess was busy, I head to the hangar, and hop in SeigeHunter. Waving at Flint as I drive out, looking for a decent target range.
Waiting for Draconus for this...

Can I have Drake? The psychopathic killer who uses his tongue as a weapon?

I'm back!
I won't post as much, though

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