Starcraft 2 crashes computer after sign in

Technical Support
So i bought starcraft 2, installed it and got to the point where it was ready to play.
However, after signing it the screen says "Authenticating" then "initizalizing data"

Then it crashes MY ENTIRE PC.

I know i can run it,

amd quad 3.0 ghz
hd raedon 4200 254 mb (seen video of it)
and 4 gb ram.

What could be the issue?
I log in to my account and then it goes through the loading screen. After that it crashes. Why is it doing this?
Montoo, can you try these suggestions, and let us know how it goes?
Technical Support
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I've been getting a lot of crashes as well, I thought maybe it was because I had just updated my graphics drivers, but after running several other games sc2 is the only one causing a crash for me. Sometimes I'll crash about a minute or two after loading as said, or other times it'll be a minute or two after loading a game. Never immediately, just shortly after.
Also, it would seem my framerate has halved, and plays as if it I'm running vsync. I'm always capped at 30 fps, and I checked both my graphics card settings, and the game settings and neither have vsync enabled.

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