Eg Huk's WCS PvZ 3 phoenix 5 gate all in

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Huk's WCS PvZ 2 base all in with 3 pheonix 5 wargates

Key Notes:
Use phoenix to deny scouting on map and to hide push
Use phoenix to scout lair timing and/or roach warren timing
First warp in should be zealot heavy
Second warp in all stalkers
Third warp in few zealots and most stalkers
Use phoenix to lift queens in the attack
Follow up attack with voidrays?
Cut probes after full saturation (Minus two for proxy pylons)

9 pylon
16 nexus
16 forge
17 gateway
17 photon cannon
18 x2 assimilator
20 cybernetics core
30 stalker (chrono boost and control map) 5:19
30 warp gate 5:19
34 stargate
35 assimilator at natural
35 pylon
36 pylon
36 protoss ground weapons 1
41 phoenix (6:50)
44 gateway
47 phoenix (cut probes for a small period of time
47 gateway x2 (7:30)
48 probe (resuming probe production till saturation on both bases
48 assimilator
50 phoenix
52 Forward pylon

Dont remember all the chronos i saw during today's stream versus suppy (saw alot on the nexus), but this build looks very strong. This build order is exact with the game he played versus Suppy (game 3)
ahhhh i m misssing this WCSSSSSS
08/24/2012 01:18 PMPosted by VIPER
ahhhh i m misssing this WCSSSSSS :)
HuK FTW!!!
Another 2 base all in TT
All huk does is 2 base allins; and most of the time he loses... -.-
Huk used to be so commanding... :(
Um, that's 4 not 5 warpgates

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