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Joeyray's Bar
Joey picks up the remote and clicks for channel 8. Instantly a catchy tune comes on ans shortly ends. Men turn there heads and put their drinks to rest as there eyes become fixed on the televisions.

A man swirls around in a black leather chair and gently plants his arms on the polished oak desk. Many buildings can bee seen through a spotless window behind the man. His expression is that of deep interest and excitement.

"Good morning ladies and gentleman! Welcome to JRB news!"
A banner can be seen crossing the bottom of the screen with JRB News stated on front.
"Today we have special news about our quaint Bar!"

At this point every eye and ear is turned toward the TVs

"Please welcome out special guest, the man behind our money, Duke!"

The camera turns left and a pleasant man enters the set. His hair was combed back over his head, and his beard was well groomed, though he was graying he looked youthful. He came to a chair positioned slightly left of the desk. He unbuttoned his black cloak as he sat. The camera focuses on both figures.

"So Mr. Duke, what was your inspiration for founding this news corporation?"

Theses days so much happens on the forums and particularly in Joey Ray's Bar. I though it would be nice to have a news thread which could keep the ever growing population of the Bar informed of whats happening.

So folks, This is my news thread! I will try to post a news report at least once a week on Saturday morning. There will probably be a mid week report as well. On my thread I will have special guests every now and then. If something big happens I will post a special news report.

Please try to keep non news conversations on this thread at a minimal. Feel free to make suggestions.

The news reports will contain news about Starcraft, popular threads, disputes, links, quotes, news about other forums, a news story, guest discussion, and short story.

During a discussion please allow the host and the guest to speak without posting, watch until after the report and then an open discussion will follow.

Feedback on Public opinion on issues will be posted on a poll thread, this information will be posted in the news report.

I hope you enjoy the news! Feel free sticky this.

(Editing of this post will continue)
Fantasy, he stole your news station.
So has knarled.
If he does a good job it doesn't matter.
"I'll get the suicide carrier..." I sigh. "I am getting tired of building those just to crash them into something."
08/24/2012 05:01 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Fantasy, he stole your news station.

This is an ongoing thing.
A service to the bar.
Im going to use this in Umoja's plains as the news report that goes out! Thanks!

Whats your most popular news reporter?
!@#$, SF is going to be screwed. SF we are here for you.

*Burns the evidence and leaves*
lolwut? ^^

lol, wrong thread, my bad.
The Carrier smashes into the News Station as I exit. "Well at least the fire is fun to watch." I sit down and watch it burn.
We have many reporters, and SF, why destroy his service?
"I needed to reenact what Ace did to Fantasy's news station. Sorry."
For your interviews, I recommend saying RP characters you want to bring up stuff about, so the RPer can be ready to conduct an actual interview, regarding things you and others are genuinely curious about on that character.

Just a thought.
Ok, I'll try it.
So has knarled.
If he does a good job it doesn't matter.

Except because it was me, it died.

Even though I hired you as anchor.
So has knarled.
If he does a good job it doesn't matter.

Except because it was me, it died.

Even though I hired you as anchor.

*Epic ninja kick, in which Knarled goes flying out the window*
"Wow I never knew A closed Roach beak was so aerodynamic!"
(Only Shadow will get the reference)

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