1.5.2 required files are missing

Mac Technical Support
Do you have the two files listed on my post?
StarCraft II/Mods/Core.SC2Mod/Product.SC2Archive
StarCraft II/Mods/Core.SC2Mod/Index.SC2Locale

Because I've tested that and I'm pretty sure it works. Well, that's assuming you're actually missing a file and that it's not being caused by something completely unrelated.
Ok so I deleted the mpq file and ran the installer to repair that. Didn't work. I have a Core.SC2mod file under mods, but not two named specifically that Eld mentioned. Going to try the steps he mentions and see if that might fix it.
I now have the installer running and I see those two files in my Core Folder. Thanks for the fix. Once the download finishes I should be able to play. Probably will do HotS and then WoL again. Such an awesome game. My one question still is that since I deleted that folder, will my copies of WoW and D3 also need to re-download anything?
The Battle.net folder holds map data, so you may need to download the map once more in SC2 when you select to play it.

For D3, this doesn't hold any data for it. Maybe a logon module, but that will automatically be downloaded when you log n.
Worked for me, thank you ....eld... :)

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