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I might come back in a year or so.
care to explain why you're leaving?
He made it obvious he was Nukester. So I called him out. Now he's leaving :P
*Cries* I will miss you. *Salutes*
08/28/2012 12:27 PMPosted by Soldier
*Cries* I will miss you. *Salutes*

I'm just kidding, but seriously, we ain't stopping you in leaving Duke.
He never mentioned this account to me. Nor did he tell me he still cared about the Bar.

Bye bye lil fly.
"This is all that has to be said: Meh, not much you did anyways."
good riddance
I cant figure out why nobody likes duke. I am noobie still but What did duke do for everybody to hate him?
Duke's is just a poser. Runs around making all sorts of claims about insider information, about being "volunteer tech support", etc.

In one instance he claimed one thing and blizzard tech directly contradicted it:
This is a bug. Hang tight, it will be fixed soon.

Duke, volunteer tech support

Thanks! XD
Duke was well, a d!ck

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