This is my character and his story.

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Name: Wolf
Race: Terran
Sub-Species/Unit: Spectre (specialising in hand to hand combat)
Age: 6
Height: 6 feet
Apperance: Covered in scarring, Well built, bald, sharp rerd eyes,
Abilities: Immense hand to hand combat strength and skill, can regenerate after a day of rest, fast as a grown normal human, smart as a smart human, and agile.
Backstory: Wolf was born in a unknown sector or the universe after his ancestors were abandonded by the dominion on a unchartered planet. His ancestors civilised the planet and is now a respectable self sustaining planet content being out of the deadly war which is taking place.
I will write a background story tommorow which fills in all the gaps and which will hopefully entertain and will be a story :) was just checking that was ok.
Six inch tall 6-year-old?
I genuinely feel sorry for the kid.
A six year-old spectre. Who is freakishly good at killing people. Looks demonic, is bald and is covered in scars. Muscular.

This will be interesting XD
A six year-old spectre. Who is freakishly good at killing people. Looks demonic, is bald and is covered in scars. Muscular.

This will be interesting XD
Just one question? Is he using those fancy dancy handy Steroids?
Hmmmm....I recommend a different age and then foot is portrayed by this --->'
ok meant 6 feet will start writing shortly
Wolf was born on planet x is an unknown sector to all dominion society, his clan known as the 'Blood giants' were one of many clans spread across this large world of blood and steel. The 'blood giants' saw ranged weapons as cowardly and the use of them prohibited, the only true combat was melee. 2000 years prior to this date was the year the first command sent a small group of specter's to this unknown planet meaning for them to return a year later, sadly out of the 500 to land and explore this uncharted planet only 273 survived male and female alike were struck with a disease which bought out zerg like features (their hair started to fall out their muscles expanded and their strength grew also slight insanity in some cases appeared). Soon they began to fight among themselves, although only a few died due too the regeneration keeping them alive. But the battle lasted a month. Finally after the stalemate ended they seperated each moving to a different region. The leader of the specters moved with his clan to the region in the far south covered by snow and ice, they slowly began to adapt day by day growing stronger against the cold.

2000 years in the future, is where i will begin my next segment i know that part is boring but it's just me setting the scene. all other details i hope to cover in my next few chapters.
On the day of his birth the sun was tinted blood red covering the land in a un-natural atmosphere usually the birth of a child was celebrated but not this day. The commander knew what the all signified, the blood red sun the red penetrating the core of his eyes and the scarring all over the body, most babies were born like this due to the disease still lingering in the womb transforming all of society scared and miss-shapen, but normally only a segment of the body is scared not the whole thing. This was a good omen on this society but one that would be treated as a relic which should not be spoken about.

All babies are taught to fight at the age of three due to the unnatural growth of the children then are usually about 5 foot tall. (A grown modified specter is usually about 6-7 foot). ( I will name this species the forsaken to save me some time).

So continuing

Usually a child is combat ready by the age of eight and at that age is cast away and expected to survive for a year then returning home a soilder, through his training the boy grew strong, faster than all other trainees in his group never losing a fight the boy was gifted. Able to throw spears and rocks almost 100 feet with pinpoint accuracy although he hated throwing, seeing it as cowardly. The boy mastered the swords very quickly favoring them dual wield, as he grew he was able to slice through arrows and intercept several blows at a time, a good omen for the commanders son.
Hes 6
Hes also 6 feet tall.

Who are this kids parents?
"Metal Giants from the planet Cybertron."
The kids father is the leader of his tribe. He is unknown so far but i will bring him in a bit later.

Did you read the story the disease means they grow at a supernatural rate.
Transformer? Right?
where has the transformer come from :s?
I must say I'm intrigued please continue.

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Able to throw spears and rocks almost 100 feet with pinpoint accuracy

Don't EVER make him pitcher in baseball, he'll break the bat in HALF with that kind of throwing power.
Ahh glad someone is intrigued i will continue :)
The boys sixth birthday was approaching but things were about to take a turn for the worst. The forsakens society was very much hunter gatherer they lived in huts and trained in combat in case the outlying clans attacked but these sort of attack had stopped almost 500 years ago due to the superiority of the 'blood giants' combat skills. But on this night the scouts reported that a war party consisting of mixed banners of the other clans was heading their way. Preparing for the attack all alarms were raised and the shrieking or panic and confusion filled the air, arms were handed out and spears distributed faster that the eye could see, years of practice for this, defending their homes. As the army approached of the other forsakens wolf's heart began to pump and adrenaline filled his blood steam he felt his muscles begin to pump although he was smaller than the rest he was ready to fight. Suddenly he was jerked backwards 'You aren't fighting!' said the commander, 'Try and stop me, i was born for this and you know it, legend dictates i must fight as i was born under the banner of blood!' 'NO!' the commander said shaking the battlefield halting all that was happening in the nearby area. 'w..w.. well fine but once the first blood is spilled you know i won't hold back,'

The mixed banners arrived at the gates of the blood giants, but strangely the banner they held wasn't the standard chromatic one but one of a blank red, a voice rose from the ranks. 'open the gates' he roared ' we must unite we have a common enemy which has destroyed all our villages, we must unite together and face this hellish demon, alone we fail but with the help of the legendary one we may have a chance. From behind the ranks of the forsaken a mighty, beast arose, it's eyes completely white, standing at 20 feet tool it stood, it's features bug like, it spewed a yellow like substance on the ground melting away all vegetation surrounding it.
The ranks of the mixed forsaken surged forwards running for the gates, 'Dad close the gates' Wolf screamed ' I've seen this they are full of trickery and lies they and traitors turned mad by their own blood!' His dad refused to believe this 'Nonsense they are our own kind we have to unite to defeat these monstrous beings!' The various clans ran into our village walls for protection, although i deemed it ridiculous to think these wooden walls could keep out a creature as gargantuan as that. But i saw the leader of the jungle clan reach into his pocket and bring out a small knife as long as a minature lizard quickly he massacred the commander and two other guards. The treachery..... the blood giants helped our 'new found allies' but only to be caught off guard and killed themselves in cold disgusting blood.
Enraged i run towards the vile bastard who killed my father only to be tackled down by my own mother, 'Mother let me go i must kill that man' I say with a vicious tone whilst she dragged me away. 'Try taking on 200 forsakens alone it won't work, use your head you daft fool, we must get away, when the sun goes down our revenge will be extracted.'

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