Objective: Survive (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of objective: survive Ace's RP

IC: "Terras, give me your rifle and tell me how to use it." Seans look on his face revealed the fact that he had no patience left with him.
{Probably...ETA 30 seconds. Also one of those creepy face things. It's definitely moving towards you, though it looks like it's still just a harmless illusion.}
"No." Terras lies down and starts shooting at the Zerg randomly.
"It wasn't a question terras. Give it to me, please?"
"IT IS MY RIFLE!" Another grenade pops out of Terras's suit and he tosses it at the moving mound of purple and brown. Terras continues shooting.
Sean rolls his eyes. "You have grenades! What am I supposed to use harsh language!?"
Terras passes a grenade. "HAVE FUN!"
Sean's rage started boiling over. You could see his eyes turn into anger and fear all stemming from love and protection.
"I will!" yells sean as he winds up a lethal throw. Seans arm tore through the air and the grenade landed smack dab on terras's forehead. It felt like a five pound rock, knocking Terras senceless.
"Give me your rifle! We all know i'm a better shot then a heartless sociopath freak who should be dead by now!" A high pitch beep came from Terras's direction. Sean's attitude instaintly changed. Uh-oh He ran and dived on top of Sheila when the grenade exploded. There was a crater where Terras had been. Terras's suit took most of the damage but is still functional. Teo was too far away to feel anything but a shock wave.
"Okay, luckily I wasn't burned by that because of the shield. But you should be more careful next time! You nearly destroyed my mini factory."
"I almost killed us all and all you can think of is a mini factory?" Sean was glad Terras wasn't raging. On second thought, he wished he was. That would give him an excuse for provoking him.
"Next one is up your-" He was interrupted by a zergling ripping over the hill and on top of terras.
Terras pulls out his knife. "I am going to cut open your head little guy!" Terras keeps the Zerglings claws and jaws away from his face as he cuts open the back of the Zerglings head. He takes out a small metal object and slams it in. "Now kill the other Zerg!" The Zergling runs off to attack all the other Zerglings. Terras starts licking the blood off his fingers. "Beautiful blood." He puts his knife away and picks his rifle back up. "And what makes you think I care about your insignificant lives?" He turns a dial on his rifle and prepares for the main wave of Zerg to be seen.
Sean just sits in awe of what just happened.
"You're sick." Sean nods his head in agreement with himself
"No, you're mentally ill."
"I was like that since I was a boy scout. Who knew that a kid could hold so much urine and blood at the same time!" Terras pulls out a half finished grenade and throws it over the hill. An explosion is still heard.
"I dont know how much longer I can take your presence." Sean had a serious look on his face. He was sitting by Sheila, who was still sleeping.
"You endanger all of our lives every second your's still exists."
"Yes, but I also save millions of lives second I am existing." Terras says as Sara looks for someone to talk to other than Terras.
Glaives tore through the Zerglings easily. That's when another beep issued forth. "INFESTORS!" Just then, a series of eggs spewed forth, unloading infested marines. "Maria, thermal!"
Terras looks at you with a funny look, "You mean you don't have a weapon that can provide a constant laser that turns everything into ash?" Terras starts firing his weapon, burning away the Zerglings and infested marines it touched. Every 10 seconds Terras stops firing and a vent pops open on the side of the gun. It closes again and he starts up again.
"I'm not concerned with the cannon fodder, Terras, I'm concerned with the source! Maria!" My glaives continue flying into the Zerg, tearing through them. Stopping for a moment, the two gloves build Sean a new gun. "Here!" I toss it to him and continue throwing glaives.
Sean just sits there covering Sheila making sure no zerg would dare attack them. He was defenseless, so his only option was to sit there and look big and tough.


Sean catches the gun. "Now we're talking!" He takes aim and fires three times destroying three infested terrans. "Booyah! What now you-" A zergling jumped on top of him and was trying to eat his face. Sean rolled over and started beating it to death with his hands. After it was dead he spit on it, stood up and continued firing.
A Zergling pounces me and I am thrown back onto the ground, the saliva falling out of its mouth and onto my clothing. I was holding it back my keeping its mouth open with my hands.

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