Objective: Survive (Part 2)

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"Wow!" Sean takes aim and fires quickly, the zergling was now headless. He walks over and kicks the dead body off of her.
"You cant go dieing on me now!"
I see the Zergling on the person and I go over with my knife and cut open the back of the Zerglings head and slam another little metal box in it. I suck the blood off my fingers then just look at the Zerg. "I like Zerg."

A glaive cuts through another Zergling behind Sean. "Keep your guard up!" I roll to one side as a Zergling leaps at me and cut it clean in half with a melee glaive. "Terras, activate that turret!"
Sara jumps into the turret and it turns on. It fires at all the Zerg, but leaves some for Terras to turn into mindless minions. Those he cuts into the back of the heads of and slam a metal box into. After pulling out his hand he licks off the blood.
As he does it, glaives cut them in half. "Not this time. I know how you got your army in your last prison."
"Thanks, Teo! Hey whats this gun shooting anyways?" Sean asks as he blows another's head off.
"Awww." Terras says and then has Sara kill all the Zerg. "That makes me sad."
I avoid another Zergling, cutting it in half as well. "Explosive armor piercing rounds. You'll never need to change the clip either. Isn't Xel'Naga tech just grand? And Terras, if we find another Ultralisk, you can have it, given I can place an explosive in it's head for good measure."
"I can't do anything, that's my only weapon." I grabbed a claw off of the Zergling.
"Okay!" Terras says, very happy.
"Teo! What are you thinking!? An ultralisk in the hands of that madman!?" He turns and plows another zergling. "I gotta get me one a' these!"
I slide over to the SMG, the gauntlet interfacing with it momentarily, giving it the same clip as Sean's, but with Armor-piercing shredder rounds. "Here, Loren!" Sliding past her, I drop it in her lap, still throwing glaives. "You know what that explosive in it's head is for, Sean!"
"Thanks, I guess." I jumped behind what seems to be a log and started taking precision shots.
"I dont understand, in who's head?" A zergling tried to pounce Sean but he shot it. Its dead body topples over him knocking him to the ground.
"In the Ultralisks." I activate me melee glaives and slice the top of an infestor open. "Got one. Sensors say two more. Find them and kill them." I flip to my feet and engage an infested marine in melee winning easily.
"Who cares if there is an explosive in the ultralisks head if he has the detonator!" Sean goes full auto killing five IT's
"Because I get to use the Ultralisks."
"I'll be holding the detonator, thanks." I leap over a rock and land on an unburrowed Infestor, cutting it clean in two. {One more! Find it!}
Sean holds the gun steady, looking for any suspicious activity. Then there it was, a lump in the ground. {Got it!} I fired four rounds into its back and it exploded.
I run out of bullets in the magazine, then a Zergling pounced at me and I tried to get away. But the leg locked up again. "Get off of me!" She stuck the barrel in its mouth and was trying to reload.

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