Objective: Survive (Part 2)

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Terras walks over and kicks the Zergling. "Okay, you have no idea how to function mechanics!" He takes out a screwdriver and starts working on the leg. After he pulls out some lubricant and starts squeezing the lubricant into the leg.
CR, you don't have to change clips. For every bullet you fire, another is built to replace it.

IC: I come back over the rock and survey the battle field. Another beep comes from my gauntlet. "Ultralisks and banelings. Time to run!" Jumping down, I kill the Zergling and rest one of the gauntlets on the fake leg. A minute later you would never have known it was fake.
Terras hears Ultralisk. He immediately stands up and jumps on the head of the Zerg until he reaches and Ultralisk. Many of the Zerg were dizzy because of this.
So, I can just keep on shooting without stopping? That's weird.

IC: I grumble. "You made this, so it's your fault if it doesn't work."
It's the wonder of super nano machines.

IC: Shifting my hand slightly, suddenly the leg feels natural and you can move it. "There. Now let's go. Terras, hurry up!"
"what did you just do too it?" As I stood up.
Terras slices open the head of an Ultralisk and places a machine in it. It tosses Baneling around.
Sean realizes he is going to have to carry Sheila again. "Here we go again!" He grabs Sheila and starts running, strapping his gun to his back.
SF, I said one Ultra, not many. And they're banelings not Zeglings.

IC: "I was gonna do it later, but situation dictated action." I run just ahead of Sean. "Terras, I'm about to revoke your Ultralisk privileges!"
I ride the Ultralisk away. "OKAY! I'LL STOP!"
{Teo, the face things are hostile to the Zerg, too—but don't let them get close. One snuck up behind an Ultralisk and grabbed it, then they both vanished. I'm returning to camp, but there's like five of those things following me. No, I don't know how to hurt them yet. Get ready to run.}

Endar appeared at the top of a hill opposite the Zerg, which unfortunately left the party with the Zerg on one side, and the face-creatures on the other.
{We're already moving. Banelings ain't much fun either.} I throw a glaive at one, detonating it in the middle of all it's siblings.
Some Banelings were rolling after me, a couple were scuttling towards me. I then saw my mask on the rock and I decided to go after it. I trip on something and the SMG flies out of my hand and triggers a Baneling explosion. The gun was melted but I picked myself up and grabbed the mask. "We should get out of here, now!"
"Good plan! How does Sheila sleep through these things!?" Sean follows Teo through thick and thin.
"I picked up another cave entrance nearby. Same procedure as the first time, but slightly different. We're going out the way we came in once I'm sure we're save." The gauntlets build Loren a new gun and I toss it to her. "Quit losing your weapons!"
Ok, weirded out by the whole create a new gun thing, you don't have to create a new weapon every five seconds. So how come everyone was having problems with ammo earlier?
I actually didn't know about that. I was gone that whole time. And the remaining armed is for the sake of survivability.
You guys wright like third graders. :(

Don't be a hypocrite.
08/25/2012 07:00 AMPosted by xSAnguish
You guys wright like third graders. :(

lol, well at least we dont fly in the wright brothers planes

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