Objective: Survive (Part 2)

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Reaching the cave, I beckon everyone in as I place seismic glaives outside. "Hurry up!"
I decided to follow but then I tripped on the log when I got up. "Damn it." I got back up and ran as fast as I could,
Terras strides in beside the commander person.
Sean runs in and sets down Sheila, panting like a dog. "She is heavier then she looks!"
"I'll bet. We all here?"
"Yes." He knew a few were probably missing, but he didn't care.
Sean looks around for everyone. "Yeah we are all here!" He then looks at Terras. "Wait, a sociopath made it in."
I showed up, panting. The mask in my hands. "This has sentimental values if you were still wondering on why I have it."
I was about to detonate the glaives when I notice one person was missing. "Where's Endar?"
"I know your a girl thanks to Sara, and thanks to me everyone knows!"
"I actually was wondering why you were willing to get nearly killed by merciless zerglings just to get it back. Care to share?"


Sean looks around. "Oh, crap! Where is Endar!?"
"I just said so, maybe you should use these more." Points at ears.
Anyone seen our DM recently?
08/26/2012 07:18 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
"I just said so, maybe you should use these more." Points at ears.

IDK about anyone else but this didnt make any sence to me at all. :\

EDIT: Maybe you were talking to SF, that would make sence :)
Refer to your edited post.
This is one of my favorite RPs alive, it better not die because bcACE. Do we need to reasign a DM?
Can't. He's the only one who knows exactly what's going to happen. I wonder if he got hacked?
I say we wait until tomorrow before reasigning? It doesnt really matter, whoever the new DM is can make it up.
08/27/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Zarkun
I wonder if he got hacked?

No, just depressed.

IC: "Oww... what happened? A traced a EMP bolt, but I didn't think it was active... I hope everyone is alright?" Maria pops out. "I need a status report! Now! Why did you come here of all places!"
"Banelings and Ultralisks. We're missing the Protoss."

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