I don't understand joeyrays bar

Joeyray's Bar
I've read a few threads about this but i'm still unsure about what to do i would like to create a character but i'm not sure how or what to do or the guide lines i have a story in my mind buy as i'm ADD it will probaly go and another will replace it. Please add me
Pick a roleplay to join, create a character there. Or use a character you've already used. Then you RolePlay! Refer to some roleplays to see how they work. I think mine is a great starter RP. Its already completed so you cant join, but if you read through it, it will give you a good understanding on how it works.

@JoeyRayer's: I was dirrecting him to my RP just because I think its a great roleplay for learning (No confusing characters from other RPs or anything)

Umoja's Plains: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6308612973
Thank you.
Allow me to explain. It simple, not really.

The entire Bar is controlled by a popular group which I have titled the Chaps.
They control everything! RPs, rules, conversations, barcrafts, and more.
So hop on the good side of people like CrymsonRevan, ShadowFury, Zanon, and anyone else who seems in control. :D

Or join me, and become a freethinker! But, they don't seem to like some of my ideas.
You aren't a freethinker, you're a headcase >:) lol BTW I'm one of the people to get on the good side of.
Also you are welcome to join my roleplay! Its quite simple! Just make your character pretty basic and you'll be fine!

Ghost Ship: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6412422881

EDIT: (because of ninja) Hey Zarkun, Im still only like a week and a half old. Am I on your good side? ;)
08/27/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Zarkun
you're a headcase

You will see, I'll gain the respect of the Blizzard folks, and I'll become an MVP! This is my one goal!

Am I on the good side?
You're both on my good side, I just like poking fun. I meant no offense.
*Puts gun away*
Oh, so, what do you think will make a sticky around here?
I know Zanon was gonna work on an official How To guide for RPing, and requesting a Sticky.
I pull out a large machine gun and mow down Duke and Zarkun. Then a big white fluffy dog eats their bodies.
SF be nice.
08/27/2012 10:23 AMPosted by LeKroger
SF be nice.
"I am. That's why I only mowed down those two and didn't have Zoey tear everyone apart."
I simply reappear, unharmed. "Save it for the bar you imbecile."
Duke, I'm not trying to be mean, but being an MVP isn't everything. People here are respected for what they do creatively and intuitively, while most other people dislike us for that. Getting a sticky won't be what earns you respect, doing meaningful and interesting actions in the various stories, RPs, text adventures and etc. we have here will be what places you in our high-esteem.

Zanon isn't an MVP, but we all consider him to be a member who contributes greatly to JoeyRay's.

As a side-note: if you want to be an MVP by Blizzard standards; you won't become one here. MVPs are those who help other people, use proper language and create useful topics to discuss, mostly related to the game itself and balance.

No one who is considered a great person here has become an MVP. None of the MVPs are regulars here, and I have only ever seen TheSkunk even post here.
Wait, I'm in control? *Bursts out laughing on the floor*

And I am not CrymsonRevan, I am the RAVEN!
MVP means cool text and more respect from people I don't know. They also get listened to more. But I mainly want the gold text.

I'm on the right track too, I already got a sticky!
MVP means cool text and more respect from people I don't know. They also get listened to more. But I mainly want the gold text.

I'm on the right track too, I already got a sticky!
MVP doesn't mean !@#$ in Joeyray's? So if you have a MVP, then your matter here doesn't mean anything more than ours.
Yep, but I don't want it for here, I want it for everywhere else. I can be the big brother to all the others.

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