Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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Sean Trope sat strapped to his seat with a platoon of 10 other men in a shuttle headed for "The Apparition". A titanic class frigate that had been reported inanimate several times by passing freighters. All communication attempts went ignored aboard "The Apparition" and finally a military investigation team was sent.

The whole platoon fell silent. Static was heard over the intercom.
"ETA sixty seconds!" Cautioned the pilot of the shuttle.
"Alright marines, lock and load!" Ordered sergeant O' Brian.

The docking bay doors were opened with the right transponder codes from Commander Tobin. The shuttle flew right in the dark docking bay. Finally the doors were opened to reveal a pitch black wall of darkness.

You may be Terran/protoss/zerg But again zerg is NOT recommended and I promise someone will most likely kill the zerg off.

< name tag>
Class: (Pilot, Gunner, Heavy assault, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, Security Specialist, Sharp shooter, fencer)
Primary Weapon: (I MUST APPROVE!)
Secondary Weapon: (I MUST APPROVE!)
Defining Characteristics:


This is a open RP, so if you'd like to be on the apparition when the military squad gets there, or you want to be a there for a different reason or whatever, you may. Just make sure I approve.
Name: Dan Eickhoff
MIA aboard The Apparition
(He never posted)

Name: Daalis
Age: 268
Race: Protoss
Rank: High Prelate
Class: Dark Templar Seeker (If approved)
Primary Weapon: Void Claymore and Shield
Secondary Weapon: Void Laser
Backstory: Fought in the final battle that killed the Overmind, he has an unusual amount of respect for the Terrans, though he has been known to fight the Dominion.
Defining Characteristics: Wears a cloak with his Seeker armor. His eyes are Blood red instead of green, indicating his strong ability to manipulate his opponents body with psionics.

Name: Ryan Dermont
MIA aboard The Apparition
(He never posted)

Name: Cynthia Ravius
Age: 16
Race: Terran/Protoss
Class: Preferably a custom
Primary Weapon: Crossbow
Secondary: Knife
Backstory: The child of two powerful Psionics, Cynthia and her brother stowaway on a ship, looking for excitement and mischief, or some other random !@#$ for some unknown reason.
Defining Characteristics: Several Protoss appendages and they are mixed in with her shoulder length silver hair. Dark Purple eyes. Her eyes turn crimson when she gets mad, for she is the next vessel.

Name: Korzis Ravius.
Age: 15
Race: Terran/Protoss
Class: Preferably a custom
Primary Weapon: A One Handed Sword
Secondary: Pistol
Backstory: The child of two powerful Psionics Korzis and his sister stowaway on a ship, looking for adventure, or some other crap.
Defining Characteristics: Several short Protoss appendages mixed in with his short black hair. Darkish blue eyes. A small scar on the right side of his lower lip. A not very muscled complex. Crimson eyes when angered, he and his sister are the next vessels of the 'Demon'.

Name: Torin Davin
Deceased aboard the Apparition.

Name: Michael Dare
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: Drone Specialist
Primary Weapon: Modded C-10 Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Drone Remote
Backstory: Michael was hired to the Mobius foundation for a time, due to his skills in both hacking and just around anything high-tech in general, but held a particular interest for small robots. With a quick mind, he's more suited for tactical overview and analysis of situations than upfront combat, scouting with drones and using them to thin up enemy numbers through harassment. Can pick off larger targets with a customized, high caliber C-10 canister rifle, though he isn't a very good shot.
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot four, very thin. Carries a small handheld with him used for controlling drones, and prefers long-range combat to short range scuffles.

Name: Mike 'Gamma' Kalous
Deceased by Imisis.
Ghost Ship (Part 1) Post #289

Name: Chris Watkins
MIA aboard the bridge
Ghost Ship (Part 2) Post #165

Name: Mark Minuteen
Age: 22
Race: Terran
Class: Gunner
Primary Weapon: 5520- Light Machine Gun
Secondary: 950- Pistol
Backstory: A Veteran Trooper from Mar Sara. Aided the Dominion during Raynor's Rebellion. Reassigned here to protect Innocent lives instead of ending them.
Apperance: (I know it wasn't included but I like to keep my characters Alive)

Name: Imisis
Age: Unknown, believed to be late 1080s
Race: Protoss
Class: Soul Seeker
Primary Weapon: Vindicator Gun (Dual mode, lightning or beam)
Secondary Weapon: Psi-blades
Backstory: An old Dark Templar dating back to the Aeon of Strife. Hasn't been seen very much, but when she was seen, she usually is working to prevent disasters. Extremely powerful psionic
Defining Characteristics: Looks like with upper body equipment from the Protoss Carrier Captain. And without the hoverboard, of course.

Name:Ramses Reep
Class: sharp shooter
Primary Weapon: throwing knives
Secondary Weapon: screw driver
Backstory: mean, mother and father beat him. He joined the military instead of school. Obsessed with screw drivers.
Defining Characteristics: scar from screw driver on left eye. big, strong, mean.
You can still join this RolePlay! I can give you a summery and you can just hop right in! Just post your character and I will insert you!


@Soldier: OOC: Oh crap, I hate those guys!

IC: Sean unstraps his machine gun and aims it at the strange creature. It shoots spines and forces Sean to duck and dive behind a table on wheels. He then starts blindly shooting through the medical supplies and misses every time. The creature jumps on the wall and shrieks.

@Zarkun: You notice your blade had trouble slicing through its flesh. After you land it charges you, shrieking and throwing every claw and limb at you. You are able to dodge all but one that slashes from your right temple across your eye.

OOC: It doesn't blind you, or effect your eye at all, but it will leave a cool scar.
I thought is was aesthetics.

IC: I stumble back a moment then face the beast again. That was going to leave an angry scar. "Join the Void!" I slam it with my shield again, knocking off it's feet and then I leap back, intending to make it truly feel pain.
The bleeding wouldn't stopped so I pressed harder, some of it got into my mouth and it was mineral like in taste. I chose to hide behind cover still. "They wont find me." I moved another crate to block me for good.
08/30/2012 04:27 PMPosted by Zarkun
I thought is was aesthetics.

Wait whaa?

@CR: Where are you again? I will get you involved in this RP once again! You're character is kinda in a corner alone. I will redeem her I promise. In the meantime, if you would like to make another character its fine by me.

IC: The beast falls back and is crawling on its hands and feet in the "crab" position. It starts running at you and kicking your shins. It lands a blow and clanks with more armor. effectively scratching it.
I might bring in another character, and I promise it wont be Graal. :p Cynthia is in the hangerbay.

Just give me some time to grab a character or make one etc.
Can I kill it now? And aesthetics means looks.
lol, yes you can kill it now, just give it a flurry.

IC: "It's time to end this." I strike it's arms and legs several times, cutting them off. Then I place the tip of my claymore on it's neck and stab down, beheading it. The body goes still. "Become one with the Void, abomination." I then look for Cynthia's mind, finding it in the far corner of the bay. <Cynthia, this is Daalis, can you come to me?>
Name: Vereor
Age: 22
Race: Hard to explain
Class: If anything it would be Fencer
Primary Weapon: Bare Hands
Secondary Weapon: Arm and leg spikes
Backstory: Escaped with several other experiments that escaped with him, he is back under the radar as a master thief, well after he exacted revenge on his ex-partner when he turned him in.
Defining Characteristics: Has chitin on his legs and arms, can see out of his eyes within five feet, but can use weak psionics which the experimentation gave him. Has dark brown hair, tan colored skin. His eyes are a murky orange color. Has several scars on his body from where he was impaled, crushed or even cut.

RP of Origin: Cold Heart
OOC: The scar was just a little something to help Daalis remember this RP by :D

IC: Darrok and Korzis make it to the Med. Bay to find Sean firing repeatedly at some strange babylike creature with tenticals. Darrok gently pushes Korzis back and pulls his flame thrower. The beast attempts to jump to another wall when Darrok twists a valve and blows it sky-high. It squels and shrieks as it dies and shrivels.

"What the !@#$ was that?" Darrok asks as he crushes it with his foot.
"The better question" Sean asks as he picks himself up and reloads. "is who are you?"
"I am Darrok, I work in the science lab. A crazy locked me in there. Sean spots Korzis.
"And he?" Darrock looks at Korzis standing in a corner.
"He is the one who free'd me." Sean racked one in the chamber.
"And you?" Asks Darrok
"I'm Sean. I came with the military squad."
"Military squad?"
"The shuttle? Yeah, we are just as trapped as you."

Mark walks out of the supply room with as many medical supplies as he can carry. Darrok and mark make eye contact.

"Oh yeah, he is Mark. I dont know where he came from, we just met." Sean explained
I was busy bothering with stopping the blood, and I was hiding my signature so they would have to turn the Hanger Bay upside down to find me.

Vereor woke up in the cargo bay of the ship. "What the hell happened? I was expecting a easy heist, not this whatever it is."
I head over to the far corner, and see the crates stacked in a very conspicuous fashion. "Cynthia, it's me, Daalis, come out please, I can help you."
I couldn't hear Daalis, all I could see was the monster. With my hand still cupping my eye, I backed into the corner. The Crossbow was pointing at him.

Vereor got up and stretched around. "I missed a party, look at these dead bodies." A tendrils protrudes out and was inserted into one of the bodies, it was turning into matter that could be used later for regeneration or modification purposes.
"Yep that's me." Mark tells them, "Saved my !@# he did. So uhh where to now?" He asks Sean.
I watch the crossbow carefully as I approach. "Cynthia, focus on what you know is true. I would never hurt you." I slowly form an orb of Void energy, intending to purge her body of the hallucinogen.
I cackle. "Geez, what the hell's with this panel. I had to practically bypass it!"

Whipping off a small bead of solder, I finally complete the control circuit responsible for keeping the power in its current state. Grasping the last control lever, responsible for the main power, I decide to throw some words in for the occasion.

"And then Michael said, let there be light!"

And there was light!
I was startled from what I saw, the lights were back on and the monsters looked like normal people sorta. "What are you going to do to me?!" The effects were still there.

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