Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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Sean gasped for air and sat up. "Its okay, I think that cleared up some demensia!" Sean stood up. "Lets get the !#@$ out of here!"
I stand up as well. "Do we know if Kyle is alright?"
"Actually all we know is he was attacked. We haven't heard from him."

Sean pulled out his pulse rifle and had it at the ready the rest of the time they were on the ship.
It was obvious that experience had scarred him and he didn't want others to know.
I had my claymore out. "Do you know the room he was in?"
"He was suppose to go in to the control room. Who knows where he is now." Sean was already climbing down the stairs. "Where is Michael?"
"Daalis... go while you can. I will-" Sean was interrupted by an astroid crashing through the ship not 300 feet from them. They could see out the window a gaping hole where the communication dish used to be. The whole tower shook violently on impact.

The shaking didn't stop. More and more astroids were ripping through the ship. Sean ran down the stairs without another word.
<En taro Tassadar. Get off of this hell hole safely.> I blink back to my ship and fly away, watching for the escape pods to launch before I leave.
Sean was running all the way to the escape pods and all hell was chasing him.
OOC: I will give all RPers until tomorrow to post. After tomorrow I will assume control and continue the RP.
OOC: Michael never left Daalis's ship... He was on board tinkering with his broken drones :/
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We dont know how this protoss artifact effects protoss.

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lol, okay. Can we finish the RP now? You are pretty much the only one left, so unless you want to die... you get it.
Michael's aboard Daalis's ship at the moment, I don't really think he'd die unless said protoss flipped and attacked him.
ooh, I get it. Okay :P

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The ship continued to be slammed by astroids. Sean finally made it to the control room. He opened the door to find Kyle laying on the floor.

"Kyle!" Sean ran over to Kyle. He wasn't dead, but close. "No, no. You arn't dying on me." Sean picked him up with the fire arm carry and put him in an escape pod. He then walked back into the control room and was about to push the button when he heard something crawling in a vent.

Sean immediatly leveled his pulse rifle and put one hundred rounds in every vent he could find. Satisfied with no retaliation. He launched Thad's escape pod. He was about to launch Kyle's when a large bat-like creature flew in and landed on a body. Sean leveled his pulse rifle and pulled the trigger. Nothing came out of the rifle. Sean swore and pulled an extra mag out of his pocket. He ejected the empty mag and slammed the other in. He was in the middle of cocking it when the body the creature was eating came to life.

It stood up and charged Sean. He helled the trigger down and unleashed over thirty pulse rounds at the creature. It didn't even slow it down. The creature mauled him and sean fell on the ground.

The bat continued "eating" more bodies and they started coming alive. Sean crawled out of the control room and sealed the door. He ran over to Kyles escape pod and grabbed his flame thrower. After throwing the sling on, he oppened the door and twisted a valve.

Flame engulfed everything. Shrieks and screams were heard from everywhere. Finally, the flame fuel ran out and the flames died down, unvieling burn't pieces of charcoll. Sean smiled and launched Kyles escape pod.

He dropped the flamer and equipped his pulse rifle. He set the timer to the last escape pod to thirty seconds. Wouldn't want to be late for this flight.

He walked back out the door and climbed into the last escape pod. Sean sat down and breathed a sigh of relief.

A dead body was in the escape pod. Sean gasped and a surge of adrenaline coarsed through his veins. Its dead, dont worry. Sean shook his head and chuckled to himself. But... just in case. He stood up and grabbed the body by the collar. He was dragging it to the mouth of the escape pod when it grabbed him back. It threw him out of the escape pod and they rolled together on the floor.

Sean swore and engaged in a fist fight with the dead body. They fought for about ten seconds before Sean tore its head off. He then pulled his gun and blasted it to oblivion. He smiled and realized the escape pod timer was close to up! He turned and head first dived in. as soon as he was in up to his knee caps, the door closed and the escape pod launched. That was too close.

Sean couldn't believe the last 24 hours of his life. He lay on the floor for what seemed like hours... be continued in the sequel.

OOC: Thank you all for this awesome RP!! It is now officially over!

edit1: Just noticed... Mark never escaped... Ghost Ship 2 everybody ;)

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