Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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"I- I'm Korzis." I say to the man. The pain in my leg was getting unbearable quickly.
I suddenly thrust the Void energy into Cynthia, purging the hallucinogen and letting her see the real me. "Come with me Cynthia, I can place put you somewhere safe."
aah! Sorry for my sudden absence again! My computer. . . kinda. . . didnt exactly work. Haha, its all good now though. Im a genius XD.

@CR: You need to tell me a little more about why your character is here and how he got here before he enters a main role in the story.

Sean looked around the room as it illuminated with light and power.
"Yes! Go Michael!"
"Michael?" Asked Darrok
"He is our tech specialist." Explained Sean. Darrok nodded.
"Now all we have to do is get to the bridge and open the shuttle's hanger and we're free!"
"Mind if I join you?" Asked Darrok
"We need all the help we can get." Sean said welcomingly. "We better get going, four heavily armed war veterans couldn't get to the bridge. I have a cloaking device, you two might want more then one trick up your sleeve if we are going to make it." Sean stood up and took five minutes to treat his injury on his leg.

{Nice job with the power Michael! We're headed to the bridge, you can come, or you can go back to the shuttle. Whatever you do make sure you report to us. Over}

@qGBrad: Now that the power is on all your controls activate and multiple warnings come on screen.




I speak into my Radio

{Yeah, I think I'll try to get to you guys. Sitting in this room alone's freaking the hell out of me, and this... thing's head is scratching away at my boot. Its kinda creepy. I'll meet you at the medical bay.}

I open the door, and after a careful look about, and sprint towards the medbay, keeping the point defense drones overclocked. They should be able to cut through things like the old Protoss Colossus I hear about...
I lead Cynthia to the medbay, finding the others. "Sean! Glad to see you're alive."

morrjo, they're at the medbay.
Ok, this is how it goes out Markus, Vereor was going to steal something very valuable on board the ship, he snuck in with a Drop Ship which he used to follow it.

The reason why he is here is simple, he's a master thief, so he will be attempting to steal the
___________, which was a part of the plot, but he didn't know what it did. So he woke up from whatever knocked him out and saw all the bodies.
Mark follows the group, tailing behind and pistol at the ready for anymore surprises in store.
{Rodger that, we'll stay put until you arrive.} Sean spoke into the radio. Sean looked around the room and waited for everyone to meet up. Finally Michael arrived.
"Hey Michael! Nice job! This is Darrok." Sean says pointing at Darrok "Mark is over here." He says pointing at Mark. "And this is Little Korzis!"

08/30/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Zarkun
"Sean! Glad to see you're alive."

"The feeling is mutual my friend! Trust me, I am glad to see a protoss here." Sean remarked. "I picked up some more survivors. This is Darrok, Mark, and Korzis."


@CR: Okay, sounds good!

@Soldier: If you have any "surprises" just tell me. This RP is directly inspired by DS1 and you know more about it then I do.
"I am not little. I am a fifteen year old boy." I look at him blankly.
"I know Korzis, I am a friend of him and his sister's parents. In fact, this is his sister, Cynthia." I beckon to Cynthia, who's eye is still bleeding. "Can anyone help her out?"
I was slumping over, not bothering with hearing or seeing anything.

Vereor finished what he was doing and walked out of the room. "Looks like the lights are back on, and wanted to have a advantage. Oh well, now what were those things?"
"Yeah, you might want to get that checked out Cyntia." Sean said while rummaging around for an eye patch or something that could be of use.
"Cynthia." Darrok corrected.
"Cynthia, right." Sean pulled out a advance medical kit for eye injuries. "Come here, lets see what we can do." He said as he opened the kit and set her down.

OOC: CR, If your character endangers the others I might kill/withdraw him from the RP. Just be advised. I will give you two warnings and then we will decide whether it is withdral or death. It shouldnt be a problem though, just thought I would sort that out now.
As Vereor stepped out of the room he saw something eating a body. "Well, ain't that grand."

I wasn't responding, I was just holding my eye.
OOC: Do you want her to loose her eye?

IC: The creature looks up at Vereor and shrieked, filling him with fear and terror. He stood up and attacked him.
OOC: No? She isn't paying attention and what I mean by holding the eye I meant that her hand is over it.

IC: The spikes grew and Vereor did a jab followed by a sweep kick.
OOC: What I meant was do you want her to loose her eye, like as in, then have an eye patch.

IC: Your attacks do little to the beast and it tries to swipe you with its claw.
OOC: I don't know what to say about that.

IC: Vereor then proceeded to break its arm, but it did nothing. "What the hell is this thing?!"
OOC: lol, when Sean is done treating Cynthia's injury, do you want her to loose that eye? Then have to wear an eye patch!

IC: It swipes at your head with its other claw, by reflex you try to block it with your arm and the claw cuts to the bone of your arm, sending a shock wave of pain throughout your body, Vereor grunts and a surge of adrenaline is pumped into your veins.
Oh !@#$ Markus, you did it now.
And keep the eye.

IC: The adrenaline was pumping fast into his body, the matter he absorbed earlier was regenerating him. "HAHAHAHA I AM GOING TO ENJOY KILLING YOU!" Rips off the arm of the Necromorph and throws it on the wall. He did a roundhouse kick.
OOC: I dont understand the "!@#$ Markus, you did it now"

IC: The arms are ripped with a shriek and the roundhouse kick effectively puts the necromorph on its butt, or what used to be a humans butt, on the ground.

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