Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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Check out Cold Heart Markus, Vereor goes sadistic when there is enough adrenaline, he is also stronger.

IC: He walks over and grabs it by its throat and crushes it to no avail. "I will enjoy this." He backhands the head of the creature.
The backhand tears the head right off. The head slowly rolls to the side. It is then quiet.

"That should do it! The eye will heal, but for everyones sake wear these." Sean said pulling out a pair of aviators. He gently sets them on her and rubs her back. "Are we ready to move out?" Sean asks the group. After hearing no response, he assumes that means yes and stands up. "Lets go then."
"Wait, can someone help with my leg at least. I can't walk in this condition! And it would be appreciated if my arm was helped out too." I say.

Torin was patrolling when several monsters came out of no where and slashed his head off. They started feasting on his body.
Well, there goes one less person.

IC: The adrenaline started to wear off and he was calming down, he then sat down on the floor. "Those are some tough bastards."

I put the aviators on. "Why are we wearing these?"
"Im sorry. . . eh. . . sport. Yeah, we will treat those injuries too." Sean gets another medical box and starts treating his wounds. "You are going to wear those for..." Sean needed to be careful what he said next. "Mental support."
"Mental support?" I ask as he works with my injury. "Why would she need mental support? She's connected to the Khala. And don't call me sport unless you want crate after crate dropped on your head."
Sean stopped and looked Korzis in the eye. "That was you? How did-" He stopped, lost in thought. "Trust me, you want her to have those on, okay?"
"I'm Psionic. Now what's the reason? I really want to know." I say.
I could overhear the others talk about me needing mental support. Some anger was flaring up but I wasn't showing it.

Vereor stood back up. "Well, time to figure out where the goods are."
I feel some pressure of the demon. "Cynthia. It's okay. Please don't get really mad. Please. I don't want him coming again."
With a slam, I close the door to the medic bay behind me.

*Pant Pant*

"God it took *pant* forever to get here. Had to haul !@# over-top soo $%^-*!@ many crates!"

I tell the point defense drones and laser defense drones to under clock once again, their batteries are running low. The generator in my backpack should be able to recharge them easily.

"Ran into a few of those... things on the way here. They don't like lights, or lasers, by the look of it!"
"Do you have a crate phobia now?"
I drop the aviators on the ground. "I DO NOT NEED MENTAL SUPPORT!"
Sean heard Cynthias cry. "No no no!" He repeated shaking his head. "Not mental support for you silly! Mental support for us!" He walked over to her and gently rubbed her back. "Its comforting to know we got a bad !@# kid on our side." He stared into Cynthia's eye that had been mutilated and put the aviators back on. "There, now are you ready to kick some a-"

Michael stormed in the room at that instant.

"Okay, are we ready?" Sean asked, standing up and finishing up with Korzis.
"Why don't I have one then? We're equal in power!"

Vereor was checking out another room and it was a office.
Sean gave Korzis a hard look, then ripped off Cynthia's glasses revealing a mechanical eye with a red pupil. "No Cynthia. You have been given great power." As soon as he says that a mental computer screen comes up and starts Identifying everything in the room. "You will now be able to access any memories this eye has seen, and with a little research and money, you will be able to make it look real!"

In the office there is a message written in blood on the wall. It reads:
CuT 0Ff ThEiR l1mBs
A man was obviously brutally killed here. His organs spilling out, bones, visible. Lifeless eyes, looking into the abyss and seeing nothing but darkness. A wave of stench overpowered your nostrils. Blood was everywhere.
I was speechless, I was in disbelief on what they did to my eye. They replaced it, and I couldn't talk.

Vereor read the message. "Well, bloody hell. Let's see if there is anything on him." He starts to search the pockets and the desk drawers.
I start to feel rage coming into myself. I suppress it. Not wanting to cause another attack.
"Whats wrong Korzis?" Asked sean. "What do you think Cynthia?

You find a revolver with no rounds left within it.

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