Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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"Okay then, lets move on. Lets progress to the bridge." Sean walks to the door followed by Mark, Daalis, Korzis, Cynthia and Darrok. The door shuts and they all move in formation down the hall.
"These creatures have no remorse, so we should show them none in return."
Sean nods. "I like that plan."
I pull out my short sword. A little pistol would have no effect against these things.
He picks up the revolver and checks to see if there is any ammo. "Well, there is none at all." He stashes it in a pocket and starts to walk out of the office.

I was getting slightly angry. I then whisper to Korzis. "I don't like this guy."
"And what makes you think I might?" I ask Cynthia, making sure to keep as quiet as possible.
I show Korzis the eye. "Look at what he did to it." Whispering back.
"I know. That's the reason I am angered, and even more distrustful of him."
"It would have healed, I know that as a fact."

Vereor was was starting to see psionic signatures nearby, one of them seemed Protoss and the other seemed young. "Great, kids. Well time to set up a ambush if needed." The tendrils protruded from his shoulders and destroyed most of the lights in this hallway, they were going to turn this way. Vereor started to blend in. "Time for some hide and seek."
I notice the end of the hallway darken, not by too much. But more than if the light was burning out. "I don't think we should go down that way..."
"We have to." Sean said glumly. "We have no other choice but to move forward to the bridge." Silence ensued after those words were spoken. "Come, lets not make us vulnerable for an ambush."

The group continued down the hallway. There was a locked door on the right and the window that was supposed to show what the room contained was smeared with blood. There was a message within the blood as if someone wiped it off.
It said. Everyone stopped at the door pondering if we should go in.
I was being quiet, despite me being angry at Sean.

Vereor was sneaking up on the group. !@#$, there are kids. I can leave them alone at least.
Darrok turns around just in time to see a glimpse of Vereor before he rehides. "Whoa, I saw something." Darrock shouted. Sean looked up and saw nothing.
"Keep your eye on it for me, we have to get to the bridge." Sean was trying to decode the security door that lead to the bridge, but to no avail.
"Here let me get that for you."

Darrok walked over and puched in the code. The door opened, revealing the bridge. The first thing you notice is astroids are ripping by at alarming speeds. Too fast.
I was feeling a very faint psionic signature. Vereor was playing tricks with them. "Someone is playing with us, but I do not know who."

Vereor was still sneaking up on them, but then something came up behind him.
Still at the Apple store.

IC: "Come out, psionic. I could sense you before you could us." I draw my claymore and activate it, exposing Vereor. "Ah, the master thief. What brings you here?"
"You got it wrong, barely psionic. And since you already know who I am then, you already know why I am here."
"No, I do not. There is nothing of true value here."
Vereor just stared at Daalis and laughed in his face. "You know that I am a master thief apparently, so why would I waste my time being on here without there being a prize? Think about it, and I just woke up to find these things."
"The only thing you will find here is death and destruction." Darrok said confidently. "If you get in our way we will drop you. Be warned."

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