Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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I just kept running. I could faintly hear my sister. I eventually found a door, a door to the armory. My blade was pulsing with energy. It flashed every second. It would tear anyone apart that I slashed or stabbed with it, just from the raw energy.
I was still running through the hallways, not paying much attention. "BROTHER!"
Before Mark could blink, my claymore was even with his throat and barely an inch away from it. "I'm asking one last time before I rip it from your mind. What is on this ship?"
Mark shudders, he shakiley lifts his pistol to the Protoss, "T-Try it i -if you can."
Mark noticed two tendrils from Vereor's shoulders. They were wrapping around his suits arms and spikes were starting to grow on them. "Now, now. They will grow through unless you want to tell us what my prize is."
I step through the armory. A few creatures were slowly following behind me. I pick up a grenade launcher and turn to the beasts. I fire and they were obliterated. I throw it to the ground.
"You have had your chance, Terran." I rip into Mark's mind finding the information I'd wanted. Leaving his mind, I throw the man aside. "The object is called the Marker, and it is the source of this plight, though he knows not how."
Mark lay on the floor, dazed and confused, his visor color returns to blue and it generates a small hum. He stands up, confused as to why he was here. Mark spots the Protoss and straightens, "Sir, Sargent Mark Minuteen reporting for duty." he says while saluting.

OOC: Side effects from memory rip, Mark now will obey Daalis like he did Mengsk.
Hmmmmm....interesting twist, Soldier. I like it.

IC: "Well then Sergeant Mark, tell us all what it is that's hidden here."
I reach out to Cynthia and Daalis. I'm in the armory.
Vereor was just watching the man and he was laughing.

I was running down the hallway, the lights were dimming. "Brother?" I couldn't get a hold of his message. The hallway was quiet and empty.
Mark returns to his standard posture, "Sir, the Marker is an alien artifact that the Mining company, CEC brought up from planet Aiegis 7. It radiates extreme power and draws the Aliens to it, furthormore I suggest we throw the Marker out the ship and take the aliens with it."
"Well done Sergeant." I turn to Sean. "So, what's the plan?"
Vereor had these eyes filled with joy. "So where is it right now?"
Mark turns to Vereor, "I don't know sir, my former commander never told me the location of the Marker, although I suggest checking: Hydroponics, (Water Treatment System) Security, or Cargo Bay. Due to extreme Necromorph activity." Mark, readies his machine gun, "Where to first sir?"
"Hold your horses, Mark. Vereor, this isn't something we should allow to escape unscathed. It must be destroyed."
Guys, I dont know what to do. It wont let me go to page six.
Sorry I was gone. :( Nice RPing Soldier!

09/02/2012 03:15 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Is this a good interesting plot twist? I'll edit it out if you don't like it Markus.

Actually, no. I dont want that plot twist. ^^ I really appreciate you asking though. Thanks SF!

09/03/2012 10:11 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Guys, I dont know what to do. It wont let me go to page six.

I am still having this problem, I just posted this and it automaticly took me to page 6.


"What the !@#$ is going on here? Daalis, let Mark go!" Sean was clearly disturbed by Daalis' power "I dont care if its mind control or Marks will, let him go! " Darrok was thinking.
"Actually Hydroponics is a good place to start." He said with a blank stare, obviously still thinking.

"You want to explain yourself Darrok?" Sean questioned. He was becoming paranoid. "How did you get here? Why are you here? How do you know about this artifact? What do you know about it? Why-"
"Sean!" Darrok shouted, interrupting Sean. There was a pause.
"I couldn't get him to stop if I wanted to, Sean, which I do. They did something to his mind well before I ever got here."
"Well do something! This is giving you too much power! We still cant 100% trust you! Let him go somehow!" Sean was shouting and flailing all over the place.

Necromorphs were starting to be heard crawling through the floor and roof.
"Sean, you must take control of yourself!" Darrok pleaded, "We must work together and we must keep moving!"

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