Ghost Ship (Part 2) (Completed)

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"Sean, the only way to free him is to know what the Dominion did to his brain. I can't fix it otherwise. For now, we deal with it." I draw my claymore and activate my shield. "Now we must quickly get to the bridge if we're to survive."
Sean stood there for a long moment. More necromorphs were heard coming closer. Darrok put his hand on Sean's shoulder. "Lets go!"

Sean turned around and re-opened the door. (OOC: Refer to page 4, post #74) Again, revealing the bridge. The first thing you notice is astroids are ripping by at alarming speeds too fast for safety.
How about a page with that post number.

IC: "What is happening here?"
You may be Terran/protoss/zerg But again zerg is NOT recommended and I promise someone will most likely kill the zerg off.

< name tag>
Name:Ramses Reep
Class: sharp shooter
Primary Weapon: throwing knives
Secondary Weapon: screw driver
Backstory: mean, mother and father beat him. He joined the military instead of school. Obsessed with screw drivers.
Defining Characteristics: scar from screw driver on left eye. big, strong, mean.

summary please.
Red, I'd give him some actual weapons and also read the classes allowed.
ok, fixed it.

I'm a sharp shooter who throws knives, and I have a screw driver just in case a zerg comes by.
OOC: Added, thanks!

IC: Darrok ran into the bridge quickly and spoke just as quickly. "The astroid defense systems are obviously offline!" Darrok ran to the "Mother" Console. "We are plummeting toward the planet!" Darrok started typing. "Thats not the biggest problem though. We are also going through the astroid belt around the planets rings, without the ADS, we'll be torn to pieces!"

Darrok started typing with intensity. "We wont last long! We need someone to man the primary astroid turret manually until I can get the auto-ADS online. I dont care who goes, but hurry up!"

Sean was speachless, his heart rate picked up and he was breathing hard for no apparent reason.

EDIT: HUGE ninja!
Sounds good. Let's wait for your summary now.

IC: "I do not know how to use your Terran weaponry, so I will guard the door." I take up a position looking out into the hallway, watching for the Necromorphs to attempt an attack.
Alright! A summary! tell me if I miss something!

A platoon of marines land in a inanamate frigate called "The Apparition" The platoon soon discovers the place is infested with necromorphs
(Look up Dead space slasher to see what they look like.)

Most of the crew are dead or dying as far as the marines know, and most of THEIR crew are dead or dying. The survivors of the first contact with the necromorphs met Daalis(Zarkun) and they mutually agreed that their alliance was critical to their survival. Their plan is to get to the bridge and open the doors to the shuttle bay hanger and escape in the shuttle they came in on.

The only problems were:
A) Their pilot is dead.
B) The power was offline, so the doors couldnt open even if they reached the bridge.

Michael(Morrjo) Turned the power back on and now the group is in the bridge. Darrok just discovered the fact that they are actually plummating through the planets astroid belt.

Now some character developement that went on.

Sean(MarkusDaWise): Is pretty much the leader of the group, since he knows inside and out everything military and also is a natural born leader. He has just resontly undergone extreme paranoia, and is questioning everything anyone says.

Mark(Soldier): Has just spilled the beans and admitted to the reason people have gone insane and turned to necromorphs. He claims the reason is that a strange artifact was brought on board.

Cynthia(Crymson Raven): Has undergone eye surgery and now has a robotic eye.

I forget the rest :( If I miss anything please speak up!
Who are the bad guys?
The "Bad guys?" uuh, Necromorphs I guess. Look up "Dead space Slasher" in google and you'll know what they look like.
Am I gonna get a DM prompt soon?
I didn't know you wanted one. What is your definition of a DM prompt?
Something inferring I either spot something of interest, or am about to be attacked.
In that case, yes! Really the only people who DONT have that right are the people that are inactive or the people who do it too much. SF is the only one I can think of that really like blood and gore and killing to be on every post. So he's really the only one that fits under that catagory.
OOC: I see you have been playing a bit of dead space, for me the ADS sequence was a pain.


Mark turns to at the Necromorphs, their rotten flesh hanging loosely off them, pink and sickening to look at. Their blank stare saw through life itself. Mark turns to Sean, "Well, looks like we may have a problem." Mark loads his weapon, "On your cue."
Soldier, we're in the bridge.
09/04/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Zarkun
I take up a position looking out into the hallway, watching for the Necromorphs to attempt an attack.

That is I think what I meant, loading a weapon JUST IN CASE the Necros do attack.
As Darrok continued typing intensely he looked up at Sean, who was hyperventilating. "Sean! I need you buddy, stay with-" He was interrupted by multiple warning alerts






Darrok swore. "I need help! Someone needs to go and operate the astroid defense systems manually, now!"
I was running through the hallways, they didn't even notice that I was gone. "Brother, where are you!?" The ship tipped and I started to slide down the hallway screaming.

Vereor turned around and saw that they were missing another kid. "Who let's their kids run around the ship by themselves?"

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