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Crewe saw the others, they had the same tattoo. She whispers under her breath. It has to be them. The guard then pushed her forward and she almost tumbled to the ground. "You know, you don't have to push me. So far I am being cooperative."

The warden came out and stopped by Jake. "Who are they?" He points at the group. "They didn't say anything about us getting new arrivals."
Leroy keeps on the upper floor, watching Jake punish one of the prisoners. His helmet is on, and he began looking around, watching what the others would do. He didn't expect them to do anything, but it never hurt to be a bit prepared.
The man walks up to Jake, "What makes you think I am the lackey of that frail person?" The man had made sure his hair covered the scar.
"I got the call about 15 minutes before they arrived, sir. The girl in the chains is highly important and dangerous." Then I turn to the man, my visor color changing from it's usual blood red to a light blue. "Magnetics. That box in your head has weaponized metal in it." I then kick the man away. "Now get back to your boss." I return my attention back to the Warden. "You want to give the opening speech this time, or we sticking to the usual?"
"It isn't weaponized, well it does have a self-destruct functio- Oh. Well he doesn't have that many."
The guard this time made Crewe fall to the ground, she picked myself up and swung at the guard. To bad he caught her wrist. "Jake, we have ourselves a lively one."

The warden was thinking. "Let's mix it up and do both, one of them looks like they don't deserve to be here any longer, you know what to do with him. As for Terras and Drake, make an example out of them."
I nod then look at the chained girl. "Stop being an @ss then, Bill. No wonder these female prisoners hate you." I shove Jon in front of me and then call to two guards on the walls. "Hey, you two. Bring me Drake and Terras." They nod and then drag them to me. "After you sir."
"So what's happening?" The frail man says as he was carried. He was used to this. And even the weakest guard, only being 194 pounds, was able to carry him with ease.
The guards come again...

I am dragged away; to the small stage in the courtyard...

Another example, I presumed....

This one would be different.
"You'll find out soon enough Terras. For now, wait til the Warden's done talking."
"Do I really have to listen to this boring speech again? I've had enough of it." Terras says as he sits there. He was playing with some loose rocks on the ground. Trying to build something.
The warden steps up onto a podium like object. "Ok, before we get started, let's do a vote. Should we have the examples first, or the speech?!"

The prisoners were chanting. "EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE!"

Crewe spat on the floor and turned back around, the other group was just staring at her.
Each one of the men with scars were spread out, keeping their eyes on the tattooed ones in the prison. Though four watched intently on the new arrivals.
The example was first....

Once again...

Someone new was here....

Someone of import...

I can tell, by the way they are treated...

They will be... useful....
I chuckle and bring Jon to the front. I turn on my loudspeaker. "Alright, first off, I'm Jake Hunter. And I'm what you'd call head of security. This man here," I through Jon on to the ground, "Is here for a sick crime. Now, I'm tolerant of everyone but repeat offenders. If I say stop, don't do it again. If you ignore me...well, we play a game. Jon, start running." As Jon takes off, I leisurely aim my plasma rifle at his head. Counting to ten, I pull the trigger, turning it into nothing. "If you can get out of my sight by ten, you live a little longer. If not, you get your freedom, if not the way you wanted it." I beckon for Drake to be brought forward. "Now for your first warning, it's a beating." I punch Drake in the gut. "If you apologize after the first punch, I stop. If not," I swing for Drake's head, my magnetics having already seen the needles and now I needed to prompt him.
Sara, how many times do we have to listen to this before they choose someone else? Terras asks the AI within his head.
Many, they dislike us much. She replies.
"This is what happens when you think you can get away with anything. And you know what, I feel generous today. Jake you finish up the speech with what you would like to say." The warden then walks away.

OOC: Have fun Zarkun.
Leroy stops his gaze at Terras, finding something interesting. He stares at the crowd, but his attention was focused on Terras. Occasionally, he glances over at the Warden.
Hey guys, escaped from Death's clutches just long enough to bring you this post.

Name: Vyctir
Age: Approximately 36
Appearance: No matter how long he's been in hell, he still stands tall, an aura circles around him that instills fear in his enemies and hope in his allies. At 6"9 and 320 pounds of pure muscle he's a figure that one doesn't want to pick a fight with. His blonde hair hangs loosely from his face. His piercing blue eyes shine from behind the cloak of his hair, seeing into your very soul.
Backstory: After the UED's fall (unspecified for now), Vyctir was one of the only Archangels left, he adopted a hermit life, until they came.
Additional Information: No one knows what happened to his ARK suit, once he was captured it was not with him, and it is still sought after for it's technological value.
Crime: Conspiracy against the original Dominion

It seems only fitting for an "Angel" to be in this thread.
The Dominion controls the prison, for this is New Folsom. And no psionics will work because they will most likely disable them. And go on right ahead.

And Zarkun, keep them in line.

And Jester help Zarkun when he needs it.

Going to bed.

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