Angel in Hell (RP)

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Within yours shirt perhaps. It would be fairly small.
Before Jessica had moved off, the nanite flew to her and started crawling on her head, trying to find the neural implants' location.
I sigh softly as I continue to crawl through the ducts. I glance through a grate and find the energy weapons storage. I carefully exit through the grate and look for the smallest energy weapon I could find.
Does it have a specific design to make it stand out at all?
It's shaped like a pistol and is small.
Ok I think I found it. I grab a small pistol shaped energy weapon and stuff it into my uniform before crawling back into the ducts and exiting the armory.
Now bring it to Bunkhouse A-1 Sara reports to Terras about whats happening and he smiles.
I exit the ducts and brush the dust off of myself before heading to the bunk house. Upon arriving to the bunkhouse I stand outside the door and wait.
Ok I am at the bunkhouse now... My tone was a little bitter. I hated being used like this.
Terras opens up the door and quickly grabs the weapon. "Thank you. Now go where ever you want."
"You must be Terras then... Why did you have your AI reactivate my neural implant?" I stand in the door way looking strait at the man.
"First, to see if she could reactivate those Neural Implants, and two, because Spectre's are useful. As well as those who are small. Now go." Terras makes a shooing motion with his hand.
I scowl at the man and then leave before the neural implant kicked in to end my resistance.
I had to get this this shut off permanently now, I didn't want to be just a tool for someone like him to use at will then toss aside. I begin pondering on how to shut off the implant.
The nanite finds where the implant is, roughly, and digs through the skin. Jessica feels a slight discomfort as it digs through.
"OW..." I clasp the back of my head where it felt like something was digging into my head. I psionically check for anything organic to find that there wasn't anything organic digging into me.
Bump again
Crewe woke up, and she noticed a change and the nanites had quit doing what they were doing. "What happened? I don't remember a thing..." She then noticed a slight bump. "What is that?"

Bryne walked outside and he needed some fresh air.

I was walking through the courtyard.

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