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So Dominion was reformed?

I guess he's guilty of being a part of the UED then, who slaughtered the original Dominion.

Oh wait.... They don't need to....
I do not care for the blows...

I know this routine...

But I would change this...

I burst out of Jake's grip, grabbing and twisting his wrist back within a fraction of a second, likely breaking some of the mechanisms within the suit. I leap onto him then, grab his head, and begin attempting to tear apart the partly uncovered helmet.

"Dieeee..." My voice croaks out, cracked from lack of use.
Sara, want to jump into his suit to get some information on the new prisoners for me please? I ask Sara as I grab Jake's wrist.
Sure thing. Sara says as she jumps into Jake's suit and grabs as much information as possible before jumping back into my mind. I let go and review the information.
"You poor bastard." The suit was unharmed by the twist, and I grabbed Drake by his hair, slamming him into the ground face first. "This is the result of attacking me. Drake is lucky. I'm under orders to let him and Terras live. Speaking of which, you can go Drake." Terras is brought forward. "Your second warning results in a beating and," I pull off one of his shows and show off his missing toe. "Toe removal. The third is our game. Terras, you can leave." I then face all of the newcomers. "We're here, to keep you in, but also the crazies that would kill you out. Behave, head my warnings, and don't fight back and we'll all get along fine. Hell, I'll even play cards with you. That's all. Welcome to your new home." I then turn to Drake. "Hand me all but one of your new teeth. I need you to act as an enforcer when us guards aren't around, otherwise, keep it hidden."
Terras walks over to a table and sits down while reviewing the information Sara had gotten.
He wants the samples...

I find that reasonable...

Several loud "clicks!" are heard, and I spit four teeth onto the palm of my hand. I hand them over to him, and disappear back into the crowd.
Crewe still had the shackles on and the group step forward. "Who are you?" One of them said.

Crewe whispered something in his ear. "Even in the underworld, there are angels to protect the innocent."

The guy then turned towards Jake. "She's with us."
One of the four men report his findings on the girl before going back to his post. Terras had just finished getting every pin point accuracy of how she reacts to brutes. So perhaps intelligence wouldn't make her attack.
I head back to my "office" and drop the teeth into Drake's file, and then, checking for anyone who might be eavesdropping, send a call on a heavily encrypted channel. "New group today, last minute heads up. Girl brought in is considered highly dangerous and very important, should have the" Suddenly the files for all the new prisoners show up in my visor, foremost was Crewe's. "Her name is Crewe, all I can read is that she's tied to another resistance group. Will send you more when I crack the encryption." Closing the channel, I return to my wanderings, watching Crewe to keep Terras and the other freaks away from her.
A guard walked up and unlocked Crewe's shackles. She could feel a few people watching me closely. "Where are we going?" She asked with such curiosity.

The man beckoned her to follow him and the others. "Name's Jon, and we are going somewhere near the corner we were just at. There are some chairs and a couple of tables. And don't worry, they are just smart enough to not bother us." Jon started to lead Crewe over to the spot.
I watched the group take Crewe and noticed that they all had angel's on their shoulders. Interesting... I keep up my usual route, keeping Drake and Terras in my sights especially. I didn't really trust either of them, but Drake was ex military, so he was more so then Terras.
OOC: What is the objective of this RP? Break out? Leak information to the public? Spy on Dominion Prisions?


Jada was in hell itself, snipers littered across guard towers, spotlights swept the ground, guards in every possible place. She looked to her side to find that many prisioners were in for the same reason Jada was, Relations with the Raiders. She mumbles, "Looks as though the Dominion is on edge." She was shoved from behind, "Get moving!" The guard behind her shouted.
For the prisoners it's to escape. I already talked with Jester and Zarkun in a chat room prior to creating this, and I game them a different route because of what I needed.
I see a guard shove one of the prisoners. Pulling her file up, I see she's a fellow Raider. "Hey, George, lay off. They'll have enough of a hell without our help."
Crewe was watching the guard named Jake talk a guard down. "So how long have you been here?"

Jon answered. "Two, maybe three years." He sits down and grabs a deck of cards. "Just hear me, don't mess with Terras and Drake. Terras is a dumb !@# in his own way and he thinks he can get away with some things. He has been caught before, but he doesn't care about their threats. Then Drake, I don't know how to describe him."

Crewe accepted the hand of cards. "Tell me more?"
I see the group pull out a deck of playing cards. Now or never. I walk over. "I noticed you fancy a game of cards. Mind if I join?"
Jon places an extra hand of cards on the table at a empty seat.

Crewe saw Jon and whispered to Jon. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Jon looked like he was going to laugh. "Don't worry, we would rather prefer him than the other guards."
I look over at Crewe, then at the group. Double checking for other guards nearby, I raise my visor, the scar on my eye prominent. "Look, I don't know how much of this you'll believe, but I'm a spy for the Raiders. I know you all belong to a resistance group, and that's enough for me. Let me know when you need something." I then drop my visor back down and sit back, looking at my cards. It was a royal flush and an ace.
Crewe couldn't help herself but laugh. "I don't care who you are, but you are funny. Nice try though." She put her ring on the table. "Your turn."

Jon was listening to the person. "You are either trying to be god damn funny, or god damn stupid."
I chuckle. "Like I said, up to you whether or not you believe me or not. Either way, I'm ready to play this game if you are." I keep my cards expertly hidden, watching the other prisoners as they go about their everyday business.

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