Angel in Hell (RP)

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I continue wondering the courtyard, staring at those who passed. Thousands of us; trapped here.

Thousands of victims...

I watch the others intently, noting the shifts and movements of the group; how they turn; at what speed they do; the traits of their gait.

I would need this later...
Terras walks up beside Drake. "Hello." Terras says as Sara was laughing within his mind.
Crewe grinned. "If you are going to play, then you have to bet something. I bet this ring even though it only has true value inside of me. It was from a close friend that died." She tapped.
"Might want to pick something else to bet, little lady. Ask your friend here, I never lose, no matter the deck." I reach into a pouch, pulling out one of my better cigars. "There."
She grins again and puts the ring back on. "Ok, I'll bet my life." Her hand touches his shoulder. "Ha, knowing you already, you would just give me special treatment to back your claims up."

Jon was getting worried. "Maybe you should rethink this?"

Crewe snapped back. "Of course not!"
My visor raises again, my face dead serious. "You should know I make it a point to make everyone's lives here as easy as possible. Now, Crewe, I won't take that bet, but I will promise you first chance I get, as many Raiders and other people of interest to the Dominion are getting out of here as I can manage."
Terras walks past Drake and pushes his way over to Jake with some support. "Jake, I have something to ask of you."
I turn to Terras, my visor dropping back down and turning back to blood red. "What do you want now Terras?"
"Just a holograph projector and a speaker for a good friend of mine. Would you like to talk to her? I could put her in your suit if you would like."
I shake my head. "Terras, I already spent six hours fighting with the Warden for those damn boxes you put in your 'gangs' heads. I'm not gonna be that lenient at this point. Maybe if you can behave for two or three hours. Shouldn't be too hard."
Crewe just stared at Terras. "What a pathetic little man, who wishes that he can just drop dead on the cold dark ground. To bad he isn't innocent because then I would help me."

Jon sighed. "Terras, leave before we do something to you."
"I am." He replies. Sara, he isn't being very trusting.
You killed a person a week ago. Of course he isn't going to trust you. She replies.
Your fault.
Shut up. I have access to your cortex. Do you really want to risk blaming me for something I wasn't the cause of? She answers.
"I am just speaking to Jake. Now don't speak to me like that, or..." Terras gestures to his left and a large man steps forward.
I stand up and draw one of my swords. "I wouldn't Terras. Now take your friends and go behave for a bit. If one of the other guards don't call me for something you did, I'll discuss it with the warden."
"Fine. But Sara just wants to be able to communicate to more than me and my men." Terras walks away and sits in a corner.
Crewe then placed her cards on the table. "Royal Flush, and if you want us to believe you, you are going to have to convince us."

Jon sat down and he put a cigar in his mouth. "Don't worry about them, they really just smart enough to do something."
I sigh, sheathing my sword and sit back down. I see the hand and laugh. "You still lose." I play my flush and ace, taking my cigar back. "Now what am I supposed to do that won't compromise me?"
I sighed and Jon was glad that Jake didn't accept the bet. "I don't know, anyway you can."

Aboard the Serenity, they have just now decrypted the message. The person didn't even know who he sent it to but he was glad that it was to them. {Admiral Bryne, please approach the bridge, you have a call that you need to take.}

Bryne was on his way already and he sighed. "For the last time, I am not in the military anymore and I am not a Admiral." He approached the bridge and sent the call, surprisingly it was connected to Jake's PDA and even he was surprised.
"Hold on, gotta answer this." I mutter to myself, "Better not be more prisoners. Drake can only take so much." I walk a little ways off and answer. {This is Jake Hunter, go ahead.}
"Well, it seems like we only have a couple of choices, trust him or flat out disbelieve him." Crewe put the cards back on the deck.

{This is Bryne of Serenity, are you the one that sent the message to us? Its signature was a UA.}

Jake didn't know what Bryne was talking about.
{Ummmm....I'm sorry, but unless you're in charge of dropping off prisoners at New Folsom, I haven't sent out any calls. Could you tell me the encryption code used?}

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