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Bryne was slightly impressed by the signal. {New Folsom? Put up all counter measures and activate the firewall. (in the background you could hear a yes sir) We don't know the code, and what if I said that we are done talking.} Bryne thought to himself. They can't know that we are Ex Dominion.
Glancing around real quick, then double checking the security of the channel, I say, {Look, clearly you aren't Dominion, or you'd be all over my @ss. And you aren't Raider, cause you'd know the code. So, I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm a Raider undercover in New Folsom, trying to break out some of our members and feeding the Raiders info about important prisoners. Now be honest with me.}
Making sure the firewalls were secured, Bryne made another message. {You know how it is, we truly can't believe one another without proof. And I already had someones trust when they went around and stabbed us in the back. I can't trust you.} Bryne sat down. "Trace the signal so we can truly find out if he is in New Folsom."

One of the men nodded and went to work.
{Look, you want proof? I'm standing in the court yard right now. Give me a name of someone who actually ended up here that you know.}
The man was done. "Sir, he is in fact in New Folsom right now."

Bryne stuck a cigar in his mouth and lit it, he was getting more tired and stressed by the day. {Everyone who I know who is still alive is right here on this ship, everyone else who I knew are dead. But we just traced the signal, so you are telling a part of the truth.}
{I'm telling you the whole truth. Name's Jake Hunter, I disappeared under the radar for a while after the Outbreak. Confederacy reported me KIA.}
{Sorry, but I have never heard of it. But it sounds Zerg related. But I am not going to believe you until you give me proof that is a fact and not coming out of someones mouth.}
Someone begins trying to tap into the communications between Jake and the Admiral.

Leroy brings up a copy of the map, seeing what all was here. Noting several restricted areas, he puts it away and start walking around, keeping an eye on several of the prisoners.
I shiver slightly, the memories of the event flooding back. {At 1400 on March 23rd, 2499, the Assault and Rescue Unit Sparta's Ghosts were deployed to investigate the derelict mining ship Forager and find any survivors. It was here that the xenomorph commonly referred to as the Zerg were first encountered by a combat unit. No one but me survived from that unit, and we almost lost all the survivors to an Ultralisk on the way out. On the planet below, we encountered the enigmatic Protoss for the first time, even getting help from them to escape. During that, I engaged a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand, gained a nasty scar from it too.} I take a moment to compose myself before continuing. {After that I went underground to avoid the Confederacy silencing team, so they killed my wife and son instead. Rena Hunter was my wife, and Dale was my son. Does that sound like hogwash to you?} Noticing the attempted tap, I activate the extra firewall, blocking all outsiders.
The men already had the secondary firewall up. {Like I said, we can't truly trust each other until we meet each other in person. And I am truly sorry for your loss.}

Crewe was still sitting and talking. "So, I'm surprised they didn't execute me at the spot."
The person attempting to tap into the channel was tearing away at the firewalls, not even slowed by the fact that protection was upped.

Leroy stops, looking at Terras. After a few seconds, he continues walking around, his attention on the towers.
{Then come to New Folsom and wait in orbit. I can vouch you're a legit ship, just need your men, assuming you have them, to wear Dominion colors for the duration of any visit.} I notice the eavesdropper was being persistant, so I activate Ashley. "Ashley, stop that please."

"Of course sir." Suddenly the person can get no further.
I watch Jake converse with someone over his PDA. I manage to snatch a few key-words from it.


"Raider- Folsom"

"----in orbit-----come"

I straighten and begin walking towards the small group who had been playing cards.I observe them from a few yards away; watching intently.
{I guess, but when we meet, no weapons. I want this to be a civil conversation.} I stood up and walked over to the galaxy map. I then put in the coordinates. "Ok, be ready for anything, it could be a trap."

Crewe and Jon were talking when they noticed Drake, and then Jon said something. "Cards?"
I c o c k my head to the side; slightly narrowing an eye. I continue to watch the group, and then walk away after a few moments.
{I'm keeping my swords. I didn't survive the Zerg to be killed by a cheap trick. Use this channel when you get here to contact me.} I close the channel and return to the table, dropping the same cigar on the table. "Try again."
{Fine.} As I said that the warp batteries started to spin. [All hands brace for warp on my mark.......mark.] Serenity started to go through the FTL.

Jon passed out the cards this time, but something seemed different. But Jake couldn't think what it was.

Crewe then looked at it and smiled. "I can't believe you said that."
My hand was all aces with a king. My unit had hated how lady luck had always favored me over others. No matter how a deck was stacked, even cheating decks, I won. "You sure about that?"
Everyone at the table laughed. "This isn't a card game anymore, pay attention. It's code."
Terras walks up to a guard and asks, "Where do I sleep again?"

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