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"How so?"
Jon shows Jake something. "Look at the four aces, and then the king." He switched the cards so the king was in the middle and the aces were surrounding it. "We have four people who we don't want to mess with, hence the ace. So we signal that as ace, and the king, queen, or joker are all important people. And Tarris is the king of his group."

At the end of that word, Terras was talking to a guard and there were four of his lackeys.
"I'm well aware of what Terras thinks of himself as. None of those guys could take me anyway. However, I get the feeling this is a different lesson then something that simple."
Vyctir was alone in a dim light cell, as per usual. He had a custom made jumpsuit, which must have some sort of powerful magnet in it, because every time the guard would come to feed him (the only person he's seen in years) he'd be throw against the wall by an invisible force. Any attempt he made to tamper with his suit would result in an electric shock. His muscular structure hadn't diminished at all by some miracle, despite not having regularly exercised ever since his incarceration, he dismissed it as another effect of the Project that he and the others were involved in.
He missed the others. But almost all of them were dead... or missing...
Now he was alone. Just him and his memories.
A small fraction of those were pleasant.

OOC: I realized I didn't do his "appearance" part of the bio, I just edited it.
You're good Avikon.
I think I've missed to much here to be a decent character, so I think I'll drop out now before it gets awkward.

Good luck!

EDIT: In that case, I'll just join in as a late prisoner.

Nefarox arrives to the main chambers without shackles (A bit of mind-tricks), and a cane. He looks like a youngish half-cripple, not worthy of combat or attention.
Vulture to tell you the truth not much happened besides me just trying to flesh out Crewe, Bryne, and the storyline a bit.
Serenity warped in above the fiery planet known as New Folsom, Jake was signaled that the ship was here.

Crewe was watching a few of the prisoners, some of them seemed to be watching her as well. Almost like they were planning on something. "They seem to be watching me."

Name: Goes by Bryant
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Male
Appearance: Short brown hair, hazel eyes with a tendency to change colors upon mood, average build, has a goatee, where's a vest instead of a lab coat.
Backstory: He grew up in a rural colony and he learned a trade that involved plants. Well then he became a Biological Engineer in plant study but then he quickly started to do both plants and creatures. He was kicked out of his collage but he already learned all he needed do to his quick learning abilities. He was then hired to be the doctor to New Folsom.
Additional Information: He will be my first person character.

I stepped out of the gates that led to the inside of the building. I had files in his board and he started to call off some names. "Ok, I need the new prisoners and some others for a check-up. Crewe, Nefarox, Drake, Terras...." He looks at it again, those were the only ones that were on here. "I don't have all day."

Crewe sighed and got up. "I'll be back..." She noticed that the eyes were still on her.
Terras walks to the doctor.
The New Dominion has done a good job of locking down his psionic powers, but they weren't 100% through. With intense concentration, Vyctir can use technopathy, and access much of New Folsom's unsecured network. It had taken him some time to learn he could do that, with many trails and errors, but he won out in the end. he'd been watching and waiting, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, but for now he conserves his strength in solitude.
A new name popped up on the board, it said that I needed a Vyctir. "Terras, Crewe follow me while the others arrive, I am to pick up a certain person."

Crewe grunted and followed.
"Fine." Terras says as he follows.

"I am going to be back in eight hours."
We were walking down the path when we stopped by a secluded area, inside of it was Vyctir. "You ready for your check-up?"

Crewe was just staring at him, he was huge! " he?"

I smiled. "Don't worry, he's dangerous but tameable."
I head down to Vyctir's cell, surprised he wasn't out and about today. I see Bryant, Crewe, and Terras. "Well, what do you need Vyctir and Terras for? They've both been here awhile. As it is, I need to talk to Crewe before ou take her doc."
Showed him the board. "They are scheduled for a check-up. And I guess that you can take her."

Serenity was issued a landing sight 23 miles from New Folsom Prison.
Leading Crewe a ways off, I turn and face her. "I'm gonna be gone for a bit. Someone arrived that I need to go visit and it's gonna require that I be gone. If you're wise, which something tells me you are, you'll stick close to your friends. None of the prisoners, not even the spectres, will mess with them."
"I see, well have fun with your trip and all. And I will try not to accept anything from anybody." She walks away and back next to me and Terras.
Sighing, I approach Hank, one of the other undercover Raiders. "Keep an eye on things, I gotta leave for a bit. Warden asks, tell him I went home for a few hours." Hank nods, watching Bryant take the prisoners over to the medbay. I walk out the gates, climbing in my hellion, we weren't allowed unarmed vehicles in case of escapees, which never happened, and store my rifle and pistol, keeping my swords where I can reach them. I drive to the landing point and stop, waiting for the all clear to come aboard.
Bryne steps out of the cargo bay, Jake could see a few of the Armored Trucks that look like it was just sheets of metal welded on them. "Who are you before we talk?"
I raise my visor, my scar once more one of the more prominent features on my face. "Jake Hunter, ex-Confederate Sergeant."

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