Angel in Hell (RP)

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Bryne put his hand up and the men lowered their weapons, they were behind the crates. "This place is hotter than I thought it would be."
I shrug. "You get used to it. Now, may I know your name?"
I pulled a cigar out and lit it. "Bryne, Ex Admiral of the Dominion."
"Nice to meet you. Now, are we gonna stand out in this heat, or are we going back into the AC?" I pull out a cigar of my own, Che Hotet, and light it up. "And not to be rude, but I've got an important person back at the prison to get back to, so could we make it fast?"
Bryne smiled. "Or I could follow you back and we could talk about it."
I beckon to my hellion. "Climb in. You could pass as a Dominion official any day." I get back into the hellion, putting my pistol back in it's holster. "Could be awhile before I get you back though."
Bryne shrugs, he put his hand on the Hellion and get's in, he left a tracker on the roof of the Hellion. "Well, what are we waiting for?"
Starting the engine, a small jolt of electricity disables the tracker, and we get going. "You should know any unsecure signal is instantly tracked on New Folsom, so you'll need to take me at my word with where we're going. Now, you said ex-Dominion. What happened?"
"Easy, we went to stop a uprising and after what happened down there I stayed behind and gave in my rank. Then the Dominion abandoned us once the Zerg started to attack again."
I chuckle, glad the man hadn't been forced to face what I had. "Well, you got off luckier then I did. Now, I understand that wasn't your battle cruiser as it was tuned to pick up stray frequencies. Mind telling me where that thing came from?"
Bryne looks at Jake after he said that he was lucky that he didn't face what Jake had to face. "You don't understand, we went through a lot. And the cruiser is a Behemoth class from during the Brood War. We staged a coup when some of the UED soldiers started a mutiny aboard their own cruiser."

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I nearly swerve off the road when he mentions the UED. "UED?! When the hell did they come back? Man, I spent more time under the radar then I thought." I take another drag on my cigar, pulling into my parking spot, I cut the engine. "Welcome to the only prison in the Sector that's never been escaped. I intend to fix that."
"Fun times, almost like that time that we did a guerrilla strike with three Wraiths onto a ammo dump that UED troops went to to be supplied."
"Sounds like something I'd do. Now, I'll just need to come up with a fake identity for you and no one will be the wiser."
"Be my guest."

The crew of Serenity were unloading the crates and were setting up a base camp. It would help to lower the energy use inside the cruiser.
Working quickly, I soon had a fake name and ID for Bryne. "You are to be called Henry Frost while you're hear, a Dominion Admiral who is a friend of mine." I hand him the ID and walk back into the prison, Bryne right behind me, and nod at Hank, who returned to his standard rounds. "Welcome to my new job, Henry. Hard to believe they wouldn't put me in charge of a combat unit huh?"
Bryne nodded and followed. "But you should know that I would like to see them in action, an inspection is in place."
"Who, the other guards? Well, most of them don't have my unique...skill set, so it would be a poor choice for now. However, I'm sure you'd like to meat Crewe Foirelli though. She's that person of interest who just arrived."
I took the others to the medbay and I was already starting to check up. "Crewe you are first." I have a liquid in a syringe that I wanted to test out, making sure that it would be safe and all. And of course if it wasn't, then the side effects would be irreversible knowing me. I then lock up the bay doors just so we wouldn't be disturbed.

Crewe walks up. "What is in there?"

I insert a needle into the syringe and I tapped it. "Just something to make sure your healthy."

Bryne watched the men and continued walking, he then whispered. "My men are most likely setting up a small base camp just to let you know. And I would like to see this person if we get the chance."
"I'm taking you to see her now." Reaching the medbay, I hit open, then notice the doors are sealed. I sigh. "Bryant." I type in the override code, opening the doors. We walk in and I call out Crewe's name. "Crewe Foirelli, front and center."

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