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*I sigh as I am faced with a terrible decision.... Get rid of them all even though it took me countless weeks just the one.... I'll never be able to use the Prometheus now.*

You guys are insane.
Dayuum Jester, that's harsh coming out of you. It's not like I have ever used them or even plan to in a RP. I just have them for fun. I have plans for story purposes but that's about it.

There was a Hybrid I RPed as in Snowbound in the Relic but that was before this thread even started and I recognized that RPing as a Hybrid is not as epic as one thinks.

"Why so mad brudda?"

01/09/2013 06:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
"You'll understand one day. All this," I beckon to the races, "must come to an end for peace to return." We fade into the shadows.

This mysterious aura? Ain't suiting you I'm 'fraid.


You guys are insane.

And I'm part of the Insanity Trio! The irony!

I stil think it's pointless to do that. After all, they were created for SS. Highly unlikely we'd see them again so why delete?
My races and factions.... the only true thing I could express what little creativity I had. :(
I'm very well divided, and I'm getting this monster headache that feels like a migraine...

And mine were not created for SS's play toy...I refuse that to ever happen.
CR, it's up to you whether or not you delete them. Like I said, I had it all saved to my comp. As for them being created for SS...that's not true. They were created for random usage.
The vast majority were created for SS. Shouldn't have been that broad.
Mine, Jesters, and Zarkun's were not for SS at all.
Yet they deleted theirs because of it. Just seems extreme that's all.
Actually, it wasn't because of SS. That's just where clashes started getting bad. Then there have been several others since that time. We're simply planning ahead.
01/09/2013 06:56 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Mine, Jesters, and Zarkun's were not for SS at all.

The Elerians were not for any specific RP either as I had been working on them long before I came here. and as for the Mozan nor were they for SS though I guess they somewhat ended up that way ..... also was working on them back in Cortex :P
Dayuum Jester, that's harsh coming out of you. It's not like I have ever used them or even plan to in a RP. I just have them for fun. I have plans for story purposes but that's about it.

There was a Hybrid I RPed as in Snowbound in the Relic but that was before this thread even started and I recognized that RPing as a Hybrid is not as epic as one thinks.

"Why so mad brudda?"

The fact of the matter is described in two words: Plot Armor. Although I have to admit I do want to RP as a Hybrid, all of them need to eat !@#$ and die in a hole filled with the various feces of a thousand people.
For my communist party in CR's upcoming RP.

MPFMP Lore/History:

Created roughly 100 years ago by Nicholas Reznov, it is a small but dedicated revolutionary group that has, until now, avoided confrontation and detection with local governments. A rough timeline is presented here:

2398: Reznov forms MPFMP.
2399: MPFMP reaches 50 members.
2403: Opposing party CP forms, goes to “war” with MPFMP.
2405: Battle of Gator Creek occurs, 10 MPFMP members killed, 45 CP members killed. War ends, CP is absorbed into MPFMP.
2408: MPFMP reaches 100 members, Reznov dies and is replaced by Romanov. Romanov makes party less extremist.
2409: Romanov is killed. A council is set up, and runs the party for the next 10 years.
2420: After an unsuccessful run, the MPFMP is dissolved.
2442: Alexandria Sharapova re-establishes MPFMP. Her husband and her take control.
2443: Both of them are killed, Wilton is elected as new leader.
2444: Wilton establishes reforms to make the MPFMP more extremist.
2446: Civil war erupts, and 200 members end up being killed before Wilton takes control once more.
2455: After a decade of peace and obscurity, Wilton dies a mysterious death. Mencovich takes control at the age of 27.
2457: Mencovich keeps up the extremist viewpoints, membership reaches 1000.
2460: Mencovich stomps out rebellion in the party. Party continues to grow.
{Records from 2561-2579 are not found}
2480: Mencovich is killed in a violent civil war.
2482: A new council is set up, and the party loses some of it’s extremism.
2485: Party continues to decrease extremism, starts to lose faith of it’s followers.
2495: Smirnov instilled as leader after a violent coup and civil war.
2495-present: Extremism has increased as has power and influence of the party. They now number in the {To be decided} and are ready to make their move.

Custom Troops:

Milis- The Militia troops of the party, they are armed with basic and cheap equipment, and have received minimal training. They are generally used as a last-ditch home defense force, and are made up of the farmers and workers of the party.

Infanteri- The basic infantry, they’re essentially better trained and better armed militia. They are used as border patrol and a defensive force, and rarely attack except in large raids. They make up the backbone of the army, and usually are the ones to do the heavy lifting when it comes to actual fighting.

Partigiano- The guerrilla force of the communists, they are the main offensive force, and are comprised of Infanteri who have shown excellent survival and raiding skills. They are used as a forward advance, scouts, and harassment, as well as full-time raiders. They are among the most feared of the communist ranks, and are known locally for not taking prisoners.

Keur- The truly elite soldiers, they’re taken at a young age and forced to train. They sometimes have psionic potential, and are very handy with effectively any weapon. They’re also trained in martial arts, and are extremely resilient. They are armed with the best equipment the party can afford.

Houden- The extremely feared and secretive secret police of the party, they exist to control dissenters and to act as assassins in wartime. They normally have batons and pistols, but, for assassins, they are given advanced sniper rifles.


Targonca- A light, fast vehicle used for scouting. It is equipped with a machine gun and has little armor. Crew of 2-3.

Liviano- A light makeshift tank, the Liviano is used for rapid advances and is armed with a light machine gun and a small cannon. Crew of 5.

Fientlig- The heavy tank of the party, it is armed with a heavy cannon as well as two machine guns. It has heavy armor that is un-penetrable with small-arms, but thankfully the party only has a few at this time. Crew of 7.

Anti-Tank Gun- It has very heavy duty armor piercing rounds, able to fire up to 3 miles. It is immobile. Crew of 2.
Upcoming RP?
01/09/2013 06:56 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Mine, Jesters, and Zarkun's were not for SS at all.

Mine wasn't either. And I have more to come when I get off my !@# and start typing...

(Yes I know, rather late but I just found it and its on the same page so..... t(-_-t) )
The Vaxarus weren't made for SS, however, the Kalavaris was influenced by the need for some extremely hostile race to screw everyone over. Plus I love the Scrin, so I just made them and let them loose.
Going to necro this and post my custom race soonish, don't rage at me.
I believe this was killed for a reason. Don't raise the dead.
But this has the potential to be sooo much fuuunnnnn.
Dac! You're back! Welcome! :D
The Neumians (aka Space Elves):

The Neumians are tall lithe humanoids. Their skins tones can be anywhere from bleached white, to yellow-ish, to a light brown, to even grey. Their irises colour can vary, most often they are bright blue or bright red, but colours such as crimson and purple are not unheard of. They most usually have brown or black hair and most grow their hair very long. They are very much for the arts so their armors, weapons, and buildings are intricately designed. They live to around the age of five-hundred. They will never eat creatures of land or sky, only fish, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. They require the same amount of Oxygen as Terrans.

The Neumians act superior and are prideful, yet also kind, and cheerful around often. They are open to diplomacy unless there has been very horrible things done to them in the past. Such an example is if their enemies had brutally slaughtered several towns. It is hard to gain their admiration. They are also religious, believing in three goddesses and six devils, which will be mentioned later on.

Psionc Capability:
Most are born with high capabilities for Psionics, but they call it Magic and their use of them is rather peculiar. They can manipulate and create flames, water, ice, rocks, and even, if skilled enough, electricity. They also are capable of draining the very life essence of a being, healing them, but this taxes their energy greatly. It is also greatly frowned upon, as it is seen as a power of evil

Their religion involves three goddesses, and six devils, a long story behind their emergences, and one short one about the creation of their reality.
The chief goddess is Terise, the goddess of justice and order, who was always pictured as a seraph holding a scale and a hood over her head. Her robes were bright blue in these depictions with golden armor placed on top.

The next goddess is the goddess of love, Liara. She was always depicted as having bright pink angelic wings, and wearing an elegant dress of magenta. In her hands she holds a bow.

The last goddess was the goddess of hope. She lacked angelic wings and wore purple robes without a hood, and in she held her hands together as if she was praying, but her face was staring out directly in front of her. Her name was Fasara.

The devils include one named Holazr. He is depicted to be wearing crimson robes with black linings running through them. Upon his hooded head there sits a crowns and he often is holding a staff in one hand and a sword in the other, both of silver, and the staff glowing an orange. He was seen as the most powerful, and the representation of raw destruction.

The next one is Morvaliz. Being the representation of darkness and shadow, all he is depicted as two glowing violet eyes peering out from the darkness.

The third of the six was seen as the representation of fear. He is represented as a being in white robes, a two large black horns sticking out from under the hood, and spikes running down the spine, and coming out the elbows. From under the veil of the hood two gleaming golden eyes. In his hands sit a scepter of silver, with a rainbow coloured crystal sitting at the end, violet energies swarming around it. Trimming along the white robes is a dark blood red, with flames flickering on them. From his back sprout two large leathery grey wings. Seeming like a corrupted angel, one of the greatest fears.

The fourth was the devil of death. Korsa. Korsa is depicted as a serpent coiled on the top of a gateway, looking at souls of the deceased who walked through the gate.

The fifth was the devil of hate. Bozmial is his name. He is shown as a small imp, horns curling like a ram’s are on the side of his head, staring with burning orange eyes. His skin tone is a light green, and

The last is known by many. The last was Rak’nashal. Rak’nashal, he who is the devil of devilries, the corrupted of the corrupt, the evil of the evils. He is depicted as a very tall humanoid. His body covered in scales like a reptile, five great horns on top of his head. Two horns stemming from his temples, pointing upwards in front of the forehead. Another one of the horns comes from the back of his head, curling over it and pointing straight upwards above the other two on the top of his head. The last two horns came from the top of his cheek bones, just under the temple ones, and led down alongside the cheek bones, curving upwards slightly in front of his face at the very bottom of the cheek bones. His fingers ended in cruel claws, and his pupils are slits in yellow eyes. His mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, the front four on either jaw sticking out a little forward. Spikes come from his shoulders, turning away from his head. A long tail with a sharp, spear-like end. Flames always were dancing around him. His scaly skin was crimson, and horns pitch black, along with his teeth. He has also been seen as simply a crimson orb, which is his only form capable outside of realms with properties like that of the void.

On the scale of technology, they are around the same stage as Terrans, despite being an elder race. Although they utilize guns often, the preferred weapons like staves, swords, and even bows. The primary used metal is an alloy, combining Neosteel with Osmium (which is already an alloy), both of which being plentiful in their system and some planets they have conquered, they create an alloy they call Neumian Steel. This steel also has a new trait that neither of its former metals possessed, the ability to channel the Neumian user’s energy. It can store the energy as well, this allows them to reinforce their armor with their ‘magic’, and enhance theirs weapons with it as well, or just use it to make their ‘spells’ more potent.

The Neumian government is one of an Oligarchy. There are seven ruling families, six of them rule two worlds, one within their Solar system and one outside of it, and the last family rules three worlds, two within the solar system and one outside of it. The seven family’s names are Lasriel, Noslia, Querrai, Mosuria, Bajria, Haksue, and lastly Vazfriel being the most powerful. They all commune to the Neumian capital world to discuss what is to be done in their ruled areas, and how to approach things.

Before trying to colonize a planet the Neumians will scan it for any resources, if the resources that they require/want are few on the planet they will leave it, if they are bountiful, they will settle there. If there are already inhabitants they will try to get the planet diplomatically, if they cannot get it diplomatically, they will use force.

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