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The GFA is a faction comprised of what seems to be one race, it is unknown what they are exactly due to their rigid code of not showing their real selves to outsiders, instead wearing suits of armor or using robots when dealing or fighting outsiders. Those who do know what they are are dead. They seem t take a dislike to Terran and Zerg in general but they seem to like the Protoss. They have only recently appeared to the Koprulu sector, their motives completely unknown.

The GFA has tech that is slightly above Terran level. Focusing much of their production into a massive fleet of starships including some very large super ships. From what is seen in combat the average they have about the same psionic potential as humans do.


Constructer: A small flying drone sent to build or mine resources, while small they are deployed in large swarms to compensate.

War Prospector: The dedicated miner of the GFA they are tracked vehicle with what looks to be a cattle guard like shield in the front which opens up to deploy their mining arms but however the most interesting interesting aspect about them is the gatling gun on top. They are found in locations where a base has not been fully established so no GFA base is ever an easy target.

Trooper: A basic GFA troop, equipped with various kinds of weapons depending on the situation. The suit has better armor than a Marine though it isn't as tough as marauder suit

Tesla Troopers: A heavily armored suit that has two Tesla Coils in the back which are used to generate electricity that is launched out as powerful bolts of electricity from emitters located where hands would be. Larger and tougher than a marauder suit.

Hunters: The GFA equivalent of a Ghost operative, their suits look a lot like the Terran Predator Drones and are are equipped with a Cloaking device as well as a variety of interchangeable weapons.

Hopper: A vehicle that runs around quickly on four legs and is able to perform a large jump which allows them to move out of danger, jump into groups of infantry and cause havoc, scale huge cliffs, etc. A heavy machine gun is mounted in a turret with two All Purpose Missile Launchers (APML) on each side of the turret.

Lasher Truck: A large half tracked Vehicle with a large bed in the back were a large rapid fire four barreled cannon rests. Was Originally designed as an Anti Air Vehicle but was found t be insanely useful against infantry so it has become a staple of the army due to this and it's cheapness.

Crusher Tank:The main battle tank which uses its powerful main gun to take out armored opponents. It has an automated gatling gun on the top of it's main gun to defend itself from infantry and light aircraft.

Apocalypse Tank: The ultimate display of GFA armored power the Apocalypse is a monster of a tank with not one but two rail guns as well as two heavy APMLs with one on each side as well as two heavy gatling guns mounted on top of the turrets. With Armor fit for large combat spacecraft divisions of these monsters, while rare, are almost indestructible.


Siege Chopper: A large Attack Helicopter fitted with a gatling gun and several Heavy APML Missile Launchers. However the special part about it is it can quickly deploy an artillery gun onto the ground which is controlled by an AI inside. While not as powerful as normal artillery the high mobility and the fact that it can get to spaces normally inaccessible by normal artillery gives it a huge advantage. Much like the Terran Banshee the Siege Chopper is outfitted with special propulsion mechanisms when in places with very poor or zero atmosphere.

More coming Soon: Was Tired when I made this, open to suggestions!!!!
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Faction: Hybrids Honors

Seeded across the galaxy by Samir Duran, the Hybrids are only now beginning to awaken in greater numbers shortly after the events of the Second Great War to carry out their master's dark will. Created from a perversion of the Xel'naga cycle and through artificial means, the Hybrids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to their relatively obscure nature, few realize what these fearsome beings are before it is too late. For now, they are content working in the shadows, biding their time for a moment to reveal themselves. When they do, a darkness will consume the galaxy.

With the revival of Amon, they've begun to mobilize and attack various worlds using a variety of proxies. In addition, newer and more powerful variants are showing up, in addition to the standard Reavers and Destroyers.

All Hybrids have a number of qualities and abilities that they share:
1. They are all powerful psionic beings although some subsets are much more potent psionically
2. Detector
3. Consume DNA
4. Nearly impervious to many forms of damage
5. Can mind control weaker willed organisms

Unit: Desecrator
Lore: The hybrids are powerful beings that crackle with immense energy but these monstrosities are on a whole different level. From the various reports, they bend the space time fabric around them with their mere presence, twisting and distorting reality at its whim. Unconfirmed reports states that it can phase itself, as conventional weapons completely does nothing to it. The only way to damage and kill such creatures so far is through concentrated psionic energy. Only the most powerful psionics can hope to damage a Desecrator and it takes a well coordinated group to kill one with heavy losses.
1600 Shields 200 Health 600 Energy
2.95 Movespeed, 4 shields 1 Armor
Attack: Phase Orb (Ground and Air): Range 7 50x2 1.2 attack speed
Phase (Passive): Completely immune to all physical attacks. Only psionic based attacks can harm the Desecrator.
Singularity (Passive): An immolation field passively damages all enemies close by the Desecrator.
Distortion (Passive): All attacks ranged or melee has its speed reduced by 65% in a 10 yard range when it enters the distortion field around the Desecrator and they have a 35% chance to miss. In addition, enemy movement speed is slowed down by 25%.
Graviton Bomb: Telepathically crushes any targets with gravity in a 3 radius circle.
Void Spheres: 7 spheres seek a target and detonate for 50 damage each.
Enthrall: Controls a unit. The unit is gifted with the hybrid's essence, empowering it greatly until it is killed or consumed.
Warp: Teleports to a location

Unit: Obliterator
Lore: Quadrupedal in form, Obliterators are powerful melee units. These creatures do not have shields but they are extremely robust, durable and powerful siege weapons. They have the mortifying ability of somehow reflecting damage back to the original source.
2500 Health
2.65 Movespeed, 7 Armor
Attack: Obliterate (Ground, Melee): Range 1.5 150x2 1.5 attack speed
Death's Mask (passive): All damage is reflected to the original source for 20% of the damage.
Roar: Fears/stuns/kills the enemy with a powerful psionic roar.
Shockwave: The obliterator unleashes a psionic shockwave with its feet, dealing terrible damage.

Unit: Harbinger
Lore: The appearances of these beings are rare but it is becoming more frequent near the edge of fringe space.

These fairly massive flying creatures possess extremely flexible and strong tendrils on its body that can be manipulated and stretched with great precision. Though they move seemingly slow, these creatures can move very quickly if they desire. If it is not busy latching onto and destroying a ship with its tentacles, it is capable of firing multiple organic missile at once that will track an enemy. The rounds go through the toughest materials with ease. However, once the round has landed in its location, it becomes “alive” and are notoriously difficult to kill. They wreck havoc until they are dealt with. However, these living rounds appear to have a limited lifespan but a long one.

They appear to be transport for the Hybrids and the way they do so is mind boggling. These creatures land and they reveal a “portal” on their backs where other Hybrids and the like can go through. The thought that several of them could land incognito in some planet and suddenly summon an army of Hybrids before anyone knows is frightening. How they are able to transport in this way is still a mystery but that is likely when the Harbinger are most vulnerable. It is able to warp travel.
700 Health 500 Shields
2.5 Movespeed 3 Armor 3 Shields
Attacks (Ground and Air): Ectoplasmic Rounds: Range 10 30x4 1.3 attack speed, spawns a Ravager per attack that has a life of 160, 1.9 movespeed, a melee attack for 18 per .86 second and a ranged 3 spit attack for 14 per 1.3 seconds.
Tentacles (Ground and Air): Range 3 12x20 tentacles
Entangle/Impale: Grabs a hold of a ship and crushes it over time with its tendrils or create multiple hull breaches if the ship is to big.
Warp Form: By landing on the ground, a portal of sorts is created on its back, warping in in friendlies through its back. Unable to attack or move at this time until it reverts this form

Unit: Annihilator
Lore: Tricksters by nature, they are not as durable and smaller than the others, these Hybrids prefer to toy with the enemy forces from a distance before finishing them off. Possessing “true cloaking” greater than that of Dark Templars, they rarely step directly into an engagement and instead use their psionics to play mind games. Unlike Destroyers who are much more open and confrontational in their spells, the Annhilator subvert the enemy by confusing their opponents through perfect, living, nearly undetectable copies of hallucinations, playing mind games, distorting the senses, turning allies against each other by implanting paranoia and crippling high value targets with spells before they know what happened. Few realize what caused the destruction of their groups before an Annihilator shows themselves and finish off whoever that is still standing. They are perfect infiltrators to soften up the resistance. Conventional detectors do not work against this foe.
350 Shields 200 Health 550 energy
Movespeed 2.75, 2 shields 2 armor
Psi Blast (Ground and Air): Range 7 25 damage
True Cloak: Completely undetectable by conventional detectors. Only the most advance detectors can spot this creature.
Nightmare: Energy dependent on the creature summoned, the unit summoned has the exact stats as the replica.
Prism: 100 energy, in a 2 radius, all units hit by this spell will be locked inside a prism for 100 energy for 7 seconds. During this time, the hybrid can cast any spell inside the prism.
Eruption: A pillar of energy in a 2 radius erupts from the ground dealing massive damage to anything inside
Convert: 75 energy, stealthily turns an enemy against its allies, the subverted unit is buffed for 20% of its stats and is invulnerable for 2 seconds.
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Well crap, I had hoped that we didn't delete everything, but it seems I did.
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Well crap, I had hoped that we didn't delete everything, but it seems I did.

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