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09/02/2012 10:17 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
immune to Psionics.

While I don't wholly agree to such things as utter invulnerably... I just don't agree, I don't know where I was going with that...
Though that does (or should) only make them immune to mind-reading and other such direct psionic abilities. This does not make them impervious to foreign attacks, such as a psionic blast and a weapon.
There are bandits on Loria, but that's about it. And are you people gonna post yours, or critique mine for however many threads this runs to?
09/02/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Zarkun

I just cried a little.

Corruption reaches all aspects of life, my dear child. Especially when there is politics involved.
*Underworld Angel fires a bullet, it bounces off the god like armor and kills himself*
I had to.

Thanks to you I have to scrap every idea and start completely over. I need to come up with something that will even stand a chance against them, and in doing so makes them better than the UED and Dominion. And Protoss.
"Yeah, maybe they should have, at most, a 50% resistance to Psionic attacks. No, Crymson, stick with it. I am."
I have none to post as I do not concern myself with making an entire culture or sub-race.

I stick with the smaller individuals that can do more or less depending on how I feel and how the DM feels.
09/02/2012 10:25 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Yeah, maybe they should have, at most, a 50% resistance to Psionic attacks. No, Crymson, stick with it. I am."
Fine, but just because I'm going to have my gunships and something else which the Lorian wouldn't think of because they are rich snobs.
If you want, you can soon take over the Battlecruiser. The Principality will be called away soon, for reasons yet to be known.
Also, I want to hurry up and finish with the Kerrigan de-infestation part of the story so I can get into some heavy material I have planned.
Total immunity to psionics? Hybrids would like a word with you, a serious word with you. I could post a hybrid faction I am working on as a 4th race. Still need to iron out the kinks.
Oh, you read that series too :D

But I agree. Jester posted a creative faction that I found interesting, and it didn't involve Death Stars XD
We aren't snobs, and I already have gunships. And I went full spectrum because this is just meant for FUN! Stop thinking so seriously, geez. And Death Star was instant planet death. End Game takes time to reach the core.
Garblad’s Brood

Snake: Baby
Description: A foot long Hydralisk looking creature.
Abilities: Morph: Allows it to morph into a different
Classification: Biological, Armored

Hydraling: Cannon Fodder
Description: A Zergling who’s head is that of a small Hydralisk. They also have a Hydralisk tail.
Weapon: Their normal claws and the ability to fire a 15mm spine.
Abilities: Burrow
Classification: Biological, Light

Cobra: Infiltration Specialist
Description: A small snake creature. It holds extremely large extremely large fangs. It has small flap of Carapace it is able to stretch out to give a larger more intimidating appearance. They are roughly 5 feet long.
Abilities: Camouflage: Allows the Cobra to blend in with his surroundings. Not as effective as cloaking. Passive
Burrow: Allows the Cobra to burrow under the ground.
Classification: Biological, Light

Hydralisk: Main Force
Description: Run of the mill Hydralisk. Just larger, and faster.
Weapons: Their sickle claws and their spines.
Abilities: Burrow: Hydralisk burrows under the ground.
Switch to Shatter/Piercing Spine: Allows the Hydralisk to switch to using a Shatter Spine, which versus light can deal massive damage. Also allows small AoE damage. Changes back to normal armor piercing spine.
Classification: Biological, Armored

Watcher: Aerial Detection
Description: A small flying creature. Looks like a winged snake. 3 feet long with a 7 foot wing span.
Weapons: Fangs can attack air and ground with this melee attack.
Abilities: Detector: Allows the Watcher to see cloaked, burrowed and camouflaged units.
Classification: Biological, Light

Infected: Respecting Servant
Description: Pretty much like an Infested Marine, but one hand has been morphed into a mouth. Has grown a tail. And the other hand is basically a sickle.
Weapons: Spine, Sickle Claw
Abilities: Burrow: Allows the Infected to burrow under the ground.
Suicide: Allows the Infected to explode into a mass of metal, blood, body parts, and acid.
Classification: Biological, Light

Lurker: The Burrowing Attacker.
Description: A Lurker like seen in SCII Map Editor and Cortex.
Weapons: Subterranean Spikes, Spines, and a Head Spike.
Abilities: Burrow: Allows the Lurker to burrow under the ground.
Classification: Biological Armored

Anaconda: The Giant Brute
Description: A giant armless Hydralisk. About 8 meters in length.
Weapons: Fangs, and its entire body.
Abilities: Burrows: Allows the Anaconda to burrow under the ground.
Classification: Massive, Armored, Biological

Swarm Host: The Sieger
Description: Exactly what they look like in the Battle Reports for HotS.
Abilities: Burrow: Allows the Swarm Host to burrow under the ground.
Spawn Locust: Allows the Swarm Host to spawn Locusts while burrowed. Passive.

Rattler: The Spellcaster
Description: A long slender snake with a rattle at the end of its tail.
Abilities: Neural Worm: Allows the Rattler to spit a parasite at an enemy that finds its way into the opponents mind. Then allows the Rattler to control it.
Rattle: The Rattler shakes its rattle and causes enemies to go into a state of shock that weakens them for several seconds and gives allies a boost of inspiration making them attack faster and stronger.
Spawn Infected: Allows the Rattler to spit an Infected out.

The Hydra: Character/Leader, Prince of the Hydralisks.
Description: A giant (Roughly 8.9 meters tall) three headed Hydralisk. It has many egg sacks on its back. It has 3 pairs of sickle arms and 4 large wings on its back.
Weapons: Three foot spines. Sickle Claws. Acid Spit.
Abilities: Switch to Shatter/Piercing Spine: Allows the Hydra to swap to the Shatter Spine or Piercing Spine.
Burrow: Allows the Hydra to burrow underground.
Burrow Move: Allows the Hydra to move while it is burrowed. Passive.
Glide: Allows the Hydra to glide from one place to another.
Spawn Locust: Allows the Hydra to spawn locusts from its egg sacks
Classification: Biological, Armored, Psionic, Massive, Heroic

Insida: Character/Leader, Queen of the Hydralisks
Description: A Queen with the head, arms, modified tail, and lack of legs of a Hydralisk.
Weapons: Sickle Claws and Spines.
Abilities: Spawn Snakes: Insidia spits egg sacks filled with snakes on to the Hive.
Transfusion: Insidia spits a healing salve on another friendly biological.
Neural Worm: Insidia spits a parasite at an enemy that finds a way into its mind. Allows Insidia to control the enemy.
Burrow: Insidia Burrows under the ground.
Burrow Move: Insidia moves while burrowed. Passive.
Spawn Infected: Allows Insidia to spawn Infected.
Classification: Biological, Armored, Psionic, Heroic

Garblad: Character/Leader, the King of Hydralisks
Description: A 7 meter tall Hydralisk with wings and four Sickle arms.
Weapons: Spine, Sickle Claws.
Abilities: Transfusion: Spits a salve that heals a friendly biological.
Neural Worm: Allows Garblad to spit a parasite on an enemy that finds its way into its mind. Allowing Garblad to control it.
Glide: Allows Garblad to glide from one place to another.
Burrow: Allows Garblad to burrow under the ground.
Burrow Move: Allows Garblad to move while burrowed.
Switch to Shatter/Piercing Spine: Allows Garblad to swap to either his Shatter Spine, or his Piercing Spine.
Spawn Infected: Allows Garblad to spawn an Infected.
All Hybrids are considered extremely dangerous by any factions. While Hybrids can be found in different forms, they are all powerful and they all share some characteristics. These are not limited to Consume DNA, Mind Control, Immunity to many things amongst other things. However, they are not immortal. Their numbers are few thus far. Most importantly, they can die even though the cost is great.

Unit: Tyrant
Lore: Something has awakened and its sinister nature was felt by all psionics in the sector before it quickly disappeared. Investigations by other factions at the point of origin found nothing but a very large unnatural crater on some fringe planet. No other important information was discovered on the planet. The only logical conclusion was that "some massive entity has awakened." Thus far, the being in question has simply been given the name "Tyrant".
Sighting: Unknown

Unit: Desecrator
Lore: The hybrids are powerful beings that crackle with immense energy but these monstrosities are on a whole different level. From the various reports, they bend the space time fabric around them with their mere presence, twisting and distorting reality at its whim. Unconfirmed reports states that it can phase itself, as conventional weapons completely does nothing to it. The only way to damage and kill such creatures so far is through psionic energy. Only the most powerful psionics can hope to damage a Desecrator and it takes a well coordinated group to kill one with heavy losses.
Sightings: Extremely Rare

Unit: Obliterator
Lore: Protoss observers received footage of one in battle and it strikes fear to even the most seasoned Protoss defenders for the Hybrid Reaver pales in size compared to the Obliterator. How such a creature come into being without anyone knowing is anyone's guess. As its name suggest, these giants by themselves can easily obliterate a fortified base with little to no effort as it did to a fortified Protoss encampment. These creatures do not have shields but they are extremely robust, durable and powerful siege weapons. It does bleed so massive amounts of firepower could bring one down to its knees but its abilities are still largely unknown.
Sightings: Extremely Rare, only one has been recorded in battle.

Unit: Vanquisher
Lore: After communication was lost with a small fleet near Aiur, the Hierarchy feared for the worst and sent numerous scouts to probe the area and discover what took the fleet out. They found incomplete parts the commander's video logs amongst the space rubble. When the Protoss leaders watched the fuzzy chopy video, they discovered that a single unknown capital ship took out the small fleet.

Given the name Vanquisher, the Protoss deduced that they are hybrid ships as no other factions have a ship that looked like it. It appear to be synthetic in nature and its weapons and shield systems were far more advance than anything they seen. If the image was clearer and the other parts of the video logs were found, a more complete analysis will be concluded. Until then, more research was needed in order to outfit their ships to combat this threat in the future.

However, it does raise a question. How were the Hybrids able to build such an advance ship in such a short time? As far as the Protoss could tell, the Hybrids needed help to acquire materials and all signs, including the incident at Castanar, pointed at the Dominion helping the Hybrids. Something is amiss inside the Dominion as the Dominion has yet to utilize any of the technology. An invisible hand is playing the Terrans...
Sightings: Extremely Rare
I will leave this list below, more units some other time. Until then, cry OP.

Disintegrater (not a word, it is now)
Don't forget Reaver and Destroyer.
It's sort of redundant to include them since anyone can look it up. I'm trying to make each unit unique but when you are a really OP OP OP unit to begin with, it's a bit hard. But that's what makes it fun. Who knows if Blizzard actually implements one of them?
Nerfed to hell and back...
I like your ideas smylez :D

I think the only reason we complained to Zarkun is because he would be actively using them in most RPs he's in XD
"Mine was balanced, right?"
Looks fine to me. On the other hand, trying to create 5 more types of Hybrids is quite the challenge but it will be done!

I'll probably put ingame stats to see how they work out. Most likely the stats will be ridiculous but rest easy, they won't be showing up in a RP near you anytime soon.
If they show up, I'll just use End Game to destroy their planet.

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