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Sorry the Lorians
*Shrugs.* They get nerfed appropriately per RP.
Here is my custom race. I do NOT own the Xelnaga(blizzard), Valtaxan(bluevulpine.net), Kitsune(Ancient Japanese).

Before the rise of the Protoss or the birth of the Zerg there were four great races. These races were the Xel-naga, the Elerian, the Kitsune, and the Val-Traxan. (Note i did NOT come up with the val-traxan, xel-naga or the kitsune i did however come up with the elerian race with some insperation from the val-traxan and kitsune. The Val-Traxans belong to the person who made the web novel Terra Fabula.) Three of these races lived relativly close together and once they reached the stars and met each other, they began to trade and cooperate. Peace reigned but they were not stupid they knew there would be other spacefaring races, others that meant harm. So they made great fleets to combat hostile races that could not be swayed diplomatically. Their most prized was the lengwI', a Shal class World Ship. Although it did not launch until shortly before the destruction of their world which was known as joHqo', which tanslates to Erini. An unknown race attacked the Elerians in a ship far more powerful than anything they had. Unknown to the Elerians this was a Xelnaga ship commanded by an evil being. The Elerians fought with everything they had but in the end they were defeated and forced to retreat or be wiped out. With their fleet in ruins and the lengwI' severly damaged all they could do was drift through the void and repair what damage they could. One Elerian freely took the responsibility and dishonor of their loss solely on her shoulders, her name was Kit Eler. She vowed not to return to her people until she has found that ship and can bring it back with her. That was many galaxies and many thousands of year ago. Kit can never go home not truely for her home was destroyed, gone with the solar wind.

Ok thats the backstory for elerians now for a description of what they look like.
All land based Elerians are humanoid. There are no naturally 'avian' Elerians but there are aquatic Elerians. Aquatic Elerians tend towards being more animalistic in form. Elerians have a primary look on land; human like face, elven ears, normal hair (various colors or patterns might be the same as animals fur), covered in fur or scales (patterns vary depending on animal), various animal tails, tending more towards mammalian than reptilian. An example of this is a tiger Elerian with a tiger tail, tiger 'print' fur, fur covered but otherwise human face, black or black&orange crewcut hair, semi-paw like hands and feet (depends on mood of the elerian and ranges from digigrade/full paws to completely humanoid hands/feet), fur covered elven ears, and....you can figure out what goes here. Lastly all Elerians have various elemental 'affinities'. Most Elerians only have one or two affinities and the more affinities the rarer it is to find an elerian with that number. The rarest Elerian has all the affinities and only one of these remains. the elemental affinities are as follows: light, dark, life, death, earth, nature, fire, water, ice.
Aquila et Umbram

Terran Organization


Ursus- The Ursus is the Organizations primary infantry, their cells combined with that of an Ultralisks to improve their strength and endurance. However, if they inject too much of the hormone, they mutate into something no longer human. They wear the MAESTUS MK I shielded armor, making them extra tough to kill when combined with their improved genetics. They carry the Hellfire shotgun into battle, firing explosive rounds and toting an under slung rail gun that creates its spikes from the ammunition of the shotgun. Don’t underestimate these soldiers.



Ravager: High-altitude, long range weapon of destruction, they are often deployed when something is needed to be utterly destroyed. Armed with a massive 180mm cannon, a medium Sonic-Pulse system, and a gatling-laser system, these vehicles can level bases out of the range of most defenses.

Starting all over with this, could take a very, very long time.
I can help you if you can give me some backstory for this organization.
Okay, let me look at my handy dandy records to see if I actually did save it this time.
What'll you know? The a new file saved over it?
The Aquila Umbram was an Organization first founded by a select few during the creation of the Dominion after the Confederacy’s fall on Tarsonis to the Zerg. They had believed in Humanity and believed that they deserved more than they had at that time. They believed it was their mission to be Humanities hands.

Many different projects that benefitted the military or the lives of Civilians were most likely privately funded by this organization; no one knows where they get the credits from. But one day they just end up with enough to continue the project.

They were powerful; they had the credits to fund almost anything project or private army, and that were what they did. They did research in many different fields, from medicinal, to military purposes. Their latest project was known as, “Project: Uroboros,” the ability to recreate the perfect soldier, the perfect operative from a dead body that they found. Where there was life, there is always and end, but where there is an end, there is new life waiting.

The project succeeded, but it was a failure. The operative escaped from the station where they were conducting the experiments. The station exploded after the operative escaped. Most of the research data on the operative was gone forever. They couldn’t replicate the delicate work ever again, but they managed to recreate some of the data on lab rats.

A coup happened shortly after; a woman had taken power of Aquila et Umbra. She is ruthless and will stop at nothing to succeed, failure is not an option. But she also has a caring side, so she was dubbed as “The Mother.” The first thing she did was to genetically modify the existing private army.

If there is one thing that Aquila et Umbram has, that's money and technology. Their lead scientists constantly try to come up with new solutions in their medical facilitates...and armaments, as well as Genetically altering their troops.
I'm assuming Mengsk has a hand in this so why he has never utilized that sort of technology is beyond me although I guess you'd need testing first.

What I am giving you is mostly vague but they are ideas. They have state of the art facilities, a lot of money, and experimental alien technology (I assume) so you can work on a large number of things:

Genetically altered soldiers/monsters
-Gestalt Zero type soldiers
-A specific strain of HEV virus isolated to only enhance the user in some way (should be some drawback to the usage of the virus)
-A devolved form of a hybrid that can be controlled with the necessary equipment

-A lightweight walker (Goliath type) outfitted with particle beams
-Some sort of robot that can dominate/influence units in battle and enhance their abilities in some way

-A firebat unit that fires streams of superheated plasma and has an absurdly powerful shield/armor but slow.
*Consider engineers, snipers, demolitions, commandos, technicians, a recon unit.

-Reversed engineered Protoss Shields of some sort
-A thought bomb
-Some sort of gas for military/civilian use derived from a Zerg organism.

10/31/2012 06:28 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
They couldn’t replicate the delicate work ever again.

Should have some data to create an imperfect replica either way and probably will be mass produced. Possible unit here.
Hmm, thanks for the suggestions. And of course there would be some data. SO they would have to redo all of the experiments. So there would be imperfect scenarios. I will ponder on this while I'm at school tomorrow and hopefully I'll come up with some while I'm over there.
Well, I don't think its possible to make anymore Hybrid units even though I have some good names for them. Pity.
I hope to see more factions. This is rather fun. Morph, units and such for them would be awesome. And Disclaimers in the forums are unneeded.
i just wanted people to know and i dont know if i will make units as for now atleast kit is the only elerian currently anywhere near the Koprulu sector.
Well, at least you have this place to keep a quick reference. And how does everyone so far like my own original unit that I came up with by myself?

The Terror Walker and Umbra Bodyguard.
something do with with the genetics

No offence but grammarnazi mode got activated should be 'something to do with the genetics'. Also they seem like nice units
Really? I thought I put a to in there...then again...I did edit that in this morning. Yep, I was still tired. Thank you though for pointing that out, because now I can fix it.
Your welcome
Edit:still got an extra with in that same sentence
Oh, well I heard them say "as well as," before.
Yes but "something to do with with the genetics" is VERY wrong
I'll take a stab at it. Unless you are Zerg, the gas cloud will affect everyone including allies.

The Terror Walker is a bipedal support vehicle used to suppress the enemy. Though it is armed with duel armor piercing particle cannons, it's most lethal form of weaponry is the X-0ZA nerve gas that is used for [insert here]. In addition, it can also dispense another gas canister called the R-Z10 to temporary induce allies into a frenzy and increase their combat abilities at the cost of their [side effect].
Damn...Looks like I need everything revised...

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