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Its not the part about it only hurting enemies but the grammar two withs right next to each other is just wrong
Ok, grammarnazis, while understood, aren't necessary. There's such a thing as too picky.
yes sorry *smack* ouch *rubbing cheek*
I'm serious about just shutting it down, I can't think of anything at all.
The point of this thread is to provide feedback and help others make their own factions, not complain about grammar.

*drops the MD device on smylez*
I just don't feel comfortable with this anymore, it's making me frustrated and I just feel like tearing my hair out.
Take a break and come back when you feel like it. In other news, no new hybrid unit.
In (more) other news, due in part by criticism and suggestions by OwlFeather, I have begun on a new race and a faction to go with it. He has spurred me on, and gets lotsa credit on this race.
ok here is mine :D

The Death Katz are basically the forces of all the cats in the univerese. They were created when A Xel Naga temple was restored to full power and after it sent a beam searching for the must suitable lifeform to enhance and "rebegin the cycle". Cats across the universe whre given full inteligence annd enhanced with Xel Naga tehnology. Combining the Protoss aspect of strength and the Zerg aspect of swarming they are stonger than anything in the known universe.

Mecha, this isn't even slightly funny. You might as well call them ThunderCats.
"I think I have unleashed a monstrosity when I switched this person's neurology to that of a cat obsessed lass. Oh dear."
Smylez, if I give your hybrids an Biological Obliterator, could you kill Mecha's faction?
Hybrids>ALL OF YOU.
Yes smylez you have changed me so I have taken a new course and now you shall be destroyed by your very own creation!!!!!! (Hybrids are dumb you all know that)
Mecha...I know that I should've said this a long time ago...but you're a subjugale mutum animal.
I disagree with that assumption, Smylez.
11/13/2012 04:09 PMPosted by Jester
I disagree with that assumption, Smylez.

Dark Voice.

I have the big bad on my side. You? A machine. Ok. Sure. GG NO RE.
You have an arrogant, self-assured fool who thinks he can play god because he messes with genetics.

Me? Artificial Black-holes, psionic-cancelling technology, and devices that can halt time.

GG my friend, GG.
11/13/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Jester
Me? Artificial Black-holes, psionic-cancelling technology, and devices that can halt time.

Protoss can do that all of that. Terran can do that can do most of that. Zerg can't do any of that but they make it up with their insane amount of units. And what happened to them?

They be dead.


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