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Protoss, time control: Only a few such instances have been shown, and I wouldn't say they were time control, maybe just artificial wormholes. Terran have only the Psi-cancelling. Neither make an Artificial Black Hole which is capable of compressing light to oblivion.
You obviously never played the secret mission. Terran can utilize the Chrono Rift device which slows down time although it is in prototype stage. They cannot utilize a black hole. Protoss have the oracle which can slow time and the original WOL Beta/Alpha mothership could slow time to a crawl and create a dark hole. But they need a mothership for that...

None of them can time travel which is something you apparently have that can be used at will. So if things don't go in your favor, go back to the past and try try again.
A 'Dark Hole' used by the Mothership is different than a Black Hole's Event Horizon (Singularity). The Chrono Rift tech is pretty much gone, except for maybe a burnt-out one that the Raiders have. The Mothership's 'Time Bomb' is easily explained as a case of manipulated gravity, or powerful telekinesis, rather than time.

Oracle doesn't have any time manipulating abilities.
You don't know if Chrono Rift devices are completely gone because it is highly likely there were other facilities doing the carrying similar experiments and Castaanar is not the only secret science facility.

Mothership Black Hole is pretty much the same thing as your singularity. I mean the singularity is part of the black hole which is the threshold for you are dead if you pass it.

Necessary quote:
"All Motherships hold a huge khaydarin crystal infused with enough psionic energy to distort the very fabric of time and space."

Black hole ability

Mothership (development):
Time Bomb: Time Bomb slows down enemy unit movement and attacks in the area of effect.
This ability had no effect on beam weapons such as those of the void ray or colossus. When the Time Bomb collapsed, failed ammunition fell to the ground.

Temporal Rift: Temporal rift slows all movement speed, attack speeds and ability cast times by two thirds.
-Both abilities can be explained with the us.battle.net link and quote provided.

The oracle creates a temporal field that slows all ground units’ movement speed within a 3.5 radius by 50%. This ability costs 75 energy to cast and has a range of 9.

Temporal has to do with time and it implies some sort of distortion with the space-time. The Protoss manipulate time in the sense of slowing down time.
And, again, these can all be explained by the manipulation of gravity, which is Vortex, and the use of Telekinesis.

Singularity is the Event Horizon, the Point-of-no-return. As in, nothing comes back out once they get in it. Vortex, stuff gets out.
You did not read what I just wrote did you?


11/13/2012 06:26 PMPosted by smylez
"All Motherships hold a huge khaydarin crystal infused with enough psionic energy to distort the very fabric of time and space."

11/13/2012 06:26 PMPosted by smylez
enough psionic energy to distort the very fabric of time and space."

11/13/2012 06:26 PMPosted by smylez
distort the very fabric of time and space."

Which explains Time Bomb, Temporal Rift, and Black hole ability in WoL alpha. Though those abilities are not in retail today for balance purposes, the mothership can do that in lore. So while gravity manipulation and etc., is a valid explanation, the official lore begs to differ. I'll give that explanation to the oracle.

Vortex is different from what I linked in the youtube video which is the Black Hole ability.
I read it. But most of it is not very specific.
Point is, the Protoss can manipulate space-time if provided a big enough power supply. There is my closing statement.
IF, being the big thing. And it is filled with the energy, but without anyone/thing to actively focus it, it is about as useful as using Oxygen to try to put out a fire.
Your argument is now grasping at straws. If I understand this right, your saying that the mothership can't aim accurately utilize its abilities? You do realize that they are the most advanced weapon of war the Protoss thus far has? Read the mothership short story. An understaffed crew within the mothership repelled an entire swarm of Zerg flyers on Aiur.

Now what were you trying to get at with that statement because it was not a comment on my previous post. So I'll ask you this, Do you agree that the Protoss can manipulate space-time?
I'm saying, without anything to 'aim' the abilities, using such a powerful crystal is going to be like playing with fire. An understaffed crew, most of which were focused warriors, who had extensive training in combat, and all of which were quick on their feet.

Speaking of the previous posts, we have been getting off-topic.

And I do find it ironic that their most advanced war machines were produced before the Brood War.
11/13/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Jester
And I do find it ironic that their most advanced war machines were produced before the Brood War.

Well, they were locked away for being genocidal weapons. Strange reason if you ask me but the early Protoss were rather...superstitious and spiritual. In addition, they were stubborn as hell during Brood War. The Conclave prioritize Tassadar's trial rather than dealing with the Zerg. So, they were unlikely to reuse their old machines. Still kind of an iffy reason.

11/13/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Jester
I'm saying, without anything to 'aim' the abilities, using such a powerful crystal is going to be like playing with fire. An understaffed crew, most of which were focused warriors, who had extensive training in combat, and all of which were quick on their feet.

No, it isn't going to be playing with fire. There would be some mechanism the Protoss utilize to direct the energy accumulated within the crystal to use Time Bomb and the like and direct it at a point with precision. In addition, I'd think most of the weapon systems onboard are automated.

Ok enough of this, I am finished with this conversation.
heres back story for my second race units will come in a bit.

The Mozan are similar to werewolves yet far different. They can shift from a humanoid form into a ‘feral’ form. Their humanoid form is that of a normal human (skin color varies) with the exception that they have wolf ears and a wolf tail (fur color varies). Their feral form is exactly as it sounds, full wolf (type of wolf/fur color varies). Mozan also have little to no psionic potential.
The Mozan evolved on a small world, roughly the size of Venus, which was covered in green and blue, located in a remote area on the far edge of Protoss space, from Dominion space. They have a tribal democracy for government and have colonized every world in their system but tend to distrust other races. They have had very limited contact with other races. They have technology that rivals the Protoss. Although Mozan society is deeply rooted in tradition they tend to be more innovative with their use of technology. Mozan are very loyal to their ‘packs’ which generally act in the same capacity as families. Packs can however take on many different forms, such an example is a squad or battalion might organize itself in the form of a pack with the highest ranking officer being the ‘alpha’.
Mozan Units (additions may appear over time)

Mozan Wolf: a Mozan that fights viciously in melee combat and usually in his/her wolf form also used as a scout. Medium weight armor is generally worn except when going on a scouting mission. Some Mozan Wolves learn to use ranged weapons but most train for years in various martial arts and other melee fighting techniques.
Mozan Trooper: Mozan that use specially designed S.A.P.D.* rifles and armor that can be used in either forms. Most troopers tend to also be sharpshooters. Some troopers use other ranged weapons such as rocket launchers and flamethrowers.
Mozan Infiltrator: specially trained for covert missions. They have advanced cloaking tech that can hide scent as well as visual form.
Mozan Elite: the strongest Mozan second only to the Alpha pair. They are sometimes referred to as the Mozan Betas. They wear special armor that is, although light in weight, extremely strong and impervious to any projectile weapons and most molecular disruption weapons. The armor can also shift between humanoid and feral forms with the Mozan wearing it. They wield special energy based weapons that can take various forms (claws, sword, rifle etc.) and usable in both of their forms.

Claw Craft Fighters: elegant fighters that can outperform many other fighters. They are armed with S.A.P.D. cannons and phase missiles. Small 1 person fighter equipped with engines capable of entering hyperspace. Also have shields and a cloak that can work simultaneously.
Arctic class corvette: elegant corvette tends to be painted white to match the arctic landscape. They are armed with S.A.P.D. cannons, phase missiles and an AOE phase cloak. Also are equipped with slipstream engines.
War Class Capital ship: elegant and about the same size as a Terran battlecruiser. They have S.A.P.D. cannons, Phase missiles, Magrail cold plasma chain guns and temporal schism drives.

Ultimate Units
The Hypathia (Alpha Class): the only cruiser of its class in the Mozan fleet. It serves as the Mozan Flag Ship. It is equipped with S.A.P.D. cannons, phase missiles, Magrail Plasma Chain Guns, temporal schism drives and omicron particle shields.
The Alpha: the strongest and smartest Mozan. Usually male but always has a mate. The Alpha leads until either challenged and beaten or too old to lead effectively. He leads the entire race with help from advisors and Mozan Elders.
*S.A.P.D. – Sub Atomic Particle Disruptor
Lacerta's & Candor's

After LICENTIA had broken away from her creators, she had fled, trying to get as far away from them as possible. She wandered the universe for several years, in a low-power hibernation mode for several years. During her sleep, she was sucked into a Micro-Dyson Sphere made by the Xel'naga, and nearly crashed before her systems woke her up and corrected the path. Stuck in a world with no way out, she begun to explore the planet, scanning everywhere for something, anything, within her new prison. That is when she discovered something strange: A race of lizard-like creatures called the Lacerta, and a race of bird-like creatures call the Candor, all stored there by the Xel’naga to re-populate and, after a certain time, they would be sent back to their homeworlds.

They looked upon the floating machine in terror, thinking that something had come to kill them. A select few were braver then the others, and approached LICENTIA, attempting to speak to her, but none knew how. As they realized their folly, she abducted one of each race to study, and attempted to fuse it with machine parts, creating something that she understood and that the creatures could speak to: a Husk, part machine and part organic, mostly machine. She brought these Husks back, and the Husks began interpreting what had happened to it in a way the others understood: A Goddess had come, and bestowed her gifts upon them to become her speaker. Thus, as the Husks began to spread their word to the rest of the race, LICENTIA became a Goddess, with both the Candor and the Lacerta wanting to be closer to their Goddess, but they knew only a certain few would receive the gift. They began to develop, with the help of the Husks, weapons that the Goddess would use in her holy Crusade. Along with this, LICENTIA managed to gain control of the systems in the Micro-Dyson sphere, opening the way out of the sphere, and disrupting the repopulation cycle that the Xel’naga had made for them.


: Lacerta Husk armed with a Charger thermal pistol and a superheated blade, these units are the basic frontline troops, built to engage enemy infantry with extreme efficiency. In order to close the distance so they can be on the better playing field, Exanimises can overcharge their hydraulics, allowing them to leap distances. Their landing causes a small shockwave, knocking infantry around.

Gartalus: Lacerta Husk. Basic Anti-armor and anti-air troop, they are armed with a ‘Javelin’ Thermal Cannon, which makes a mockery of vehicles. They can also project the thermal energy as a barrier, preventing bullets and shells from entering, but energy weapons can still get through. They are a bit slower due to heavy equipment.

Arith: Lacerta Husk. These troops fulfill the role of Shock Troopers. Armed with a powerful 'Favador' heavy gatling system, these troops can lay waste to enemy infantry and structures. To make matters worse for enemies, they can teleport from one spot to another, and they can flip tanks over in melee.

Vehicle, Ground

: Fast scout, and armed with a 'Triad' Thermal Shotgun, these vehicles are the eyes and ears. They can divert power to a cloaking generator, slowing them down but making them invisible, or can put it into thrusters, making them faster but easier to notice.

Jairent: Basic Tank, these vehicles are cheap and easy to make, but weak. Armed with a 'Pounder' Rocket system, the rockets are weak, but the more of them there are on the field, the more hectic things get for enemy armor columns.


: Fast-strike Anti-aircraft interceptor, these automated drones use a Sunburst Missile System, with the rockets exploding into a massive burst of thermal energy, causing AoE. They are quick and fragile; however, they can use a Gravity Control unit to send rockets back to their senders. They can only send one back at a time.

Tuladir: Anti-ground aircraft armed with twin Thermal Blasters to engage hostile infantry, and explosive missiles to attack vehicular ground targets. They can let loose fast bursts of energy to dodge missiles, but some of them still hit. They can disrupt cloaking with a heat burst.


Lumertia: An interpretation of their Goddess, put into the form of a massive engine of war. It resembles a massive 4 legged spider armed for war. On it's cephalothorax it has two double-barreled Thermal Cannons, four 'Sunbursts', and Gatling Cannons mounted all over its chassis to engage close targets. Also within the cephalothorax, there life pods made dedicated for deploying and producing biological parasites also found in the sphere, as well as two factories for manufacturing Batail Drones. They also are outfitted with a powerful EM-Cannon in order to cripple fleeing vehicles and disabling defenses. What makes this different from any other unit is that it can deploy an 'Egg', which can be promptly built into a variety of different vehicles.
Morph, please refrain from double posts.
sorry but that was on purpose zarkun and im still working out the backstory and units for the mozan. i did that for space just in case i need it but if i post another one i wont double.
It won't be needed with a then thousand word limit. I could probably add the Lorians' back story if I wanted to, and they're one of the longest posts in here.
11/19/2012 09:02 AMPosted by Zarkun
It won't be needed with a then thousand word limit.

Damn fingers. I meant ten

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