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ok i didnt know what the limit was so *logs the limit in brain*
The Archons of Steel

Back-story: Rising from the ashes of the Infebel Wars (ask me later for details if you wish). The infamous "Korozain" grew out of his shell of darkness and revived the dying Guardians. He kept their technology but integrated his own Frost based tech. Founded Icesteel, (actually formed from a special form of ice and titanium steel is used as the core of the material (like the center of a round would be steel and the rest is the Titanium-Ice compound) The intentions of this people are to protect the weak and good. And purify the unholy and evil.

Unit Sects
Archon - Leaders and psionic masters
Archangel - Warriors of the Brotherhood
Tempest - Armor and Air division
Soul - The Dark side of the Archons of Steel

Archangel Berserker - Wielding two blades(or a long blade an energy-shield), an Icesteel frame powered by psi energy, and signfigant health and endrance. These warriors are the bulk of the Archangel sect. Plentiful, and powerful.

Archangel Hailstormer - A fragile, but powerful ranged unit. Capable of taking out important key targets in one shot, or in great numbers, able to decimate entire armies.

Archangel Purger - Berserkers who want to use a ranged weapon, but also be on the front-lines. These troopers utilize Phase Technology and create projectiles capable of completely warping or flat out destroying nearly any material

Outcast Soul Reaper - Archangel's who have branched off from the direct link with the Primarch and keep to themselves. They are not Exiled, instead they are revered for their dark ways, but most do not choose this path because their loyalty would stay with the Soul Primarch. These units are masters of stealth and sheer power. They are not to be underestimated and should be approached with caution, even with sensors present..


Archon Mage - An adept (human with high psionic potential) who has just stepped into the doorway of being an Archon. They are generally very powerful in offense, support, or illusion type "spells". They normally do not wear a lot of armor, but their minds are their main protection.

Archon Spirit - Formed from 3 Archon Magi who release their souls into a ritual circle and spend anywhere from a few seconds to hours colliding personalities and energies. The dominant will be the most present, but the other two will still reside and act as a conscience to the dominant soul. Spirits are not easily destroyed or disconnected from each-other.

Archon Soul Ripper - These Archons are either masters of Soul Energy (also known as Dark Energy) and will literaly destroy the minds of their opponents. They usually equip themselves with light blades or nothing at all. They have also been known to manipulate space (and on VERY few occasions time).

Archon Magistrate - Adepts who have reached the peak of psionic potential, and the mantle of leadership. They are either officers in the field or commanders in the back. Their mental shielding is as hard to break as their will, and that varies upon the person. Normally only a master of one kind of spells. (Illusion, Manipulation, Support, Offense[holds many branches], Soul, or [in very few cases] Purity.


Tempest Soul Strider - A basic ranged anti-personnel strider that will effectively take out infantry with high-speed projectiles that corrode light to medium armor and dissolves flesh. These units are capable of moving quickly and are used mainly for hit and run/guerrilla tactics. They can also (with the right pilot) phase enemies out of combat or teleport (distances range based on pilots abilities).

Tempest Guardian - Named after the factions predecessors the Guardians. These mechanical striders are 3 legged walkers that will unleash hell on any enemy through powerful shielding, armor, and strong Anti-Armor weaponry. It has close range an artillery capabilities. Piloted by any human with a knack for machines, this walker is a good example of human-machine symbiosis.

Tempest Sentinel - Robotic units that are used mainly for battlefield support. These units are capable of salvaging destroyed Tempest units and creating fortifications(which are very durable) and manipulating the battlefield to their favor. They aren't very strong with just their Proton Beam, but with a few ranged units, their Phase Bubble (a bubble that allows projectiles out but not in) can allow a 5-unit force to wreak unspeakable havoc.

Tempest Overwatcher - Colossal Tempest constructs. Outfitted with twin Cryo-Lances capable of decimated infantry and temporarily disabling vehicles. Their height can allow them to attack some air units, but its height also allows it to be vulnerable to Anti Air attacks. They aren't as durable as Guardians, but they can take a beating. Also equipped with high class sensor allowing them to detect cloaked/hiding enemies.

Tempest Revenant - Large destructive war-machines crafted from the remains of Tempest and old Guardian remains. They are expensive and hard to make. They make an Overwatcher look the size of a regular infantry unit. They are not used in the battlefield unless it is direly needed, they are used to protect colonies and high-value bases/cities. They are large four legged walkers, that are outfitted with a main Particle Cannon, that will destroy structures with one shot, and break down anything on the molecular level. They also have dual - phase cannons on each leg, and on the bottom they have a high rate of fire FS-X400 (Frost-Shot 400rnds/min.) It is also known to transport masses of people/units.

Tempest Sky-Guard - The basic flying unit of the Tempest. A fast aerial unit with twin Frost-Shot cannons that fire quickly, but have low power. A squadron of 5 can decimate a platoon of infantry in no time flat but have a hard time dealing with armor and some air units (especially fighters that are faster than it). Usually used for recon of planets.

Tempest Sky-Breaker - The Tempest Sky-Breaker is the fighter of the Tempest Airforce. It takes down other aircraft quickly and efficiently with its quad Ice-Ripper cannons and dual Proto-Missile pods. They aren't as fast as Sky-Guards but their heavy shielding allows them to last long in an aerial dogfight.

Tempest Soul Ripper - Also called the Soul Corvette (due to its role and size) is the first orbital warship of the Tempest force. It utilizes Antimatter-Frost Cores. They slow down anything it hits, while ripping them apart.

Tempest Haven Cruiser - A large ship based on combat support in space. It can put up a large shield, capable of covering a mid-sized fleet, can warp whole fleets into slip-space and freeze (or at least slow) ship processes. It's main weapon is a Pure Icesteel Soul Shard that projects "Soul" energy and is purified, adding even more damage.

Tempest Nexus - The Capital ships of the Tempest fleet. They carry 16 attack drones (about the size of fighters) piloted inside the ship. It's main weapons consist of 8 Icesteel Flak-Batteries, quad Particle Beams (front and back) 3 Frost-Shot Cannons on each side, 4 Large Proto Missile Pods, and a "Frozen Decimator" Laser system. (The effect of the Soul Ripper but much more unstable and more powerful).

Still a slight work-in-progress.
Structures being written.
The Shal'Miri.

A race of zerg-like creatures, however, they're friendly, have free will, and are generally more advanced in smaller numbers. They also lack assimilation traits and goals. Have rudimentary technology but rely almost entirely on Biological soldiers during combat. Prefer to live in peace and diplomatically with all, and are hesitant to go to war.

Foot Soldiers:

Clawger- A Zergling like creature, the scout of the Shal'Miri army. They're smaller, faster, and weaker than their Zerg counterparts, and also can be much more stealthy, able to burrow and move at nearly the same speed as on ground. A small portion of the Shal'Miri army, but an important unit nonetheless.

Zixlo- A large, generally slow creature, resembles a Tiger in many ways, and hunts for food using strong claws and stronger jaws. They're able to take a good bit of punishment, so don't expect to bring them down with a pistol. Make up a good portion of the Shal'Miri, and are generally their frontline defenders.

Wilquei- The "tanks" of the Shal'Miri, they're large, but have only huge, rock like clubs on the end of two of their two antennae for weapons. They can take a tank shell, and won't hesitate to do so. (Can be taken out with skillful shot to the exposed neck and eyes)

Andril- The Long-ranged specialist, armed with a natural ability to fire poisoned needle-like spines at the enemy, have long range, but are quite squishy. Their poison is nothing to scoff at, so make sure to clean up and disinfect any and all hits by them, because if the poison is untreated for a day, you're dead.

Hivnire- A large, elephant like creature with an extremely think exoskeleton. They're also much large than elephants, with similar tusks but much greater speed. Andrils often ride on top, using the Hivnire as a firing platform. This thing's extremely dangerous and hard to take down, but again, a well placed shot to the neck or eyes will do it in.

Air units:

Sintar- A smaller but faster version of the Mutalisk, used exclusively for light harassment and hit and run tactics. They're not going to do much damage, but give them time and they can decimate an army.

Qal'pi- A huge behemoth, houses swarms of Sintar. It's armed with large tentacles, and uses these to pull a victim in before crushing them with either it's huge, powerful jaws, or by smashing it against it's body.
Dac this somewhat reminds me of the Saeculum ......
12/06/2012 06:11 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Dac this somewhat reminds me of the Saeculum ......
It's a zerg-like race. Same with the Saeculum. They're going to sounds rather similar.
The Followers of Rak'nashal
The many races that walk the Galaxy all have darkness in their heart. Some more so than others. And these some have been corrupted by Rak'nashal, or more commonly called by those who have experienced it, the 'Demon' (hint hint). They have been spoken to, and deemed unworthy hosts, at least, this was before Zaros. Zaros was deemed a worthy host, but his heart was pure enough and his will was strong, he never joined the Followers. After Zaros no being was powerful enough to become the new host for Rak'nashal, except for the children he sired. He split his attention to all three, and would wait for them to become angry, but I digress. The Followers of Rak'nashal are equipped with powerful, demonic looking armor. They're the most chaotic beings ever (after the 'Demon' and the Changeling). They seek death and destruction to all that are not their own. They have powerful machines that are forces to be reckoned with. Most have Psionic capabilities, allowing them to cause many to tremble. Their numbers are a fair amount, but they are split up much.

Sphynx: The berserker of the Followers. They dual-wield sharp, powerful swords, capable of cutting straight through Neo-steel. Their armor his heavy, but they have jump-packs to allow them to charge straight at enemies. They have weak shields emitters and have no helmets.
Hydra Rifle: The standard infantry of the Followers. They hold powerful assault rifles that can pierce twice as much armor as standard Dominion Gauss Rifles. They also have grenades that will reduce lightly armored enemies (Ghosts, Reapers, Civilians, Militia) to nothing. They have moderate strength armor and weak shield generators.
Chaos Hunter: The assassins and snipers of the Followers. They wield high powered snipers that will rip straight through the armor of Marauders, tearing the person inside apart. Their armor is weak, and their shields just as much, but they have cloaking devices that not only keep them invisible to ones eyes, but also jams radars, keeping them unseen.
Juggernaut: The powerhouses of the Followers. These infantrymen have grenade launchers and machine guns to take down enemies. They have thick armor and moderate shielding that is resistant to explosives in order to protect them from themselves.
Warlord: A powerful Follower who is adept at using all the weapons. Warlords have cybernetic implants and powerful Psionics. Warlords have powerful armor and shields as well as sometimes jetpacks and/or cloaking devices. They primarily use rifles and swords but have also been seen to use machine guns and snipers. Their Psionics abilities are enough to make even the strongest Ghost fall to their will.

Minotaur: The most powerful Mech of the Followers. It has dual arm cannons that put Thors to shame. They have a turret on each shoulder that fires at anything and everything that isn't an ally. Their armor is strong and durable, able to barely withstand a strike from a Yamato Cannon. They have have moderately strong shielding.
Siren: These are the main Mechs of the Followers. They have turrets that rapidly fire lasers at the end of their arms and have small missile production facilities on their backs that also fire missiles. Their armor is moderate, for a Mech, and have weaker shield generators. Sirens also have guns that can fire Sonic waves to disorient biological opponents, disrupt communication, and mess with aircrafts. They also have a focused EMP cannon that will disable enemy machines for a period of time, but it can only effect one and has quite the cooldown.

Harpy: Armed with a Chaingun these ships transform between a ground mode, in which they can tear apart infantry, or an air mode, where they can defend themselves against aerial threats, and move faster. Their armor is fairly weak, but their shielding is slightly stronger.
Gargoyle: Medium sized jack-of-all trades ship. They are armed with missiles to deal with aerial threats and a chaingun to deal with ground bound threats. Their armor is moderate and their shielding about as strong.
Wyvern (Because Drake is too mainstream): Wyverns are the most powerful ships of the Followers. Armed with hundreds of plasma firing turrets, two frontal repeater cannons that can tear apart a Battlecruiser, and able to produce and dock Phoenixes to rip apart small ships. Their armor is more powerful than a Minotaurs, and their shielding almost as powerful. These are in short supply.
Phoenix: Small AI controlled Drones that are sent out to destroy smaller ships. They are spherical and seven feet in diameter. They are armed with a rapid fire laser gun that resembles an eye on one side and have armor about as powerful as a Marauders and weak shielding.

Vehicles(By this I mean wheeled vehicles)
Hellhound: Fast moving small two wheeled vehicles that can form the reconnaissance of the Followers. They have a flamethrower mounted on either side aiming forward and a sharp tipped front they can ram into enemies and toast them good. They have fairly weak armor and weak shielding.
Fiend: The siege engines of the Followers. These slow moving, eight wheeled vehicle has a massive artillery gun that can blow apart structures and grouped infantry squads. They have moderate armor and poor shielding.
The Converse Alliance:
Formed from the Lenessa/Zeratai Tribes, Converse Elite Forces, and Xenomorph Broods.

Lenessa Blademaster/Zeratai Swordsman
Lenessa Paladin/Zeratai Mage
Lenessa ShadowBlade/Zeratai Dark Priest
Aircraft (shared technology):
Plasma Fighter
Damactrus Fleet Carrier

Converse Elite Forces
Hellfire Scorcher
PsiHuman Operative
Assault Mech
Siege Walker
Shock Tank
Flame Wyrm
Mammoth Tank
Glaive-Class Storm Stinger
Tempest-Class Stormship
Gorgon-Class BattleShip
Spartan-Class Warcruiser
Galactica-Class Battlecruiser

Ground Strains:
Battle Commander
Aerial Strains:

I'll get the data for each unit up soon....
I have an announcement to make:

*I grab a lighter, and start to try to light it. I fail the first time, and the second time. The third time it lights, and I toss it into a large mess of oil on the ground. As the fire spreads, I clear my throat and speak again.*

The Vaxarus. *In the oil, a picture appears of silver-blue machines fighting against an army of Zerglings, then shifts to the tall and elegant Blade Trooper fighting a Zealot in hand-to-hand, then finally shifts to an Hertz assassinating a Marine in the shadows. The Hertz looks like a human, and its blade appears to be coming from its fore-arm.*

The Kalavaris. *In the oil, a image appears of the Converted assaulting the interior of a Terran Battlecruiser, dragging away several humans. It shifts to a Kalavaris Larval Queen impaling a Brutalisk, and several Ultralisk bodies lying nearby, all dead. The final image appears, where the ships of the Kalavaris and the ships of the Protoss engage one another, with the motherships of both factions engaging one another.*

The XEF. *An image appears, where a large human-like mech rips open a Immortal, and power-armored troops engage several Stalkers. A infantry team and a tank engages a massive number of Roaches, with several more mechs flying in the sky, their engines flaring as they attacked Mutalisks. The image shifts one final time, and the XEF flag waves over the broken carcass of a Thor, with several troops standing near, their arms up as if they were cheering.*

They. Are no more. *I toss a large amount of sheets into the air. To the observer, they were filled with words, data, images, anything that described the thing that it represented. The sheets of the Vaxarus Super-Platforms were easily visible in the mess, with almost three pages on data and equipment. All of them slowly drop into the fire, and one by one, they are consumed by the ravenous flame. It shifts its color, becoming black in mourning of the now removed races and factions.*

*I bow my head to the fire, and turn, walking away. As I walk into the shadows, the fire flares in intensity, reaching up toward the stars, before being snuffed out by the wind. Upon the ground, there was no evidence of the paper ever existing, and a thousand voices are heard, with many of them being mechanical voices. They all speak something different, and as the wind dies, so too does the voices.*
Watching the spectacle, I look at my own faction notes, debating on whether or not to follow his example. I'd saved them all to my computer, so their existence here was unneeded. "I believe what he meant to say, my fellow RPers, is that this has been the source of a massive flame war that started because everyone had to be better than everyone else. With that, I think I will do the same." I pull out a single match, lighting it and tossing it on the data files. The flame shifted images, from Lorian Grunts engaging marines and hydralisks to Sand Sharks tearing through the ranks of another brood to the Eques battling legions of Protoss warriors. One image stood out in them all, the three founders of these ideas standing united against the common foe that will continue to be found in SC. I bow my head and walk away as the image fades, one final explosion showing my factions in glorious combat before that too fades.
Dafaq? Why would you do that?
Because ever since I posted mine out of boredom it's become a competition of who's better. So, we're wiping their existence from this place.
Hybrid, the time has come. Everything we have created of other races, from the Roach's Imperium to the Eques to the Kalavaris, have become a cause of destruction, rage, and flame wars. Now, with this final step, zarkun and I have cut ourselves from them. From now on, I restrict myself to only the three major races in any SC lore RPs. The Zerg, the Protoss, and the Terran have their own places with me now, and the organizations I have made for them will be used, and I will not deviate from them.

*I disappear into the shadows, their cold embrace causing me to disappear as surely as any Dark Templar. Behind me, a High Templar wearing a special device on its head, controlling the flow of Void and Khala energies walks. Behind me, a female Terran in armor walks, her laser rifle humming in hand, the emblems of the UED adorning her armor. Behind me, a Zerg modified Zerg Queen waddles along, her upper body resembling a Terran, but the rest of her being Zerg, with several sacs on her back containing Mutated Larva.*
I could rant, but I won't. I'll respect your decisions even though I think it's misguided.
That means I have the most OP faction!

Yeah, until someone decides that your OP faction needs a wake-up call, and another Tassadar/Adun happens.
I'm the Hybrid faction. I have every reason to be OP.
I chuckle, a Spectre and a Ghost flanking me and a Marine with a plasma rifle behind me. A Dark Templar with a warp claymore and unique armor next to the spectre and an unnamed Zealot with a psi halberd and psi powered pistol. "You'll understand one day. All this," I beckon to the races, "must come to an end for peace to return." We fade into the shadows.
And, as such, you have every reason to eat !@#$ and be killed.

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