The Dark Wanderer

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Just a story that I'll be tinkering with. Suggestions are welcome, but this isn't a roleplay. Told from different views during different times, so the lore may be incomplete.

This is set before the Overmind's untimely destruction, but with SC2 flavor. How it SHOULD have been.

"Long before the Aeon of Strife, the Protoss were, more or less, wholly united on their homeworld of Aiur. They were "discovering" things cleverly places by the Ihan-rii, such as the Khaydarin crystals. Life was good, until the Ihan-rii pushed us too far. Details are vague, but this is what we know. The twin crystals Khalis, and Uraj were given to two tribes as an experiment. War and chaos erupted, and in the confusion, many Xel'Naga were killed. By the time the Ihan-rii had seen their error, it was far, far too late. The Ihan-rii left only their "hidden" treasures and a ship. That was when the Aeon of Strife began.

the Ihan-rii, however, had a great purpose for us. In order to reproduce, the Ihan-rii must merge two glorious, or in the case of the zerg, hideous, races. This is not an easy feat, as the two races must have certain traits. No one knows if they were successful or not.

Meanwhile, on the planet Zerus, the Zerg had been thriving with the same kind of assistance we were given. They went from parasitic worms to the dominant species on Zerus. In order to prevent failure in them, the Ihan-rii created the Overmind, the hideous brain to the Zerg swarm. However, the Overmind became bent on total domination of ALL things, and attacked the Ihnan-rii. A majority of them were slain by this cunning sneak attack.

And now, the present. the Zerg are attacking, we are attacking, the Terran have now joined the bloodshed... it has, from a higher point of view, all gone to utter chaos."

-Nad'Ar, High Protoss Commander


"Long before the Protoss became a threat, we were but minor pests. A powerful race came to us, and shared their power in exchange for their survival. That race was known as the Xel'Naga. However, our Overmind saw danger in them, and so, by a truly cunning plan worthy of only the Overmind, a majority of the Xel'Naga's population were killed, and we became what we are today.

The reproduction of the Xel'Naga is quite a difficult affair. Little is know, but two races are chosen to merge, and become the next generation of Xel'Naga. We are here to stop this, as the Xel'Naga are evil, horrid creature, much like the Protoss. The Protoss are one of the two chosen races. It is your duty to stop this.

As for the Terran, they are a young race. The Xel'Naga have been inactive for quite a while, or so we think... you see, the Terran may be the other chosen race. You have all seen how easily the Protoss and Terran united YOU be the judge, whether the Protoss and Terran are the keys to unlocking a new age of terror under the Xel'Naga, or whether the Overmind and his colleagues have been wrong all along."

-A Greater Queen named Na'Gaza teaching Lesser Queens and other intelligent Zerg


"The 'Toss and the Zerg were both created by the Xel'Naga. Why, you say? Well boys, the Xel'Naga don't exactly have "what it takes", if you get my meaning. Instead, they merge two species together to make the next generation. The 'Toss and the Zerg are those two. This doesn't happen naturally, of course. That'd be too easy. Instead, the Xel'Naga tinker with the species to make'm "compatible" or whatever.

So, in addition to the Zerg and Protoss killing us, we have a NEW reason to kill'em all! Lock and load, boys!

-Sargent Major Sir!, a Terran Commander

Na'Kirrah was a fearsome Protoss Zealot, defending Aiur to his dying breath! Na'Kirrah was also a young Protoss, having a daydream.
"High Queen" is the Broodmother.

09/04/2012 05:07 PMPosted by Vultureling
Told from different views during different times, so the lore is often intentionally incomplete

I don't think this will work out too well. But I'll reserve judgement until I see more. This multiple point of view feels jarring.
Thanks for the Queen tip. I'll make it Greater Queen to avoid lore conflictions. The lore should end up being accurate(ish), that was mostly a disclaimer.

Anyways, the important thing is: did you enjoy reading it?
As disjointed as it seems, yes. Although the Multi view induces a minor headache for me.
09/04/2012 05:39 PMPosted by Zarkun
As disjointed as it seems, yes. Although the Multi view induces a minor headache for me.

Don't worry, the story will merge soon enough.
It's that feeling of "I don't really know what to feel, but I'll take my chances and see what happens next."

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