Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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I turn on the hologram and see Hawk along with one of the Corporals.
I quickly salute the commander when he appears on the hologram. I stand at full attention facing him. Most of the other soldiers follow suit.
Spotting the Commander, I salute and lean against the wall behind me.
"Good afternoon men. What are you planning to do at this point in time?"
"Well, sir, I wanted to use the UGV to explore the tunnels. Instead of risking lives."
I remain at attention as I speak. "The initial scouting party that was to go into the tunnels was ambushed as soon as they entered. I cancel the mission since I could not afford to lose anymore soldiers. We are now planing to send a UVG into the tunnels in place of a soldier. It should prove to be more beneficial."
"That is a good plan. And at ease men."
I relax as do most of the other soldiers.

"So commander what is the word on those reinforcements."

Corporal Wells continues to work on reprogramming the drone so it will function optimally with the computer.
"Nearly there. Should only take a few more hours."
"Copy that. After they arrive I assume that the ranking officer among them will have further orders."
"What troops are we receiving? We need all the firepower we can get, but it seems we get ambushed at every turn if we're not fast enough."
"You almost done Wells?"
"Just about finishing the fine lines of the programing. About 5 more minutes." Wells continues to work.
I nod then turn to Hawk. "I imagine the commanders wife will be our new field officer."
"Probably, I never really did like being ranking officer. Mostly cause when the !@#$ hits fan your the one left holding the bag most the time."

I go over to the map and begin looking over know enemy locations.

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I made it back to the others. "!@#$ guys, I'm not feeling so well. I think that arrow was dipped in something."
Bayli sneezes, alerting anyone nearby that she was awake.
"Ow......What the hell......" She moans, and starts fumbling for the radio. Eventually, she gets the mic to her mouth.
{Hello?} She speaks into it, the pain easily noticed in her voice {Anyone on this line?}

Her roach walks over to her, and sits down.
Hearing Bayli, I smile before responding. {I'm still here Bayli. You feeling better then when your roach brought you in?}
All of a sudden the map zooms into one point. Two men were on their knees, their hands in bonds. A large native, easily bigger than Kofrin walks up to them. He held two War hammers and he smashes the heads of both men in. It zooms out and the holograph comes on.
"What the hell happened?"
I see the hologram and my jaw drops. "Sir, what the f*ck was that?!"

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