Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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My mind again has fogged over. I have a puzzled look on my face as I have no idea what is going on.

"Wait what is going on?"
"Don't worry about it...I might just get individual for you and one for Korzis." I looked at the sky, it was starting to get dark. "We should probably head back...don't want to get stuck out here at night."

I then turned around towards Hawk. "Nothing that concerns you...just some personal problems we had before."
I was still confused about what was happening.


I finish altering the minds of the soldiers that were near enough to Joan during the incidents. It left me a little drained of my energy but I should be fine. I know Joan would be able to tell what I did but I didn't care. It wasn't like there was to much she could do to me.
"Indeed. The natives stay underground or in fortresses at night, due to the movements of Shearheads. Let's get safe." Joan walks away.
I follow still unsure of what happened.
"Mam' did Flint do something?" I had a feeling that he did.
She waves her hand dismissively. "Sort of. In the end, it made little difference."
I wasn't sure what it was he wasn't wanting people to know but it was something. The other soldiers around seem to have had the same thing done to them.
She turns to face Hawke. "If you.don't mind having a subconscious unwillingness to repeat the information, I could tell you what the issue was, and where it stemmed from."
"So how's the food that the soldiers eat? I never did get a chance to try out their rations to see if they were good or not...." We had almost reached the fortress we taken when it started slowly blanket us in darkness. "First time down here...the nights sure are darker as black can be..."
In the night, one soldier activates floodlights in.all directions. In the distance, the ground shifts, a large shape forming a highly mobile hill.
Kofrin was on a guard duty.

I was sitting at the door of the fortress waiting for Joan and Cynthia to come back up.
I felt a slight disturbance in the ground but I ignored didn't seem to important. "I wonder what makes the springs healing properties the way they are..." I didn't know the truth because I wasn't there when it happened.
Out of the darkness, a huge swarm of tiny insects, in a globular formation, begin swooping in. Joan tackles Korzis and Cynthia, causing a near miss. "Freaking Shearheads."
I hear an intense buzzing outside, and glance out, seeing a swarm of insects. "Ah hell, why is it always insects." I fire off a ball of fire into them, scattering them, then slam the shutters on all the windows shut. {Joan, where'd these things come from? They weren't here last night.}
{Shearheads. You're so freaking stupid. Like my father, they get stronger at higher temperatures. They are only nocturnal because the high-pitched call of kukara birds can disrupt their group techniques. Some moron must have scared off the birds. Anyway, they are deadly fast, and their poison introduces high amounts of lactic acid into your system, tricking living beings into believing they have no energy and machines into shutting down. Hide.}
{Want me to close the front entrance, or maybe lower the temp around them?}
{Close everything and pray they don't find a way in.}
{Are you inside? I won't do it if you aren't.} I began freezing shut all the crevices, and even the fireplace. {If you aren't, I'd hurry.}
{Oh these fun things. They ain't that bad.} I laugh as soldiers run in fear from them.

I run towards the fortress trying to avoid the Sheerheads. Little blighters were well coordinated.
{Of course I am. Shut the gates.} {You do know that they can easily kill you, right?}

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