Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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"I have no idea. But, I believe you might end up having to fight him in the next fortress."
"And you guys don't even care that I can barely move? That arrow did more than rip some of my gut, I think it was coated in something."

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"It won't kill you. I have seen it at work before. You'll just be unfit for duty the next couple of days. Probably puking a lot too."
"That thing? Geez, like Speedy wasn't hard enough." I shake my head and pull out my flask, taking a swig. "Wells, we ready to go?"
"Yes sir." I steps away from the computer and grabs the controls for the UGV. He sends it towards the tunnel entrance and waits for further instruction.

I watch the image again. I scratch my beard and copy the file so I can continue to review it.

"And to think leviathans were the most feared thing at one point in time. This guy could probably smash one into the next galaxy. Though with all that mass he will not be very agile nor very fast. Don't get cornered and keep your distance. Those with jet packs use them."

"Commander do we have any information on the elites? I think the one that we killed mentioned this one. I think the name was Bruta."
I tap the side of my helmet and hook into the feed. "Go ahead Wells. Say something if you see something I miss."
"Alright." He move the UGV into the tunnels passing the dead natives progressing to the first fork in the path.
"Hook a right Wells. Left is darker."
"Copy that." He moves the robot to the right and continues through the tunnel. Various mineral deposits are clearly noticeable. Some ever show signs of recent harvesting.
"Hawk, pull up a feed for the UGV. You gotta see this. Well, see if you can enlarge on that mineral deposit on the right."
I head to the display and see the mineral deposits.
"Well we know where they are getting their resources."

"Its Wells sir. I'll try to move the UGV closer and see if the camera can zoom in on it." He shifts the vehicle to the right and zooms the camera in some on the mineral deposit.
"Sweet mother of...Hawk, that's a rich deposit!"
"So these people may be all hoped up on Jorium. Great that just makes this place all that much better. It might explain the elites though. The effects of jorium on the is more than likely has a different effect on them than it does humans. I wonder if Terrazine would mellow them out" Sarcasm was laced heavily in the last comment.

"Commander are you reading this?"
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IC: "Jorium...what a time for a serious lack of psionics..." I take another swig of my flask then look back at the feed. "Keep going Wells, I think we found a way to shut these guys down."
"Copy that." He photographs the deposit and proceeds onward.
"Jorium...Perhaps, but the elites seem to each be effected differently... The youngest of them, Hakrin has the ability to see forward in time. While Dirias has the ability of supreme speed. And Bruta must be strength...Perhaps."
Bayli tries to stand up, but starts falling. Her roach gets up and catches her, and starts moving toward the ruins. Bayli speaks back into the mic
{Shut it, Kayle. Lieutenant Hawk, orders?} Her roach enters the ruins, and sets her down by the wall. The soldiers look at her worryingly, but she doesn't pay any attention to them.
{If I can find my Energy Cannon and replace the battery, I should be able to provide firing support.} She says.
I shake my head. {No need, Bayli. Just a scouting mission right now.}
{Take it easy Bayli. We have not standing orders at this time. I recommend that you head towards the medical facilities to get those injuries taken care of.}

"Commander is there anyway we can get mortar support before we strike at the next fortress?"

OOC: Specifically what ruins. There is the wreck barracks the damaged keep and plenty of other wreck buildings.
OOC: She's in the Barracks ruins.

IC: {Yes sir. I'll try, but I really can't walk under my own power right now.} She replies, and her roach begins to carry her again, heading to the medical facilities using Bayli's memory.

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