Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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{You said heat makes them stronger, so I'm freezing everything.} I quickly pull in anyone else with a large, aimed tug of the wind and slam the doors shut, freezing them as well. {We're all here. I assume our new plan of engagement involves the tunnels?}
{You know I have been living here for five years right. This isn't my first encounter with them. It would take more than poison than this swarm has to kill me. Trust me.}
{The poison makes you sleepy. Then they swarm and eat every last piece of your body.} Joan grins. {No. The tunnels could collapse if we hit a support. Bunker down.}
I stop and think for a moment then shrug. {Didn't see any supports, but ok.} I decide to take the bed in the room I was in and lay down, closing my eyes and resting.
{I know, I've watched several natives die that way.Does the five years that I have spent on this accursed planet mean nothing to you?}

I sigh, I doubt she would listen to me anyway. It wasn't much a surprise either that she wouldn't.
{Yes, I understand you've been here for years. But this is different. Can you smell it? The Swarm Year. You haven't been in one- they occur every fifteen years. I was at the last one, and I gained intense respect for these things.} {Masonry lined the walls, right? The Fall Stone is one stone in a wall like this that, if moved, takes down the whole damned wall.}
{Ah yes. There is a different smell about them. I am surprised I didn't notice before.} I mutter to myself about I should have known better. I decide to remain quiet now and it was time for my daily meditation anyway. I grab a spot on the floor and start to meditate while also keeping barriers up to keep the insects off of me.
{That smell is pheromones. The females are unburrowing, and those are nasty things. You've noticed all of these were male, correct? How do female insects usually vary from males? Massive size and potent venom.}
No reply from Flint his heard over the comm. You can tell his mind is still active so he is not asleep not is he under attack.
{O-kaaaaaaaaaay. The females are scary, but geez.}
As if to prove Joan's point, a massive beetle like creature emerges from the ground, its breath-hole pulsing.
I sigh, my meditation may have to wait for now. There seems to be more things going on than what I would prefer when I did my meditation.

{Sorry Joan, It was time for my daily meditation. I doubt I will able to get it in with the nuisance that these Shearheads are causing. What do you want me to do?}
Like "shears", or scissors. Sheerhead just looks like "heavy head", which produces a comical image.

{Keep them out. All exits are being locked down.}
I maintained a low temperature throughout the fortress, making sure that the larger holes were filled to at least 2 feet thick. {Alright, you win. Didn't know about that.}
I could feel the ground shaking but I thought it was only outside. "We need to check every possible entrance point to make sure they can't get in."
Sorry bout the typos will edit.
{Get everyone near the center and . . . Oh, no.} The eastern courtyard begins to tremble.
I wake up and look towards the east. {Joan, what's going on?}
I started to feel the ground crumbling from under my feet. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" As soon as I moved the ground crumbled away and I was clinging onto the floor while pulling myself up.
A massive (8 feet high) female Shearhead bursts from the ground. Its body resembles that of an Earth beetle, its carapace a metallic black. Its head has massive, scissor like mandibles, dripping with venom. Its ring-shaped mouth twitches, and a fleshy "air hole" pulsates on its forehead.
As I pulled myself up, the last bit gave way and I started to scream during my plummet down into the dark abyss. Left there where my hand was, was a tomahawk and on it said 'For Korzis'.

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