Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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I scramble over. "CYNTHIA!" I see the tomahawk. I pick it up. My sadness turns into rage. And for the first time in years the demon as come back. "Let them come."
At the bottom of the plunge I hit the ground with a sickening crunch. I wasn't dead but I couldn't move either, most of the bones in my body were broken from such a fall and I was lucky to be alive. I was starting to pass out when I saw three people approaching me and they didn't seem like they were part of our group.
Joan loses it. "No . . ." Her eyes glow. "No . . ." The color changes to a wicked orange. She cries, just like her famous aunt. However, coupled with the cries are tortured screams of pain- the Essence of Pride working its power.
I then started to feel myself being picked up by two of the new comers and they started to carry me deeper into the cave system, the third one had a staff and had almost like a tribal look to him, he just followed the two that were carrying me.
Oh great this cannot be good. I run to where Joan was to make sure she was still alive.

I follow Joan's orders and head to the rally point.
I could feel the earth in the east courtyard give. F*ck! I sprint from the room, heading down to where it was, and find Korzis with a tomahawk. "What happened?"
As nature dictates, the increasing pain increases her crying intensity, which increases the pain from the Essence of Pride. However, like her aunt, her crying intensity dictates the distance at which things will disintegrate, as well as the speed they do so. "NOOO!" bits and pieces of masonry are knocked free.

The Shearhead sharply pulls in air through its air-hole.
I notice the large beetle like thing and draw my halberd. "Begone with you!" I leap up, running it through the only weakness I could see, the air-hole.
With the hole clogged, it bucks, tossing Kayle. To cool itself, it opens up its invulnerable shell, exposing its pink back.
I leap high in the air and throw the tomahawk at the fleshy pink back of the Shearhead. I land back down on it and pull the tomahawk out quickly and smash it into the skull in a crimson energy.
"Well, if you insist." I activate my jetpack and pull out my assault rifle, emptying three clips into its backside, watching the blood spout. {I think I know how to kill these things.}
A familiar old voice hits the comm channel. {Oh, look, you killed a little one. First Swarm Year. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pity.}
{Who would this be?} I land and retrieve my sword, pulling it out of the air-hole.
{Those are my nieces. Hint number one.}

Another female manages to smash a small hole in the wall, this one easily 25 feet in height.

Joan continues to bawl.
{Shadow?} I leap up again, instead using a concussive grenade to collapse the air hole on itself, then slashing apart it's pink belly. {Joan, Flint, somebody, help!}
I recognize the voice I wasn't sure who it was yet.
As I near Joan I feel my body starting to be torn apart. Damn I should have know better. Like Umbra her crying was releasing raw energy. I couldn't move now either.

{Kinda stuck in a situation right now.}

{Good to hear from you again Shadow.}
I smash the tomahawk into the face of another one. It smashed straight through its skull. I watch as Kofrin jumps on one and his pure weight broke it in half.
The exoskeletons redirect all incoming damage, making them invulnerable- basically, you punch it, it punches back at double force. The only way to kill one is to attack unarmored, fleshy areas.

{Nope. He's close to me. Say hi. *Hi.* See?}

Joan tries to get control, but the pain keeps her crying. "Sor-sorry!"
"Its ok Joan. I'll be fine I promise."

{Ah Umbra even longer time since I have heard from you.}
{Then it's gotta be Umbra. Mind helping Joan out? And then some one help me!} I flew through the air as a fairly large beetle flings me, crashing on a pile of rubble. "Ow..."

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