Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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{Thats kind of the thing Kayle. I am trying to help Joan. Unfortunately like her Aunt when she cries she releases copious amounts of raw energy. It has a tendency to tear things apart.}
{I'll do what I can, but I found out the hard way that I can't overwhelm Joan's persona. Don't quite know why.}

Joan slows her crying, but the vortex of energy shows little change."It huuuuuurts! So much!"

The bigger one widens the opening and tries to snag a bite.
I roll under the bite, hucking another grenade in it's air-hole, finally collapsing it. Landing on it's exposed belly, I hack and slash til it drops dead. "I'm annoyed." I drop the temperature more, freezing all the beetles in place then sealing the holes. I fall to one knee. {Court yard,} I pant for a moment, {Secure.}
"Just don't give up Joan."
My voice pipes in. {Get her near a comm. I have an idea.} {Brother, don't be stupid. You can't calm a girl down. That takes another girl.}

The energy vortex begins to shrink more. "Owwwwwwww! The pain! Someone stop the !@#$%^- paaaaaaaiin!"
I try to stand up, but that much ice took a lot of energy to do. {No good on my end. Can barely move after that.}
I sigh in relief as the vortex shrinks. I get closer to Joan as Shadow suggested.
{Alright Shadow go for it.}
{Joan. Guess who.} She blinks back her tears. "D-Dad?" {Yup, it's me, and I have to say I'm impressed. Guiding your soldiers like this, thinking quickly despite pressing circumstances, and all without using your gun. You've got talent.} The vortex shrinks rapidly, and her eyes return to their slate color. "Thanks. That means a lot." {Not just that. I've discussed it with your mother. You can join if this mission comes through successfully. All officers surviving, all cure being brought through.} She is ecstatic. "I will! This will go through without a hitch!" {Oh, and tell Flint to get his lazy rear to the Starport.}
{I hear ya boss.I'll be there shortly.} I start to head towards the starport.
{What do you need Shadow?}
{I will see you later, Flint. As for now, I wish not discuss my intent over open channels.}
I was still collapsed on a pile of rubble. {Can I get some help? I can't move.}
I was carried off into a underground village and everyone was looking at me. For they had no idea who I was and why I was doing down here crippled and pathetic looking.
I head over to Kayle and help him off of the rubble.
"Sorry kid would have been here sooner. Wait has anyone seen Cynthia?" I begin to look around for her while supporting Kayle.

I arrive at the starport appearing as Private Jenkins. I search for Shadow quite curious as to what he was wanting to talk to me about. I doubt the guise would fool him since he knows my psionic signature so well. I just didn't want to draw the attention of the others here at the starport.
A Poltergeist Armed Transport touches down, setting down myself, Umbra, and Captain Ginei. I walk over to the disguised Flint. "Let us find a place where no others could intrude. Do you know one?"
I look at Shadow.
"Please if it wasn't for the Shearheads I would have this entire planet to go to. But in the instance of the fact it is their swarm year I am limited. The citadel should have a few rooms I can secure fortunately."

I turn to Umbra.
"Umbra, I see you are doing well."

I start back to the fortress Leading the way to a room on the fourth floor of the citadel. No one went up there since there was really nothing there except a few rooms and studies.
Draconus if you want you can DM the natives that are living in the underground village where I'm at.

IC: I started to stir awake and I was in pain...I noticed that I was stripped from my armor and was in the natives clothing. A herbal paste was on my body along with leaves. "Where....where am I..."
One native, terracotta in skin tone and visibly aged, hobbles over with a Shearhead leg as a cane.

I lock the door, shutting out Umbra and Ginei. "Remember how I was a guinea pig for various chemicals? As it turns out, my blood toxicity has steadily increased. By the end of the month, if I do not correct this, my life will come to an end. I would like you to be regent for my daughter, so she may lay claim over Poltergeist. Would you, as a favor to an old friend? She doesn't know, and I'd like her not to." This last part is accompanied with me gesturing to a photo of Joan.
I saw the native and I tried to get up...but I was in to much pain and my bones were still shattered. "What...what's going on...why am I here...why are you helping me..."
"How would I do this? Also I ask why me?"
I morph into my normal form since we were in a secure area. I was very curious as to why he had chosen me. I was quite sure there were others that would be more suiting than I for this matter.
"You, human, have great authority. You may order all humans off our world, and away from our sacred places."

I stretch. "Flint, you are liked among Poltergeist, my daughter respects you, you are not my sister, and you have no allies among the Low Peoples. You are my best option. Just guide Joan. And if I do pass, tell her I have the time machine, and cannot return for an indefinite period. I shudder to think what she may do if she thinks me gone."

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