Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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I was afraid to tell the truth but I said it anyway. "I don't command any of the forces on the planet, I don't control a company and I don't control nothing...I have not authority over anyone.
I remain quiet and walk over to the window and look out into the sky.
"Ok Shadow. I will do what I can."

I think back on a few things. I wasn't there much when Joan was growing up and didn't have much interaction with her. Why she looked up to me I have no idea. As for Poltergeist I didn't know what most people thought of me nor did it really bother me.

"So now what?"
My eyes were still burning as I walk into the keep and smash a door off it's hinges straight through a window and is on the bed to reflect on what just happened. I lost my sister, my wife has started to lose her pride again. My father is probably dead. And my forces have only secured one fortress. "F*CK!" I smash my fist against the wall and a large chunk falls down, nearly crushing a few of the men.
Joan runs over to Korzis, admittedly with difficulty considering the pain she was in. "It's all okay. I'm as strong psionically as my Dad. She's okay. Scared and injured, but alive, functioning, and thinking."

I face Flint. "We do what is required. I wish I could always be there for Joan, but in my line of work, and with what I am, there's nothing I could do. When I told her about the old Academy team, she looked at you and Akia as inspiration. She has your old room keys, actually."

The old native looks at her. "We need you alive anyway- but now as a hostage. We cannot have your heathen people on sacred ground."
"That explains a few things maybe. Still I have no idea where she finds inspiration in an old man that is also a science experiment. My old room keys? To my room in the Academy or the base?"

I reach into my pack real quick and pull out a bottle of whiskey. It was unopened and had dust on the sides.
"I told you I would share this with you sometime. I meant have it when we defeated the Commune. It has managed to stay pretty fresh for the 40 some years I have been carrying it."
I open the bottle and pull two glasses out of my pack and fill them half way.
I grin. "Why not, my blood's more toxic than a little alcohol." I produce one of the metal goblets from my own stock, with the Poltergeist logo imprinted on the side. "She has your Academy key."
"Hmm. Not sure what she might find in there besides the impression on the bed from where I meditated. Maybe a few other protoss relics. Wait I did leave my PDA there. Maybe she found a few logs that I kept on it."
I pass the bottle and down one of the two glasses and return it to my pack.
My body was broken and there were bruises on me, the paste though was doing it's job and helping heal my broken body. "So...if I can't do anything you'll just use me to get your own way. Even if you have to keep me this right?"
I help Hawk look in my own way, feeling for her through the earth. I manage to find her, but in a...unusual place. {Korzis, I found your sister, but you may not believe where.}
"Joan. It's still my fault that she's gone. I am the commander and the role of the big brother."

I hear Kayle and say into the radio, {Where is she!}
{It....feels like an underground village, but, I'm not one hundred percent sure til I can rest some.}
I shrug. "Like it matters. I disabled the magnetic stabilizer, so it's ignoring gravity."

Joan slaps Korzis. "Get yourself together. You're not the only Commander in the field, and Captain Ginei landed a few hours ago."

The native nods. "Absolutely. We hate having humans ruin our world. We want your kind gone."
Wait what? Ignoring gravity?
I managed to pick myself up by an inch and I started to scream in pain...collapsing back on the bed like object. "As...long as I'm needed to keep your sacred land safe...that means I'm never leaving this place again."
He nods. "As you humans say, bingo."

Ununoctium actually rejects gravity, unless placed under an electric current. Crazy stuff. To asteroids made of ununoctium! XD
Oh the Academy or the Poltergeist base?
The Academy was on such an asteroid, so it could be disposed of once Shadow no longer needed it.
Ah ok.


"So then why does she have my old room key?" I ask as I take a drink from my other glass.
I shrug. "It's what I could give her of yours that was also technically mine to give." I drain my glass.
"Now you just grabbed my curiosity as to why she was wanting these things." I fill my glass again and take another drink.

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