Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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I smile. "You ever want the things your idols owned? Same principle."
I ponder on it some more. I was still puzzled as to why she looked up to me but I probably wasn't going to find out anytime soon.
"I am lucky she hasn't tried to talk my old Goliath out for a spin then. Then again it wouldn't be able to start for her."
I laugh. "I would love to see her try." I then look at my arms. The veins stood out black against my light skin. I pull my sleeves down.
I tried to release some psionic energy but I couldn't use them...almost like I never had them. I tried again but to no avail. "What did you do to me..."
He laughs. "Your mind-evils are blocked by that herb we rubbed into your silly human skin. Honestly, with skin that thin, you couldn't survive a snowfall!"
I entertain myself with the thought of her trying to pilot the bulking walker. I laugh inwardly and look at Shadows arm. I caught a glimpse of the veins before he pulled he sleeve down.

"Don't worry she won't find out from me."
I pour us both another glass finishing the bottle off. I raise my glass and then drain it completely.
I continued to struggle and I couldn't communicate with anyone...I then remembered that I have a small comm piece in my ear. "I guess you win...I wont be able to see my family ever again all because of your stupid springs that we need to use to survive...but making me a hostage will not help you at all." I hoped the message was sent out.
"Thank you. No one knows but you and I- Umbra would only try to put me in another body, and Jess would weep and start a eulogy writing committee." I sigh and drain the glass.

The native growls. "The humans will want you back. We have seen their behavior towards you."

Joan's voice comes in over the earpiece. {I heard ya. What do you want me to do?}
"I would tell you the secret will follow me to my grave but... Well you know what I am getting at." I sigh as I return my glass to my pack. Secrets were easy to keep if you could guard your mind from others.

{Is Cynthia in trouble?} I say after turning my transmitter back on?
I smiled back at the native. "It's not like it's going to be easy to find a village this deep underground anyway...since there is no way for me to get out you might as well tell me your plan?" The comm was set so anybody could hear the conversation if they were on the frequency.
{Joan I have a plan. I will meet you in the main hall where the shearheads first shown up.}

"Excuse me Shadow. I have a feeling my changeling powers might be needed now."
I exit the room and head to the main hall.
He spits at her. "Your kind are all the same. So smug. We will clear every trace of you off out land, starting with that atrocious metal tree near the town you constructed."

I nod. "I have to be going. There is something I must take care of."

Joan waves people down the hole, looking for the village. {Keep stalling. There's no acoustics down here.}
"Yeah well you ain't doing a good job so far..." I spat and I made sure it went into his eye.
I find Joan at the hole and leap down next to her. I had appeared as Private Jenkins for my own reasons.

Joan I know their tunnels well. I spent at least four years living among the natives. Mostly appear as one of their own but still. I know I can get to her just give me some time.

I take to a dark empty tunnel route and morph into a native. It was defiantly not the most comfortable form I have held but it was necessary for the time being. I start heading towards one of the villages that I knew of hoping it was the one she was at.
I walk to the hole. "I'm going in." I jump in. No thought was put to what could happen to me. I land softly and cloak. {I'll try to find something.}
He angrily wipes the spit out of his eye. "Your luck is incredible, human." He walks out, and the ceiling is slowly lowered, as their doors are constructed near the top of their buildings to keep out larval Shearheads.

{Got it.}
I enter the village hold the guise of the natives. I looked and acted like one. I scan through their minds as quickly as I could to see if any of them had seen a human being dragged here.
I had entered the city. Even though I was cloaked I stick to the shadows to make sure it is almost impossible to be detected.
The coast was clear. "It doesn't matter if you find me...someone is going to have to carry me back. Almost every bone is my body is shattered..."
Joan sounds a little broken. {You'll get through, thanks to my latest evolutionary bound. It'll suck, but you'll be fine.}

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