Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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I find Cynthia's mind. I remain calm and head towards the building where I felt it strongest.
I head towards the door and open it. I still have the form of a native as I look over Cynthia.
Cynthia. I am here to help you but you are going to have to trust me.
I looked at him. " that you?"
I walked into the same area as Cynthia. I checked the native's mind and found it was Flint. I decloak and walk over to her. "...Didn't you ever learn how to levitate?"
Joan approaches. "She can't. Her psionic powers are all gone, at least until she showers. Stand back." She pulls at her wrist, and a hollow claw extends outward. "This will pinch."
We don't have much time. Here take this. I hand her a small device. It is a personal cloaking device.

I carry you but this will make sure that you are not seen.
"I can't carry it though....I'm to weak. And it's not like it's going to matter Joan, my body is already hurting so I'm not going to be able to feel the pinch." My voice was dry and cracked.
I start to speak, My voice is deep and rough like most of the other natives.
"So than what is the plan?"
Joan sighs. "This." The long claw goes in, like a hypodermic needle. Cynthia's body repairs itself rapidly, and Joan's deteriorates at an identical rate.
I realized what was going on and I could use my hand again, in a flash I gripped the claw and was trying to yank it out to stop Joan but it wouldn't go out. "Don't do this...your going to injure yourself beyond recognition!"
She smiles. "Zerg DNA . . . Remember?" Cynthia is almost back to normal, and Joan coughs up a little blood. "Ow."
I still couldn't get it out. "Your doing more harm to don't have to put yourself through this and you will still need help while you recover..."
"Joan my regeneration is faster than yours. Maybe I should finish the process." I offer my hand out.
She falls over. "No . . . My mutation . . . My fault . . . Sorry . . ." The claw pops out.

One native with a topknot cranks the wheel to open the top.
I grab Joan. I notice the door opening. "Aw f*ck." I grip the tomahawk tightly and my Katana in the other hand.
I wasn't paying attention to the native. "Joan...Joan. What's going on! What mutation?!"
I turn to the other native still holding my guise tell it in the native language that I just brought these two join this one and that I had found them in the tunnels.
She coughs again. "This one. I can . . . I impair my own health . . . to save someone else's or . . . vice versa." Her claw retracts.
When I hear the last part and I place my arm out only a few inches over Joan. "Save yourself. Take my own health. Leave me behind and get out of here."

Kofrin trips and falls down the hole
Damn all of you stop. Kozis don't even think about being left behind. As long as I am alive all of you are going to live and trust me I am not easy to kill. Now when I get rid of this native Joan can sap my health if she needs to.

I continue to talk to the native trying to get it to leave.
She coughs. "Not . . . gonna happen. My claw . . . stays away."

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