Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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{If you need any help just let me know and I will get there as fast as I can.}
{You know, if you guys......You know what, nevermind. Not going to say it. Just tell me if we find Goldie or one of his family.}
Spotting the end of the tunnel in the feed, I say, "Hold up Wells, Don't want to go in just yet."
"Right turning it back around to check the other passages." He fiddles with the controls and move the robot back towards the first fork in the road.

{We will keep you informed Bayli.}
Joan sped to the fortress on the largest machine that the ionic storms hadn't ripped to pieces- an ancient Harley-Davidson, given as a gift from her father. Weapons were strapped to the bike's sides, and an old Squier bass guitar was strapped to her back. "Business as usual."
I step out side for fresh air. I hear the sound of a motorbike coming towards the camp. I head to the main gate and look out into the horizon. I see the bike tearing towards the fortress and the commanders wife riding it. Looks like she has arrived.

{Look sharp boys, Commanders wife is here. She is now ranking field officer.}
{Hawk, you know I don't care who's what rank, right?} I watch the feed as we reach the first fork. "Hook another right, into that passage that would be straight if we entered from here."
{That maybe but not all of the people are like you. Some do care and it was a general statement for everyone.}

"Copy that." Wells moves the mech into the next passage.
{Just giving heads up.} I watch the feed as more rich deposits go by. "Switch to infrared, Wells. I know the thing has it."
"Alright." He switches the infrared on. "There you go. Did you see something?"
I spot an image of what looks like a worker going back down the tunnel. "I did. Follow that glimpse of red." {Hawk, we've located a worker. Gonna see where he goes.}
"Alright." The robot follows the worker in the tunnels.

{Alright just be careful that is our only UGV I believe.}
{Won't go far, I promise.} Suddenly the worker turns around, seemingly scared and starts running towards us. "Get that thing out of there, Wells. We've seen enough."
She exits, and uses her Electric Ripcords to scale the wall. {I need to get to the point with the best acoustics. I believe that would be the central tower, correct?}
{I am unsure of that mam. May I inquire as to why?}
{Their system is dependent on a stable equilibrium of water between their joints. It's how they're so fast and strong- natural superhydraulics. Bass tones vibrate too slowly to detect, but with the required force to literally shake them apart. My father taught me, before the plague began.}
Well that was something that they could have told us in briefing. {Well mam if you need anything I will be in the map room.}

I head towards the map room to see what they had found. Maybe the commander can send a helmet with the next drop to replace the one I had lost.
{Thanks. I'm teaching you specialized info- the Poltergeist Group hasn't sold the RSK this yet. So keep it hush-hush.}
{Mam most of my career was hush hush and blacked out files. This ain't no different. Besides an old man like me is prone to 'forget' things like that}
As the UGV passes a corner a normal sized native steps out of no where and grabs it. "Fools." It says before slicing it in half.
"F*ck no." I say.

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