Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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"Great, what do you want us to do now Commander?"
"Sh!t." {Hawk, I'm going to retrieve the UGV.}
She finishes scaling the wall. "Be prepared to go into the subterranean levels. Spring water is down there, and I'm just disabling the guards."
{No not now. We will retrieve it later.}
{Alright, but we should get it soon. Don't need them reverse engineering it.}
{Right, The commander's wife has a plan to help slow the natives. We wait for her signal then we shall go to retrieve the UGV. I'll meet you at the cavern entrance.}

I make haste towards the entrance to the tunnels.
{Roger.} Heading towards the tunnel entrance, I grab a couple extra clips of ammo.
I draw my disruptor as I near the entrance to the tunnels. I also check the ammo in my grenade launcher. Satisfied I wait at the entrance for Kayle and anyone else that was going with.
I reach the entrance to the tunnels and double check my weapons and ammo. "Ready when you are."
I was waiting at base camp still. "Can someone give me something so I can take a few trophy's from them natives?"
Vault starts puking all over the place.
Joan stands atop the central tower, playing bass notes in quick succession- the tune is unmistakable as late 20th century Earth Heavy Metal. The vibrations dispatch all the underground guards, literally shaking them to pieces.
The puke was a nasty green color. "Oh !@#$, oh %^-*!" I puked again.
"Sounds like our cue, Hawk." I head in, my assault rifle ready to drop anything in front of us.
I follow behind Kayle disruptor at the ready. "Alright do you know the way to the UGV?"
"It's gonna be straight ahead...There!" I run forward and grab the two parts of the UGV. "Well, here's what's left." I show Hawk the two halves. "Native grabbed it on the way back."
"Damn, grab the parts maybe we can fix it."
"Lets go find that rich mineral deposit and check and see if it has any more unique properties other than Jorium." I lead the way back to the fork and head down the other path to harvest a small amount of the rich minerals.
I follow, looking at the dead natives. "Man, they wouldn't like AC/DC very much."
"Apparently not. Doubt they would like many of those other bands either."

I find the deposit and take a small pick that was nearby and take a sample of the deposit.

"Ok got the sample lets get back."

I lead the way back to the tunnel entrance in the keep we occupied.
I follow. "So, what do you think we'll find in that sample? Jorium obviously, but there's gotta be more then that for those impressive powers."

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