Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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"I dunno. The water here might have something else to do with it as well. Combining the two might be part of it. There also might be other metals that have different effects on people as well. I just want to know if it is the Jorium or if its something else that is causing the mutations in the natives. We figure that out we might be able to develop a counter."
I nod. "Right. Well, if you don't need me, I'm gonna go find that spring the Commander's wife was talking about."
Joan continues to senselessly play music, now identifiable as "Breadfan".
"I'll call ya on the radio if I need you. I'll get this sample to the guys who test this stuff."
I walk off towards where our science team is and hand them the sample.
"Yes I know it is a rich mineral sample. I want to know though if it is like the others that are seen all around and its effects on the natives."
I head back into the tunnel, stopping at the fork. {Ma'am, which fork would the spring be down?}
{The tunnel goes down in a clockwise circle. There's supposed to be a massive altar, and the spring loaded with enough special water to cure all of Korhal.}
"Wait, what? They have Jorium here? That makes no sense; the planet's composition seems to be incapable of producing it naturally, but there might be something we don't know yet."
{I understand that ma'am, but is it straight in front of me, or to the left of me?}
{Which direction is clockwise, soldier?}
"That is what I thought. That is why I want the mineral sample tested. When you get the results notify me ASAP." I walk out of the area and head back to the map room.
{Ma'am, right is, but that leads into another fortress. We confirmed it with the UGV. Left is darkest, while straight seems to lead into some sacred area. I'm not entirely sure though as we tried to pull it back from the tunnels when the worker we were following ran backwards in fear.}
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I find the requisition forms for a new helmet. I fill them out and turn them into the supply Sargent.
"Please get that to me as soon as possible."
{Right away. Next delivery comes at 0300 on Thursday. Today is Friday.}

She stops playing. {Water will hold the sound longest, so go in the direction where the echoes don't stop.}
That just lovely. Almost a whole week before I can get anything. I sigh and walk out of the command post. I had forgotten how inefficient the army was about getting gear to it's troops.

I begin to make my way to the mess tent. Its about time I ate something besides meal bars.
I walk into a Hellfire. It was the newest version of a Hellion. I go to the fortress. But kept myself on the hologram.
Still puking, waiting for the que that I can stop.
You stop puking and get the need to take a sh!t and you suffer a heavy stomach ache and migraine.
Symptoms of the Plague:
(Adding this for future reference)
1. High fever, swelling
2. Rapid loss of bone density, gangrene
3. Swelling of tongue, discoloration of same
4. Hemorrhaging, bleeding from major orifices
5. Skin expansion and tearing
6. Designation of internal organs as viruses

Lovely, is it not?
Meh, why not.

IC: When Vault got somewhere to do his business, he started to feel some swelling.

OOC: To tell you the truth, I'm getting bored of him.
It has begun.

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